8+ Best Employee Background Check Software You Can Use

Employee Background Check Software You Can Use: A company’s most significant investment is when it hires a new employee. Every company wants to hire a long-term employee. Companies desire employees that can provide excellent results for the company. However, it is only sometimes in the hands of recruiters to bring in the best talent. Bad hires happen all the time. The best-case scenario in this circumstance is that the company discovers its mistake and fires the candidate before any serious damage is done to the company. On the contrary, the worst-case scenario is when the candidate fails to complete the job, lowers workplace morale, or causes other problems in the company.

In any case, your company will have to go through the hiring process all over again. This is undoubtedly a time-consuming job. So, what’s the solution here? Performing a background check is the best method to prevent hiring poor hires. Background checks should be performed before making any employment offers to the candidate. This check will reveal any information that a person may have concealed throughout the interview. As a result of this process, your company will be able to hire only reputable and worthy candidates. Now, tell us about some important reasons for performing background checks.

Why Are Pre-employment Background Checks Performed?

The recruiter attempts to learn everything possible about the employee before hiring them during interviews. However, it is difficult to determine if a candidate is deserving only via interviews. Interviews are used to assess a candidate’s knowledge and competency. However, while hiring a candidate, it is vital to learn more about them. Pre-employment background checks come into play here. Some of the most important benefits of employee background checks are:

Hire Only Qualified Candidates – People often inflate their work history when looking for work. If you do an employee background check, you will have the necessary work history or education and will not hire an unqualified candidate.

Workspace Safety – Background checks will be your best company to avoid the harmful hiring of candidates. One such mistake could devastate your company’s reputation.

Character Check – In interviews, candidates often embellish themselves or their backgrounds. Background checks may help you hire someone with the proper person for your company.

Avoiding Bad Hires – When the incorrect person is hired, the whole process must be restarted. This will cost the company both time and money. Instead, a basic background check may save time and work in the long run.

These are some of the most important advantages of performing a background check before hiring any candidate. Now that you understand why these checks are performed let’s look at what should be included in a background check. So, here’s a checklist of things to think about while performing a thorough pre-employment background check.

What Should A Pre-employment Background Check Look Into?

You will need the candidate’s name, social security number, and birthdate to obtain all essential information from public and private databases. This information will assist you in determining whether or not the candidate is deserving. In addition, a pre-employment background check includes the following things:

Identity Verification – Confirm whether the candidate has legal permission to work in the nation. Also, confirm whether or not the person’s basic information matches the database.

Education – Verify the correctness of the candidate’s educational background by comparing degrees and institutions to the resume.

Criminal History – Check the candidate’s criminal history to see whether they have been convicted of a crime, have any outstanding warrants, or are on the government’s radar. This is an important check to learn about the candidate’s conduct.

Government-issued Licenses – If you’re hiring a candidate who needs a government license, such as a medical license, teaching certification, or anything similar, you should check for it.

Employment History – Check the candidate’s work history to identify where and how long they have worked in the past.

A thorough background check will determine whether or not the person is qualified for the job. Aside from that, you may broaden your search by looking at their social media profiles or requesting feedback from prior employers and coworkers. The more information you have on a candidate, the better judgment you will be able to make for your company. But doing everything at work is always challenging. This is when employee background check software might come in handy. It will make it easier for you to find all the relevant information. So, let’s look at some of the best employee background check software that might help your company.

8+ Best Employee Background Check Software You Can Use

Employee Background Check Software you can use in 2022.

1. Veremark

Employee Background Check Software

Veremark is an easy-to-use platform for verifying the credentials of current or potential employees. You may expect precise results from this platform, which will hire you to hire the best talent for your company. The best part about Veremark is that recruiters can entirely customize it for any sector or job. As a result, you may expect the ideal platform for your company. This platform has no long commitments or subscriptions, so you may pay as you go. You may choose from various online background checks, such as identity, bankruptcy, credit, civil background, and other checks. Veremark allows you to hire straight away using automation. For efficient hiring and screening, the Veremark API may be easily linked into your process. Reports on candidates or employees are readily shared through a link or PDF. The dashboard will offer you real-time information about employees. If you have entered particular criteria into the system, you will be able to see whether they have been satisfied or not. With several checks available in a single employee background check software, it is an ideal tool for high-growth startups, mid-sized businesses, and even corporate businesses.

2. Certn

Employee Background Check Software

Certn may help you save your hiring time by 80%. It is a valuable tool for both recruiters and candidates. Even as a candidate, you may get a background check. Because you can clarify some things ahead of time, this might provide you an advantage throughout the interview process. Certn gives reliable screening results promptly. Instead of weeks, you will obtain test results in minutes. Because the platform executes all of the checks one by one, you can also determine whether or not the candidate is capable of completing the checks. Certn lets you totally personalize the screening package to your company’s needs. This is the best employee background check software.


Employee Background Check Software

GHRR stands for Global Human Resources Research. It offers tailored screening solutions to meet the demands of your business and company. GHRR’s skilled staff knows any issue that may arise throughout the hiring process and works to resolve it in advance. As a result, you may expect the software to work as expected for your company. Construction, education, healthcare, government, energy, financial services, hospitality, and many more sectors are served by GHRR. You will get first-rate services with various checks. General screening, drug and health screening, identity & biometrics, monitoring, and onboarding services are among the best. GHRR promises to take things to the next level. It has superior brains, technology, and teams. As a result, you can expect high-quality service from your company. There is no need to be concerned about employee background checks since GHRR handles them.

4. Sterling

Employee Background Check Software

It will make it straightforward for your company to hire the best people. Sterling’s powerful verification engine can provide accurate and exact results. The software has data sources providing dependable information in a shorter time frame. Sterling conducts all required background checks, including employment history, educational background, credential verification, and professional reference verification. Consequently, you may depend on their results since it is specifically developed for current businesses. Sterling’s combination of technology and consultative approach provides quicker and more accurate verifications. It is an excellent solution for small, medium, and big businesses. Sterling, it turns out, is a useful resource for hiring new employees. This is the best employee background check software.

5. PeopleG2

PeopleG2 offers the most adaptable and user-friendly background check software solutions. It is a collection of several tools to perform the best employee background check possible. PeopleG2’s best thing is that it blends automation with a little human touch when required. Consequently, using PeopleG2, you can expect reliable and appropriate background check results. With this automation, you can make the hiring process while ensuring no red flags are overlooked. In addition, it is an easy-to-use platform with all the tools needed to perform a background check.

6. Xref

Before you hire a new employee, Xref can assist you with online reference checking. You may learn more about the candidates by checking their references. Also, you may use Xref to automate checking employee references. You merely need to enter the data into the platform to get the insights within 24 hours. Xref will also send out fraud notifications. In addition, Xref will perform financial, educational qualification, predictive psychometric, and other background checks. This check is performed by many world-class background checking providers, and the results are sent to you through Xref. Every current or potential employee’s identity is authenticated using modern technology. The best thing about Xref is that it interfaces with many recruitment tools. Because this tool handles background checks, you should expect a seamless hiring process. This is the best employee background check software.

7. GoodHire

GoodHire is well-known for its basic criminal background check. You must acquire those checks to perform additional evaluations, such as credit history, healthcare sanctions, educational requirements, and job history. It is a professional employee background check software with full reporting. You obtain immediate results by performing identity verification or a social security number trace. It will take about 1-3 working days to complete a criminal background check. This platform is a worthy option for personalized background checks. You may tailor the suitable bundle to your company’s needs. Use the GoodHire API to make the process of your hiring process. This can speed up your hiring process and make in higher-quality employees being hired.

8. Checkr

Checkr is regarded as one of the best employee background check software options. You may even invite up to 25 candidates at once and get basic reports to help you make a quicker and more successful hiring choice. This bulk-invite functionality distinguishes Checkr from other tools. For each candidate, you may expect reports, including all forms of background checks. This tool does not exclude any background checks. Recruiters like it because of its user-friendly UI. Checkr is also mobile-friendly, allowing you to access it from anywhere. The color-coding tool simplifies the report for everyone. The sole disadvantage of Checkr is that certain background checks might take up to three weeks to complete owing to delays in county court searches.

9. Good Egg

For faster check results, Good Egg has incorporated SMS messaging. However, the background check process must be handled properly when it comes to streamlining the overall mobile hiring process. Good Egg’s employee background check process is mobile-friendly to make it easier for recruiters and candidates. Good Egg provides all background checks, including social media monitoring, employment verifications, education verifications, pre-employment drug testing, and criminal background checks. A background check provider will complete your request as quickly as possible. As a result, you may entirely optimize and make the hiring process. With these checks, you may not only improve your hiring process but also concentrate on hiring just the best. Only after performing these checks should you make the appropriate hiring selection.

The Bottom Line:

Background checks are required if you are hiring a new employee in your company. The employee background check software above will make the hiring process pleasant and easy for recruiters. This can help you avoid any problems while also attracting the best talent.

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