Font Detection From Image – Step By Step Easy Guide

If you have just found a stunning image and want to find out what Font they’ve used, this tutorial is for you. Of course, you can try to contact the image creator, but the contact details are not always available. In this instance, you can use an online font recognition tool like WhatFontIs, WhattheFont MyFonts, or FontSpring’s Font Finder. Or you can ask Reddit’s Identify for help, the community of this Font. First of all, let’s focus on the automated online font recognition tools.


What Are the Steps to Follow For Font Detection From Image?

1. Save your pc photo. Try to obtain a clean image of good quality. If possible, avoid pixelated photographs. You can also specify an image URL if it is not feasible to save the image on your device.

2. Go to one of the above-mentioned online font recognition services. The following screenshots were taken using WhatFontIs.

3. Upload the image.

Font Finder

4. If the image has several font kinds, select the Font that you want.

Font Finder

5. Scroll down and hit the button Next step.

6. Optimize your image and change contrast, luminosity, noise, and other variables.

Font Finder

7. Down scroll and hit Next.

8. Insert the characters manually on the image. Insert image characters

Font Finder

9. You will receive a list of typefaces that match the image that you have supplied.

Font Finder

10. To download the Font you are interested in, use the Download button.

Important Notes For Font Finder:

You may not always be satisfied with the findings provided by these tools. Bear in mind, after all, that font recognition performance depends on a number of things like:

  1. The Quality of the Image. If the pixel photos are uploaded, automated font finders upload it difficult to match the Font in the image with the fonts of their database. Also, that leads us to the next factor.
  2. The Database of the Font. The bigger the font library, the greater the opportunity for the automatic font finder to correctly identify it. If the first tool you used did not produce satisfactory results, try another.
  3. The Direction of the Text. If the text is checked, the words overlap. The font recognition tool may therefore not be able to identify the Font.

Do not upload pictures containing personal information. While the above-stated online tools are safe to use, the image processing element can be used someplace on a server.

Hackers always lay in the dark and try to find a means to access your personal data. Some day, they could decide to assault font recognition services servers. Keep your security guard and protect PII (Personally identifiable information).

Also, Check :

Identify this Font Community by Reddit

If you don’t like the concept of using an online font recognition tool next to the list, you can join the Reddit Identify, This Font community.

Upload your image, and the community of Reddit will propose what Font it thinks. That’s how you can identify fonts in pictures. 

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