Free VPN Apps for iPhone & iPad to Protect Your Privacy Online

Free VPN Apps for iPhone

Virtual Private Network, generally referred to as VPN, is a great app in one’s networking collections. It helps connect to strange Wi-Fi without the fear of being hacked, keeps identity hidden. Most importantly, it helps one sneak into restricted websites.  This article aims to provide Free VPN Apps for iPhone list that is used while browsing the blocked content on an IPhone.


Free VPN Apps for iPhone & iPad to Protect Your Privacy Online

Before mentioning the names, it is pertinent to know that each VPN App performs its function differently. Some allow the users to visit the restricted websites; some let one visit websites recommended by the server itself whereas some VPN’s quality depends on the quality of the internet. 


TunnelBear is one of the popular VPN servers designed for IOS. The app allows one to connect from different locations, and it also selects the location itself for the users who want the server to decide it. This app offers free as well as paid services. The free service provides 500MB on a monthly basis. These MBs are certainly less for those who use it for heavy purposes; however, the free version serves the purpose best for those who do not use it religiously and use it for a general cause. Besides, the app renders about AES-256 encryption and has its server game pretty strong in more than 22 countries which include the US, UK, France, etc.

Great Free VPN Apps for iPhone. 


  • The user-face is immaculate and friendly
  • It is reliable and it provides enough security


  • The monthly provision of MBs is limited
  • The app’s services are limited to 22 countries only. 

 VPN by SurfEasy

VPN by SurfEasy is one of the top-notch and highly recommended Free VPN apps out there. The app is quite convenient to use and select the most suitable location to navigate one’s traffic through. Still, one has the liberty to change the location to a desirable place. As far as security is concerned, SurfEasy is the best to rely on, as it provides no-log privacy, A-256 bank-grade security. Moreover, it also blocks cookies to access the required data securely without any fear of being tracked. 

The free version, however, has limited features which can only be accessed by using premium version which costs around $1.99 per month. The Best Free VPN Apps for iPhone.


  • It renders the fast connection
  • The app is quite reliable as far as security is concerned
  • It also renders hotspot protection


  •  The response of the server is quite slow sometimes
  • Sometimes, it also disconnects itself automatically from the server. 

Hotspot Shield

HotSpot Shield is yet another VPN server to fall in the category of best VPN applications with the highest star ratings in the PlayStore. The app lays emphasis on creating an account; however, one can also skip this option if one does not want to. 

Besides offering fast connection, the app also provides support for more than 70 countries and the best protection for personal data. The app renders military-grade encrypted traffic between the servers and the connected devices. To step up their game in providing security, they also offer IPasswords to assist in keeping one’s password safe and protected and managing it with ease. 

Like SurfEasy, HotSpot Shield’s free version does not have to offer much. One is bound to purchase the premium version to unlock most of the features. The paid version costs around $7.99 annually, which is not that much. 


  • The security plan of this app is satisfactory
  • It is pretty fast


  • Hotspot Shield is a bit hard to follow.


Betternet is another super-fast application that is designed minimally and has the highest rating on the App store. Just like other top VPN apps, Betternet also provides no-log privacy and encrypts the data to ensure that the users’ data is safe and sound. This app is available in several countries, and it connects to the fastest servers by default. The free version of Betternet does not provide full access to all the features, so one should buy the paid version, which costs 35.99 per year. 


  • To provide security to the fullest, the VPN app encrypts the entire data
  • The users do not have to make any hustle in selecting the desired location with the best servers, as it does the work automatically


  • The free version is elementary and does not have much to offer. 

VPN in Touch

VPN in Touch is yet another application that provides a fast connection to the blocked websites. The app is not impressive in terms of its features; however, it is one of the most reliable Free VPN Apps for iPhone to use. 

The app has an interesting feature called the data compression algorithm, which helps cutting down data usage. The app is available for free and a paid version is also available for which the users will have to buy it for $29.99 annually. 


  • The app provides add blocker which blocks all the unnecessary advertisements.
  • It’s one of the most reliable apps to be used in terms of data security and protection. 


  • The interface is archaic
  • It fails to offer a personalized experience

VPN Proxy by Seed4.Me

VPN Proxy is yet another reliable and amazing app to try on your IPhone. It lets one snoop on the restricted websites and provides the best security and protection. The app has a fundamental and simple step to follow. First of all, one is bound to select the location. Afterward it will ask one to install the VPN profile to enable access from the application. Safari’s preference is responsible for its installation. Once the process is completed, one can use the app without worrying about any privacy breach. The Most Reliable Free VPN Apps for iPhone.


  • The tools are effortless to use
  • It provides a high-end privacy
  • It does not require any no-log policy or any registration. 
  • The paid version is as low as $4.99/month


  • The performance is not up to the mark. 

VPN Proxy Master

Having a user friendly interface and its fast services, VPN Proxy Master has successfully made it to our list of Top 10s. The app automatically connects the users to the best and fast server, yet the users also have the liberty to choose the desired location. It is Free VPN Apps for iPhone.

The free version of this app is also sufficient, as it lets one connect to a limited number of location, but if anyone still desires to unlock other locations, he can opt for the paid version which comes around $11.99 per month. 


  • It has a decent interface
  • It offers Wi-Fi hotspot security
  • The app also offers to track preventives 


  • Free version is loaded with irksome ads


HexaTech a simple and easy-to-use VPN application that lets one connect to the server without much formalities to follow. The app offers convenience by offering the user to connect to 5 devices. As far as security is concerned, it offers the best security due to the military grade encryption. Like other apps, HexaTech also offers a paid version to unlock all its features for which the users are required to dole out $12.99 on a monthly basis. 


  • It automatically connects one to a VPN server providing the best services
  • The connection time lasts long with the premium version


  • The app is relatively expensive

Daily VPN

Owing to the decent freemium variant, best security plan, fast service, and flexibility, it is one of the most suitable Free VPN Apps for iPhone so far. This app is capable of connecting to more than 100 servers across 20 countries. Just like other apps, its premium version is also available for $12.99. 


  • Been able to connect with more than 100 servers is a good deal indeed


The free version supports ads that can get irritating . 

Larva VPN

Larva VPN is ideal for those looking for a simple and easy VPN that does its services without making one go into formalities. All one has to do is open the app, get connected to the desired server, and voila, it is done. Best Free VPN Apps for iPhone.


  • It provides top-notch streaming services in more than 40 countries
  • It blocks all the irrelevant ads, malware, and phishing sites. 
  • It reduces the usage of bandwidth without any problem


  • The connection disrupts sometimes. 

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Final Thought:

While utilizing VPN apps usually slows down the speed with which you can access the web, it’s still advisable to utilize VPN services (the good ones), primarily when you are browsing on a public network. VPNs can let you access geo-locked content that you would otherwise not be capable of accessing. There are lots of advantages to utilizing a VPN server to browse the internet.

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