19 Microsoft Excel Alternatives: Best Spreadsheet Tools For Job

Microsoft Excel Alternatives : Spreadsheets are a significant part of modern enterprises, and Microsoft Excel is the most used data management, analysis, visualization, and forecast software. This tool offers a wide range of features and options.

Excel can, however, be complex to use software, and not all can understand it. Furthermore, only one person may use Excel at a time, which makes it impossible to work together. In addition, Excel is part of the Microsoft Office Suite which costs roughly $99 per year for commercial usage and $69 for personal use.

If you seek a less expensive tool or easier to use, we have compiled a list of Excel Alternatives. But first, let’s see if spreadsheet tools are even useful before we go into the Alternatives. Spreadsheet tools have several features to evaluate data and translate it into formats that may be easily presented, such as pie charts and tables.

Spreadsheet tools assist simplify complex calculations and streamline a long time for an average person to do manually. Like the Excel columns, we can go on and on, but we have a promise. So, here’s the list of Microsoft Excel Alternatives.


19 MS Excel Alternatives: Best Spreadsheet Tools For Job

Here is the list of 19 Microsoft Excel Alternatives: Best Spreadsheet Tools For your Job.

1. Apple Numbers

Excel Alternatives

Apple has developed an easy-to-use and fast-to-manage spreadsheet tool. The application provides a large range of pre-made templates.

One of the key features of this document is to incorporate 3D graphs and diagrams. You can share documents by email. You can still save your documents as Excel files. Apple Numbers facilitates life.

2. WPS Office

Excel Alternatives

WPS Office is a Chinese developer software built as an Alternative to Excel. It features a Microsoft Office-like interface and comprises three programs (Writer, Spreadsheets, and Presentations.)

Furthermore, all file formats are supported by WPS Office. This makes it a handy tool for people looking for alternatives to Microsoft.

3. Google Sheets

Excel Alternatives

Google Sheets is Excel’s finest alternative. This program is an internet tool to work with graphs, reports, and diagrams. Collective file access is available in the app, allowing several people to view the same information in real-time. All data are saved on the cloud.

Google Translate, Go Finance, and Import Data are some key features to make the work much easier. You are able to manage your files offline.

4. LibreOffice

Excel Alternatives

Microsoft Office’s LibreOffice is a free alternative. The application has features such as text editing writers, calculators for tablets, impress for presentations, diagram drawings, formula application math, and charts. LibreOffice supports several formats and increases office efficiency on a daily basis, free of charge.

5. Hancom Office

Excel Alternatives

Office Hancom is an excellent choice for MS Office. This software is somewhat like Google Drive. It has three primary functional characteristics: Text Editing Word; Cell to generate and work with Excel-like spreadsheets; Display that helps make a presentation.

All files in the MS Office format are supported by Hancom Office. You can run the program either on your PC or mobile devices and manage your documents in real-time.

6. Quip

Excel Alternatives

Quip is an Alternative to Microsoft Office, allowing you to build lovely documents on every platform – phones, tablets, and computers. It offers a simple and beautiful interface that mixes documents and messages into a chat-like update stream that makes collaboration easy and immediate.

You work with people with Quip, not with files. Thousands of firms from a variety of industries have implemented Quip to improve communication and collaboration. 

7. Zoho Sheet

Excel Alternatives

Zoho Sheet is a spreadsheet editing program that allows a user to create charts and diagrams, analyze data, edit and share all these documents. You can also give these files universal access. It is recommended for small businesses.

The software uses cloud-based storage that enables your doctors to be reached wherever. Zoho Sheet allows formulas and graphics can be created.8. 5

8. Gnumeric

Excel Alternatives

Gnumeric is an open-source spreadsheet application. It allows you to calculate, use formulas, create different diagrams and charts. Gnumeric has a simple UI with Excel-like features. It’s totally free, too.

9. FreeOffice

Excel Alternatives

FreeOffice is an amazing teamwork application that provides similar tools in the Microsoft Office suite such as Text Maker, Plan Maker, and Presentations. The Text Maker tool features a templates catalog that allows you to easily create any document.

The FreeOffice planemaker tool offers a 350-function menu that helps you to create tablets and calculate and more effortlessly. And the best thing is that it’s totally free!

10. Calligra

Excel Alternatives

Calligra is a KDE office and visual art suite. The package contains various programs: a word processor, a spreadsheet editor (sheets), a producer of visual database (KEXI), a presentations master (stage), a vector drawing tool (Karbon).

It also offers an application for project management (Plan) and an open-source office suite for two in 1 device (Gemini). For Windows, macOS, Linux, and FreeBSD, Calligra is available.

11. Podio

Excel Alternatives

With Podio, everything you work with can be organized and connected. Customers, manage your projects, name it. Work is arranged so that everyone knows what to do and always looks at the greater picture.

Podio eliminates the three fundamental challenges of contemporary collaboration: unmanageable email traffic, unorganized documents, and inflexible software platforms.

12. EtherCalc

Excel Alternatives

EtherCalc is an amazing web-based tool for teamwork editing. The tool allows not only editing of documents but also insertion, formatting, and sorting of charts. It also provides data counting, linking, and summary functionalities.

EtherCald is Similar to Google Sheets as all your data is saved on the web, and individuals can edit the same page at the same time. It also has GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, and Windows compatibility.

13. Airtable

Excel Alternatives

This Airtable is an online database management system that enables you to organize everything from anywhere with everyone. This allows you to simply create and manage any database.

The phrase “database” may throw you away a bit, but what Airtable can offer certainly is worth looking at. The features of Airtable can be somewhat uncommon in comparison with conventional project management software. But that could precisely save you time and serious headaches. 

14. WorkZone

Excel Alternatives

Workzone is The best powerful and easy-to-use software for project management that enables you to keep your project on track. It has a large variety of features, including dashboards, to-do listings, time tracking, status alerts, and Gantt charts. This tool allows you to view and focus on the progress of all your projects. Get everyone on the same Workzone page.

15. FreedCamp

Excel Alternatives

FreedCamp is a free project management tool that helps you organize anything, from marriage to web development. It enables you to organize a working environment to view the entire project, track critical events, set and assign tasks, apply stickers, and much more.

You can also combine this tool with Google Calendar, Google Drive, and Dropbox. If it doesn’t have to be, project management can be incredibly overwhelming. Free yourself using FreedCamp! Free yourself!

16. RedBooth

Excel Alternatives

Redbooth is a complicated project management open-source tool. It allows joint work and communication with teams. If you have a strong team, it can be very difficult to manage communication and projects; this tool seeks to change that. You can interact effortlessly with Redbooth, share files and organize HD video conferences. This makes it a perfect Alternative to Slack.


Excel Alternatives

Samepage allows you to jot down all the tasks you are currently working on and see what to accomplish next. You may also work from any device, add text, pictures, diagrams, videos, maps, spreadsheets and make changes as required. You may organize conferences, manage projects and plan events with Samepage. No more excuses to stay on various pages!


Excel Alternatives

Scoro is an all-in-one tool for the business management that allows you to control several tasks. You may plan and track workloads, meetings, deadlines, and projects using this application.

This tool also efficiently isolates contacts. All files can be converted to PDF. Users can follow dashboards in real-time for work routines and immediately track the results. It’s so easy to score your Scoro work goals!

19. BIME Analytics

Excel Alternatives

BIME Analytics is a simple yet powerful tool in your office for analyzing, displaying, and presenting data. Data can be hard to work with, and BIME designers recognize that. That’s why it offers more than 25 visualization templates. The best Excel Alternatives in this list.

You can create informative dashboards in no time using this app. It is also Google’s BigQuery compatible and works for customers in every industry. Their customers range from well-known firms to start-ups. 

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