14 Best Anime Femboys Of All Time

Anime Femboys

The idea of an anime femboy or anime trap has evolved throughout time; they are a person who does not correspond to society’s perception of what males should look like. SevenTech has compiled a list of the 14 Best Anime Femboys Of All Time (Ranked). Most of the time, the person is depicted as feminine and delicate. A female male who exhibits masculine characteristics is the trap’s opposite. These are girls who do not comply with the gender stereotypes that we are all too familiar with. Transgender people who identify as gender-varied are not caught in a trap of uncertainty among anime fans. You may have heard that anime femboys resemble girls who like lovely things. They also dress in feminine attire. In anime, females do the bulk of the voices.

What Is Femboy?

A Femboy is just a man or boy who does not comply with the commonly enforced masculine features put on males but instead embraces the feminine aspects of their nature. This is shown in their attire and behavior, similar to women’s. Due to their distinctive nature, they have become widely known in the anime and manga world. Some people don’t like their characters, but the majority accepts their presence and is learning to adore them.

14 Best Anime Femboys Of All Time

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most well-known anime femboys. Let us show the world! Let’s keep on with our list of anime femboys. The following is a list of the best anime femboys.

1. Hideyoshi Kinoshita

Anime Femboys

“Bakato Testing” Bakato Test” Shoukanjuu” is a romantic comedy anime. The narrative occurs in a school that separates students based on their grades. Students with higher grades may sit on a lovely piece of furniture in class, while students on the other side (class F) need a suitable arrangement. Akishisa Yoshii, the show’s main character, is attempting to demonstrate the worth of his class.

2. Geperuniti

Anime Femboys

Geperuniti has an androgynous human shape, with a petite body, long blonde hair, a high-pitched voice, and lips that seem to be lipsticked. That is why viewers mistake him for a woman.

3. Felix

Anime Femboys

Felix receives extra points for mixing two separate things. He’s not just a femboy, but also a catboy! Not to mention how adorable he adds ‘nya’ to his speech. He is a Re: Zero side character devoted to his master. Felix is very possessive of his master and will go to any length to protect her.

4. Hime Arikawa

Anime Femboys

He appeared to be a beautiful boy who was in difficulties due to his parents’ financial commitment to him. Fortunately, student council members could handle the duty, but the boy ended up as their servant and dressed as a cross-dresser at school. While he first began cross-dressing for no reason and was forced to do so since he could not be a girl. He soon realized he loved being a girl and began to appreciate it.

5. Eljuia

Anime Femboys

Eljuia is a character from the anime series Andride. He is a male, yet he has the appearance of a female. Eljuia has long white hair and dresses like a female. He even wears flowers in his hair to make him appear more like a girl than a boy.

6. Nasu Suketaka

Anime Femboys

Drifters is a fantastic anime about Japanese legends revived in a fantasy realm, and Nasu Suketaka is one of them. He is a man, yet his appearance suggests otherwise. Nasu Suketaka has long black hair and feminine facial traits, which cause the audience to be confused about his gender. He is the ideal contender for our list of anime femboys.

7. Saika

Anime Femboys

Sakia is the most pure female I have ever seen. He is kind and compassionate, and he is a wonderful person in every way. Furthermore, He is the epitome of purity. Saika is one of the major characters in the Oregairu series. Because of his age, he can maintain his distance from Saika. But it doesn’t stop him from meeting Saika at any time. The way Saika reacts when Hikigaya (the main character of Oregairu) plays with him is adorable.

8. Tetra

Everyone gets duped by his appearance. Tetra, the brilliant light of the cosmos, is one of our top ten favorite characters! Even though his avatar looks to be female, he is male. He had the good fortune to play the game with a female character. He is well-known for hitting other people, especially Naotsugu. It’s hardly surprising that Tetra is dismissive of Naotsugu and unaware of the reality. He is also a male and is not well-known to many people who follow him. One of the all-time best anime femboys. Furthermore, he uses the phrase “Boku,” which may be used casually to express “I” for males. He is also known for referring to himself as “bishoujo,” which translates to “pretty girls.””Bishoujo” is also known as “pretty ladies.”Then he created an astonishing site that may be compared to anime femboys.

9. Chihiro

Chihiro is a programmer who became a trap after being bullied as a youngster for being too frail for a boy. He chose to disguise himself as a girl to avoid criticism and bullying. This, however, just heightened his dread of being bullied again if people found his actual gender.

10. Shiota Nagisa

While Nagisa’s appearance isn’t precisely female (usually), she gets extremely agitated and seems feminine when he wears a uni-dress. Manner is endearing and should be noticed on this list for his finely dressed manners. However, there is a darker backdrop, so the actor seems like a mature woman. Her mother was obsessed with the thought of her son having a girl. On the other hand, Nagisa was forced by her mother to appear like an adult woman from the day he was born as a boy. Despite the child’s objections, his mother forced him to chop his hair.

11. Haku- Most Elegant Of All

Every anime fan has undoubtedly seen Naruto. Haku was one of the first characters to appear in Naruto. According to the manga, he is so lovely that everyone erroneously thinks he is a woman. He doesn’t even attempt to seem like a woman, yet his appearance might give the impression that he is. From my perspective, he is the best anime femboy since nobody could figure it out till the plot came to it. His character is one of the most prevalent anime female femboys on this list. Could it make you cry? This was my first encounter with a femboy from an anime.

12. Titus Alexius

He was a student of the previous Magi before becoming a magician. His appearance is similar to that of his Reim colleague, Mag. Reim’s Mag. Furthermore, he is shorter than other males and has more luminous skin. They speak with a female, high-pitched voice. Aladdin mistook a woman who was having an encounter. He also has a blend of feminine and masculine characteristics. He is a clone of the previous Magi and has many of their qualities. Moreover, despite the pair being lovers, he has many fans. One of the all-time best anime femboys.

13. Gasper

Gasper Vladi is a half-vampire who can stop time. He enjoys wearing female apparel because he thinks it is charming. He loves his life by socializing with the attractive females in High School DxD. Furthermore, he was at first shy. However, as the program went on, he began to express himself and be brave.

14. Astolfo

If you’ve seen the Fate series, you’re probably familiar with Astolfo. Astolfo is one of the characters in the The Fate series. He is most likely the most well-known anime femboy of all time! It is not an exaggeration to state that the contemporary anime’s femboy scene revolves around his character. He has a wonderful personality and is adorable in many ways.


Who Is The Most Popular Anime Femboy?

Well, Hideyoshi Kinoshita is the most popular anime femboy. His appearance is so misleading that you can’t believe he’s not a girl.

Who Is The Most Popular Trap In Anime?

Hideyoshi Kinoshita is the most well-known anime trap.

Who Is A Trap In Anime?

Characters who dress like and act like the opposing gender are known as anime traps. You need to know the plot to discern if they’re he or she.

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Well, Hideyoshi Kinoshita is the best anime femboy of all time, and no one else comes close. His appearance places him first on our list of the best anime femboys. So, this was everything about the most well-known anime femboys in the anime world. Please mention them in the comments if I need to include anything.

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