5 Best Free Online Video Editor For Beginners

Online Video Editor

Whether you’re making video content for social media or a working demo, editing and making it look exactly right is simpler than ever. No, you do not need costly software or a crash course on how to use it. These free online video editor options will give you all the tools required to make a professional-looking video without technical knowledge.

Best Free Online Video Editor For Beginners

The best Online Video Editor is listed here. So, let’s look at the list.

1. Runway

Online Video Editor

Runway’s online video editing and picture editing app employs machine learning techniques to give you a slew of unique tools you won’t find anywhere else. While it cannot currently make videos from text, the features that are accessible are rather astounding. The free version of Runway allows you to create up to eight seconds of video and work on three video projects with a total asset size of 5GB. In addition, videos in 720p quality are available for export.

2. Media.io

Online Video Editor

Media.io features one of the simplest interfaces for an online video editor, making it a fantastic option for beginners or casual users. It also allows you to add video templates for popular compositions, such as a product demo, a podcast recording header, or a call-to-action slide at the conclusion. The online video editor aims to make it less intimidating by dividing it into sections for each element you need in your video. You’ll upload your content to Media from a disk or an online connection. Of course, you may record straight in the editor as well.

Media.io also includes a cool text-to-speech option, which allows you to type in text and have a robot read it out loud on camera. This is restricted to 2000 characters or 10 minutes in the free version. The Text area allows you to put text anywhere on the screen, and you can use unique themes to make it appear more appealing. Subtitles for your video may be generated automatically by Media.io or manually uploaded. The editor includes easy methods for adding components like emojis, transition effects like fades, and royalty-free music and sound effects. The free version of Media.io allows you to export videos up to 30 minutes long in 1080p HD, but they are watermarked.

3. Mastershot

Mastershot arose from a developer’s dissatisfaction with online video editors that always slapped on a watermark or demanded payment to remove certain limitations. As an outcome, this is one of the few free online video editors with no watermarks or limitations. It’s a simple editor that provides the fundamental video editing features most people want; nevertheless, don’t anticipate complex features with Mastershot. Mastershot runs entirely in your browser, making it quicker than many other online editors that need you to upload files to servers. And since your data remains on your computer, it is better for your privacy and security.

4. Oslo

Software for recording and live broadcasting Streamlabs provides a free online video editor called Oslo that anybody may use, even if they do not use Streamlabs programs. It’s ideal for online content makers since it includes orientation options for YouTube (landscape), TikTok and YouTube Shorts (portrait), and Instagram or Facebook (square). An online video editor, like Media.io, has areas for media uploads, soundtracks, transitions, text, and filters. In Oslo, you may also immediately capture video, audio, or screen.

Any modifications you make to the video may be seen live. Oslo also enables you to work with co-creators since several people may edit the video or write comments for each other before the project is completed. When you’re ready to export, you may save the video to your hard disk or upload it straight to YouTube if you link it. Oslo’s free plan includes no watermarks and allows you to export videos of up to 30 minutes in 1080p definition. Registered users get an additional 15GB of storage space for their developed and uploaded media.

5. 123Apps

For all your video editing requirements, 123Apps is one of those fantastic many-in-one tools sites. It also includes audio editing, PDF editing, and format conversion tools. But it shines when it comes to video editing. The site provides one-click options for trimming, merging, cropping, rotating, flipping, resizing, looping, or stabilizing videos, adding music, picture, or text, removing logos, changing volume, and changing video speed. In addition, without watermarks, you may export and download videos up to 780p.

The free account provides a maximum file size of 500MB and a daily limit of five files. Aside from the convenience of these one-click video editing tools, 123Apps also offers a full-featured and free online video editor. You may upload files from your hard drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, or a URL. Although it lacks some features in other videos on this list, we suggest 123Apps for your one-click video editing requirements.


There is no “best online video editor” among them, and whatever one you find easiest to use while matching your demands is what matters. Furthermore, this isn’t the whole list of editors accessible; it’s the tip of the iceberg. There are various additional options, and we discovered a nice website to check them out. Make Videos Online covers the many online video editors and provides tools to filter them, as well as a brief overview of their limitations and features. Features such as no watermarks, export resolution, length, or storage capacity may be used to filter results. Check it out; you could discover a better app than the ones listed here.

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