Top Sites To Edit Podcast Online For Free

Sites To Edit Podcast Online For Free: It’s one thing to have a fantastic podcast concept but another to put it into action. You could record yourself and upload the output, but your listeners will appreciate the additional time and attention that goes into a well-edited podcast. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune or download any dubious software to edit your podcasts. In reality, several websites allow you to edit your podcasts straight in your browser for free.

Top Sites To Edit Podcast Online For Free

The best sites to edit podcast online for free are listed here. So, let’s look at the list.

1. GoldWave Infinity

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The GoldWave is a free program that enables you to edit audio on your PC, and it’s one of the best apps and software to get you started with podcasting. GoldWave Infinity is the program’s in-browser version. As a result, you may now access this program no matter where you are or what device you’re using to edit your podcast.

GoldWave Infinity is a relatively easy program to learn and use, albeit its functionality is limited compared to some of the other options on our list. GoldWave Infinity allows you to effortlessly copy, chop, and transfer audio, as well as apply a variety of effects. The most significant limitation of GoldWave Infinity is the inability to edit numerous songs simultaneously. There is an audio merging program that will allow you to combine two audio files; however, this is different.

2. Podcastle

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Podcastle is a free online podcast editing tool that allows you to edit your podcasts in no time rapidly. To start with Podcastle, you must first join up, but it is easy to use from there. Some pop-ups assist you in setting up Podcastle in the best environment for your requirements, and as you proceed, you’ll discover many options to watch lessons or read useful suggestions to get you started. You may want to learn how to become a podcast editor yourself soon.

Podcastle allows you to upload previously recorded podcasts to edit or record directly in your browser. There’s also a text-to-speech function if you want that as well. Podcastle also makes editing audio a breeze. There are options to modify the individual volume, amplification, and panning for each track as well as clip, copy, and trim your audio with ease. Aside from that, there are compressor and equalization effects and a number of additional sound effects available with Podcastle.

3. Kapwing Podcast Audio Editor

Kapwing’s free podcast audio editor is next on the list. Kapwing is a free online service that offers a broad range of media editing tools, including an audio editor for mixing and mastering podcasts. In terms of audio editors, Kapwing’s user interface is rather good. Moving audio tracks around is straightforward, and all the features you need, such as track splitting, volume normalization, and more, are available.

You can employ handy AI technologies like automated audio cleaning and dynamic smart cutting. Other amazing AI tools for podcasters are available; however, they are sadly limited to premium users only. The main disadvantage of Kapwing is that it is more than simply an audio editor. This means several options exist for adding visual effects, photos, and text. These are only somewhat beneficial for a podcast but are simple to avoid.

4. Type Studio

If you’re searching for something that will allow you to edit your podcasts in a manner that’s unlike anything else on the market, Type Studio could be worth a look. While this online tool is technically a video editor, Type Studio is relatively unusual because it is mostly text-based. This means that instead of editing your podcast on a standard video timeline, you may edit it by editing its text. Any audio that you upload to Type Studio is instantly transcribed. You may upload whole pre-recorded podcasts to Type Studio for editing or record them in your browser right away.

You may glance at your transcription on the left side of the page and edit it if the program has tripped up on anything. The issue is that Type Studio is intended for use with video files. Beyond this auto-transcription service, most functionality is targeted at adding images. At the same time, you talk, but this works just as well for sound effects, title music, sound bites, and even other audio recordings if you want to get creative. When you’re done, you may download the audio file immediately, as well as subtitle and text files if you choose.

5. Auphonic

Auphonic is a terrific online tool that can address this issue if you need to learn the first thing about editing podcasts and need more time or desire to learn. It, unlike the other items on this list, isn’t officially an audio editor. Auphonic, on the other hand, allows you to record or upload files straight to the website, where the service will algorithmically master your audio.

Among them are noise reduction, adaptive leveling, audio normalization, and other methods. Auphonic has a lot of settings that you may change here if you like, but the default values are great. Auphonic also automatically adds intros and outros, supplementary information, chapter markers, voice recognition, and other features. You may also store your settings as a template for future usage with other episodes. The disadvantage is that you only receive two hours of Auphonic’s services for free per week, but you can always subscribe to one of their premium models if you want more.


You can do a lot with simple internet tools to edit your podcasts. Whether you’re just starting and want to create the finest podcast possible, or you’ve already produced a few episodes and want to take things to the next level, there’s a tool for you.

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