Top 14 Best Furry Anime You Must Watch

Furry Anime

Everyone enjoys watching anime with cute and furry critters. Whether girls with animal ears or four-legged critters dressed like humans, they provide a fascinating aspect to the story and give the viewer something fresh to think about. Check out these series if you love animals and have high hopes for furry anime.

Top 14 Best Furry Anime You Must Watch

1. Doubutsu No Mori

Furry Anime

Well, Doubututsu no Mori is an anime adapted from the game of the same name. It is a pleasant story that may be enjoyed while drinking tea and features animals who behave like humans. The story focuses on Ai, a little girl who visits her new Animal Village home. She quickly gets acquainted with all of the inhabitants. However, Ai’s routine days end when she discovers a cryptic note on the beach. She then chooses to embark on a journey with a long-term goal. Omit, Doubutsu no Mori evokes nostalgia with its cartoon-like style, uplifting story, and entertaining plot.

2. Spice And Wolf

Furry Anime

Spice and Wolf follows Holo, a fox goddess. The villagers previously respected her for allowing their fields to develop, but she has since been forgotten as they have become more self-sufficient. Enter Kraft Lawrence, a flamboyant trader Holo encounters on her journey to her previous home in the frigid highlands. She requests that he take her to Yoitsu and that she assist him with his business. He agrees, reasoning that her ability to analyze a person’s character would come in helpful when he opens his store one day. Follow Holo and Kraft on their journey; what began as a simple exchange becomes something more as they spend time together and find themselves in unexpected circumstances.

3. InuYasha

Furry Anime

Anyone who grew up watching anime is likely familiar with Inuyasha at some point in their life. It’s a 2000s favorite that many admirers still appreciate today. Kagome, a 15-year-old girl, falls 500 years into the past after falling into a magical well. She fell into the age of demons who covet Kagome’s Jewel of Four Souls (Shikon no Tama). It has the ability to grant wishes. Kagome accidentally cracks the jewel into thousands of pieces and encounters the half-dog, half-human InuYasha. She must now accompany him on a journey to collect the fractured shards and guarantee the jewel is not in the wrong hands. InuYasha will undoubtedly send you on a rollercoaster trip full of emotions. It features action, drama, romance, and, most importantly, loveable or unlovable furry animals.

4. Dog Days

Furry Anime

You may have cat ears, dog ears, or bunny ears. There is a loveable animal girl for every kind of player in Dog Days. This makes it a popular favorite in terms of the “furry factor.” Cinque, the protagonist, is sent to the fictional world of Flonyward by Princess Milihoe as the Biscotti kingdom hero. He must participate in a war against two other superpowers, Galette and Pastillage. Dog Days is an anime that gives an unusual look at how people fight in war. It’s more like a sports event than a bloody fight full of bodies. In truth, no one has died as a result of these fights. Wounded warriors transform into a ball of fluff; the worst is that the girls lose their garments. As a result, anticipate a lot of fanservice. Watching Dog Days will give you enough action, fluff, and story twists. So, if you’re a furry fan who can’t get enough of girls with animal ears, Dog Days is a must-see anime.

5. Beastars

Furry Anime

Beastars has a civilized civilization of anthropomorphic animals. And, like any other community, there is strife here as well. This time, for obvious reasons, between herbivores and carnivores. Well, the death of an Alpaca student from Cherryton Academy, Tem, heightens the distrust. And his wolf pal, Legoshi, is suspected just because he is a carnivore. Legoshi, despite his formidable look, is a shy and sensitive character who is self-conscious about his carnivorous ancestry. The story follows Legoshi as he struggles to reconcile his predatory instincts and increasing love for Haru, a white rabbit herbivore.

6. Wolf’s Rain

Furry Anime

Wolf’s Rain, set in an apocalyptic world, is full of action, drama, suspense, and romance. This world is inhabited not only by humans but also by wolves. They believe in a tradition that heaven will appear when the world ends, and only the wolves can discover there. Kiba, the primary protagonist, is a wolf who arrives in Freeze City behind a captivating smell. Other wolves follow the smell, and he finds them. Together, they embark on a journey to locate the predicted Utopia by following the path of Lunar Flowers.

7. Odd Taxi

Furry Anime

Odd Taxi, like Beastars, is centered on animals with human characteristics. It’s recently become one of the most popular furry anime, earning a spot on this list. Hiroshi, a Walrus cab driver with a quirky but sympathetic demeanor, is the primary character. When a high school girl goes missing, and the police trace the case back to him, his routine life is turned upside down. Now on the run, Hiroshi must establish his innocence while evading yakuza and police like the plague.

8. Aggressive Retsuko

The storyline of Aggressive Retsuko will appeal to the majority of people. It follows the protagonist, Retsuko, a red panda who works as an accountant. She is used by her coworkers, who press their jobs on her because of her devoted and innocent demeanor. Her sexist employer only serves to complicate matters. The burden of coping with a poisonous supervisor and condescending coworkers accumulates. On the other hand, she finds a novel technique to let off steam. She blasts her coworkers’ and boss’s irresponsible and hypocritical conduct with angry death metal karaoke, all in her head.

9. Killing Bites

Isn’t it unusual to see anime girls with ripped muscles? However, Killing Bites is full of them. Furthermore, they are animal-human hybrids known as brutes who have been genetically modified, which makes them effective killing machines. Yuuya, the main character, accidentally assists his friends in kidnapping a high school girl. After the war, he regrets his actions, but she cruelly murders his friends before he realizes it. The girl named Hitomi turns out to be a formidable hybrid human. Yuuya is now forced to accompany Hitomi to participate in an underground tournament called Killing Bites. Here, brutes compete in death battles sponsored by major Japanese corporations. The winner gains control of the economy.

10. Shirokuma Cafe

Shirokuma is a polar bear who owns Shirocuma Cafe, which is located near the local zoo. Humans and animals alike are welcome to come and unwind. Two other prominent characters join Shirokuma. One is Panda, who enjoys lounging about and is fascinated with his attractive image. Penguin is the other. A pathetic drunkard who spends days attempting to profess his love for Penko, a female penguin. They work together to make each show something to look forward to. The polar cubs who work as servers in the café are very wonderful. This alone is motivation enough for furry fans to see Shirokuma Cafe.

11. Utawarerumono

Utawarerumono, like Doubutsu no Mori, is adapted from a game. Unlike the previous, however, this anime offers a more intense plot with more action and drama. So, before you get in, ensure your seatbelt is securely fastened. The story begins with Eruruu, the primary female character, discovering the wounded protagonist in the jungle. She notes odd things about him, such as his wearing an unremovable mask and lack of animal ears and tails like them. Eruruu nursed him back to health, but the guy has no recollection. The strange amnesiac guy, now known as Hakurou, is desperate to safeguard his new home from the despotic ruler.

12. Kuma Miko

Well, Kuma Miko is a lesser-known anime than the others on this list of furry anime. Nonetheless, it offers a pleasant and fluffy story about a human girl and her overprotective bear buddy. Machi, the primary character, is a shrine guardian who is tired of living in the isolated highlands. As a result, she decided to attend a city high school. For the sake of the goodwill between bears and humans, the bear Natsu has lived with Machi. He is a father figure to her and is always dealing with Machi’s numerous shenanigans. If you’re tired of all the seriousness and want a taste of life, try Kuma Miko.

13. Uma Musume Pretty Derby

You’ve undoubtedly heard a lot of stories about characters who get a second shot at life. But have you ever watched an anime where horses are resurrected as horse girls? Uma Musume: Pretty Derby is a program in which great racehorses from the past are revived to reclaim their reputation as gorgeous girls, naturally, with horse characteristics. The story takes place at Tokyo Tracen Academy, where young horse girls are taught to become racers. Follow our protagonist, Special Week, as she strives to be the best in the country to keep her promise to her mother.

14. Monster Musume

Monster Musume is a fantastic anime set in a fantasy world, mostly because it’s full of all types of creatures. Lamia, Arachne, Dullahan, Harpy, and more! The nicest part is that they are all girls. Kimihito, the protagonist, is followed by Monster Musume. He lived his life unremarkably after the death of his parents until he was forced to care for three monster girls as part of an interspecies exchange. What’s the worst part? There is no physical connection. But it doesn’t stop our heroines from falling in love with our protagonist and pursuing him fiercely daily. If you love harem stories with a loving main character and monster girls, you should check out Monster Musume.

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