9+ Best Employee Attendance Trackers To Try

Employee Attendance Trackers

Employee attendance tracking software has quickly overtaken conventional techniques since it is easy to manage at any time and place. Maintaining a register or an excel spreadsheet to track your days’ attendance is no longer necessary. Employees may register their attendance online without requiring any physical involvement, while managers can track their employees’ whereabouts at any time using their mobile phones. It benefits both employees and managers. Let’s look at how employee attendance trackers may help you manage workflows in your organization.


Employees are sometimes required to work outside of the office. For example, they might work from home or attend meetings away from the office. Keeping track of every action, your employees take while away from the office is difficult. However, it may assist employees in keeping track of their working hours and enable managers to provide work schedules.


Reduce human errors and accurately record time with the aid of this app.


Administration time spent monitoring and guiding employee attendance is saved using attendance tracking software. In addition, it will automate the time-consuming tasks of managing papers and punch cards.

Attendance Reports

The app displays reports for each task done or assigned. Using centralized data allows for better employee performance and track record knowledge.


It is compatible with any third-party hardware, including swipe and biometric devices. In addition, attendance rules may be adjusted and designed to meet your specific needs.

Real-time Tracking

The employee attendance app is often cloud-based, allowing you to track your employees’ whereabouts in real-time. Let’s look at some of the best employee attendance tracking tools.

9+ Best Employee Attendance Trackers To Try

Employee Attendance Trackers to try in 2022.

1. Zoho People

Employee Attendance Trackers

Zoho People offers an effective solution for organizing HR administrative tasks at a specific location. Employee database management, travel management, time and leave management, performance management, and payslip creation are all available. This is one of the best employee attendance trackers.


Leave Management – With Zoho People, you can record and monitor all types of leave. For example, it might be for training, vacation, or sick leave. It is also feasible to study leave trends to keep your employees productive.

Attendance Management – With Zoho People, you can track workers’ check-in and check-out times from anywhere (cloud-based app). There is also a geolocation tracking function, which allows for check-ins and check-outs on mobile devices. Managers may also create multiple IP restrictions to control the time and location where employees can check-in.

Time Tracker – Zoho People provides a time tracker feature that allows companies to keep track of their workers’ tasks and locations. It lets you check the team’s efficiency and regularly increases their overall productivity.

Performance Evaluation – It assists you in assessing workers’ talents and performance. People from Zoho also help with the performance evaluation process to ensure it runs well.

2. Clockify

Employee Attendance Trackers

Clockify offers timesheet software that enables you and your team to monitor work hours across many projects. Users get limitless access to this; the best part is that it is completely free. The data is automatically synchronized online and accessible on all devices. This is one of the best employee attendance trackers.


Time Tracker – Aids manually or automatically tracking the time committed to the tasks. The program monitors track of the time by using the stopwatch in timer mode. If you choose manual, you may manually add your hours afterward.

Timing Sheet Management – With this timesheet, you may record your week’s work in under an hour. Create a plan with specified tasks and track the overall time for each day/activity.

Project And Team Management – Using this feature, you can establish where you spend most of your time and/or what your team is working on. PDF, Excel, or CSV reports may also be shared or downloaded.

3. QuickBooks

Employee Attendance Trackers

For mobile businesses, QuickBooks is the most efficient time and attendance system (e.g., remote or offsite workers or field service personnel). In addition, companies with often traveling employees want an automated time and attendance system that makes it easy to keep track of their work hours outside of the office premises. QuickBooks is a cloud-based solution that users can use through a mobile or web-based browser to log in and out of their work, check up on schedule changes, and even seek PTO.

Businesses with remote workforces need systems to monitor employees to make they are in the right place at the right time. QuickBooks allows you to do this with real GPS tracking. You may also set up geofences so that employees only check in and out of certain areas. QuickBooks allows managers to set schedules for employees based on jobs or shifts. They have the level to interact with employees to ensure everyone is on the same page. The software may approve or deny PTO requests, issue check-in and check-out reminders, and modify job codes.

QuickBooks is considerably more extensive in job tracks than many of its rivals. It allows you to track the progress of your project, compare project estimates to actual spending, send messages, and keep track of project status and costs. In addition, it can link with third-party software, which means it can smoothly pass employee time tracking data to your payroll and accounting software. This is one of the best employee attendance trackers.

4. Jibble

Employee Attendance Trackers

Jibble is a cloud-based app allowing easy time management and tracking of employees and attendance. It has an easy-to-use UI that may help with time tracking in Slack and Microsoft Teams. This is one of the best employee attendance trackers.


1 – To unlock the app, use face recognition.

2 – Using GPS, monitor the location and working hours of employees.

3 – To reduce human error, use pin codes to count in and out.

The app offers a free plan with unlimited users. Its premium plans begin at $2 per user per month.

5. TrackSmart

Employee Attendance Trackers

TrackSmart is best suited for small businesses with 100 employees in various sectors. It is one of the most effective methods for companies to keep track of employee leaves, work hours, and other days off. The user-friendly, web-based solution includes all of the most recent features, such as attendance-tracking calendars and timesheets for employees. In addition, it has all of the features of paper-based forms, but it also has an automated reporting and record-keeping leave request tool, as well as an approval processes tool. This is one of the best employee attendance trackers.


1 – Absence Management. 

2 – Calendar Management. 

3 – FMLA Tracking. 

4 – Overtime Tracking. 

5 – Self Service Portal. 

6 – Timesheets. 

7 – Vacation / Leave Tracking.

Annual Plans begin at a low of $169 per year. There are also free trials available. It is cloud-based and suited for business owners, human resource experts, and managers. It also aids businesses in keeping track of their overtime.

6. Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch includes several time and attendance capabilities that may help businesses comply with internal standards and labor and employment requirements. It, for example, offers automated overtime calculations to ensure the right payment, automatic breaks and check-outs, and camera images of punches. These tools aid in reducing employee punching while also maintaining the correctness of time and payment records.

You may ensure that your employees are following the regulations by working punches to specified days of the week or schedule shifts. You may also restrict access to certain IP addresses and devices. If you have mobile employees, you may use GPS monitoring and geofencing to ensure they clock in and leave at the correct locations. This is one of the best employee attendance trackers.

Buddy Punch uses approval workflows, manager permissions, and approval workflows to simplify time and attendance data. It also combines payroll and accounting systems to eliminate administrative errors. Buddy Punch provides several reports on-demand if you need access to attendance and time data. In addition, the software provides alarm, reminder, and notification options to keep you up to date on your workers’ attendance.

7. MyAttendanceTracker

MyAttendanceTracker allows you to track students’ attendance from any device. Configure your attendance tracking to use the phrases you like. This is one of the best employee attendance trackers.


Integrated Student Gradebook – You can now add completely customizable exams to each class to sync your grades and attendance.

Teacher/Parent Communication – Automatically alert parents of absences to drop, grade changes, or behavioral issues. Individual, class, and school-wide messages may be sent by text and email.

Grade Dashboards – Check simple metrics on your student dashboards for class and grades to see what’s going on in each class and with students. Get customized reports to understand better how students are doing in class.

Compatible With All Devices – Recording all the data you need is as simple as pressing the screen a few times with your tablet or phone. The app was designed to function equally effectively on a smartphone as on a large screen.

Track Student Progress – Each class includes an overview page where you can create and track exams, check your class’s current progress, add or delete students, and make brief comments to review.

8. factoHR

FactoHR is the world’s biggest supplier of workforce management, with over 1000 clients and over 1 million employees worldwide. It is devoted to providing the greatest service to its clients because it believes that building a long-term connection with the client is the most effective way to grow your business. This is one of the best employee attendance trackers.


Its attendance tracking feature includes automatically collecting real-time data from any reader and calculating late arrival, early departure, and overtime rules. Attendance Management also includes the following features:

1 – Biometric Integration. 

2 – Web Check-In/Out. 

3 – Leave Management. 

4 – Timesheet Management.

FactoHR was founded on more than two decades of experience and had clients from various sectors. It has been named the World HRD Congress’s top HR Software provider of the year for providing the best solution for all fundamental and vital business needs from various industries.

9. Timenotes

Timenotes is an intuitive and easy attendance tracker app that assists you in keeping track of your workers’ attendance and work. Recording and storing the data eliminates the need to fill out paper timesheets. What exactly is the process? When members register, they choose a task and fill out the necessary information. After that, you’ll be able to quickly access the work logs inside reports and export them to the format you like. It is possible to track attendance and employee leave trackers, who was working on what and how much profit they made, and the amount you must pay them in salaries. This is one of the best employee attendance trackers.


Customizable – Timenotes may be precisely tailored to match the demands of your employees and organization, thanks to its comprehensive customization options.

Reports And Dashboards – Use filters to narrow down employee attendance periods and download reports in Excel, PDF, and CSV formats. Then, with a few clicks, you may create reports for billing clients, payroll, or management.

Keep Track Of Your Team’s Vacation Time – Ensure your employees are present by analyzing your team’s scheduled vacation time. You can effortlessly manage your workers’ attendance and validate absence requests.

Real-time Tracking – You may track work-related records and activities with a few clicks.

10. Task Hours

With Task Hours, you can register and create employee accounts for your workforce. They may log in, download desktop clients, and track their activities. It’s as simple as that. Next, establish reporting structures to better control at all levels. This is one of the best employee attendance trackers.


Automated Time Tracking – With Task Hours, your desktop client’s time tracking and timesheet production is automatic and live. There is no long paperwork to complete, and there is no need to speed through manually prepared timesheets. Instead, your team members can focus on their principal tasks.

Automated Screen Capturing – Use automated screen capture to monitor activities. When actions are recorded, it simply records screens. It also works without the internet! There is no recording of personal computer hours; thus, there are no privacy concerns.

Manual Timesheets – If your team members do not use the Task Hours desktop software while doing their obligations, they may manually log their time. Check and approve the stated times.

Intelligent Analytics – The intelligent analytics in Task Hours lets you detect workers’ behavior and productivity zones, which is an important feature to consider when making HR-related choices.

Robust Reporting – Flexible reporting enables you to track and evaluate team members (s) efficiency and performance down to the minute of productivity and time lost. You can determine who is working hard to expand your company.

Smart Notifications – You will get notifications when a task is started, finished, or terminated. Task Hours will automatically remind your team members to take advantage of it. In addition, daily timesheets will be sent to your email. Nothing is more successful at keeping you updated than this.

Live Support – If you have any answers concerning the features of Task Hours, our live support team is here to help. If you are still waiting for the features you want, contact live support to get answers in minutes. Email help is accessible on weekends.

The Bottom Line:

Managing a culture in which your workforce feels empowered and supported requires a thorough grasp of workforce management and the process. In addition, you must be able to assess employee performance, manage their day-to-day tasks, and acquire the type of observations that will assist you in developing a plan of action. Attendance Tracking Software can accomplish all of the above, providing you with the tools you need to improve your culture and steer your organization forward.

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