12 Best Cricket Games For Android To Play Right Now

Cricket Games For Android

There’s no doubt that Cricket Fever is always going strong worldwide, though. So now that India’s biggest cricket event, IPL, has been called off, we think it’s a good time to share the best Android cricket games. There are a lot of Android cricket games on the Google Play Store. However, only a few give users a great cricketing time out of all of them. Cricket fans love these games very much.

12 Best Cricket Games For Android

So, if you’re a big cricket fan like me, check out the list of the best cricket games for Android below. The cricket games in this article have been hand-picked by us, and they will give you the best gaming experience. So, let’s look at the list.

1. World Cricket Championship Lt

Cricket Games For Android

The World Cricket Championship Lt is the best cricket game on our list made by Nextwave Multimedia. There are more than 150 batting animations and 16 different ways to bowl in the game. It’s so realistic in World Cricket Championship Lt that you won’t be able to get away from the game.

2. Stick Cricket Live

Cricket Games For Android

Stick Cricket Live is a multiplayer cricket game where you play against someone else in a one-on-one match. It has stadiums from all over the world. You have to play a wide range of cricket shots to win against your opponent in the game. So you need to keep improving your bowlers to beat your opponents at their own game.

3. Real Cricket 20

Cricket Games For Android

If you want to play a top-rated Android cricket game, you can get Real Cricket 20 from the Google Play Store. Nautilus Mobile makes the game. It has a lot of campaign modes, and there are a lot of lots to play. Among other things, you can play the World Cup, the IPL, the T20 world cup, etc. It also has a lot of tournaments, like the Asia Cup, Master Cup, Under 19 World Cup, and more. I think everyone should play this game because it’s one of the best Android cricket games.

4. Stick Cricket Premier League

Cricket Games For Android

The Stick Cricket Premier League is a cricket game that lets you make your captain, travel the world, and build the team of your dreams, all at the same time. In addition, the app has a feature called “Fast Track” that can be very useful for people who don’t have enough time to play all the games. With a 4.3 star review, Stick Cricket Premier League is a top-ranked cricket game for Android. Also, the game doesn’t take up more than 40 MB of space when it’s set up.

5. World Cricket Battle 2

Cricket Games For Android

World Cricket Battle 2 has a My Career mode, T20 cricket leagues, and real-time batting multiplayer, among other things. In the same way that Real Cricket 20 has auctions, the game has T20 Cricket Premier League auctions, where you can buy a team and run it. There is dynamic weather in World Cricket Battle 2 as well. A match can be stopped by rain, and the Duckworth-Lewis method will choose the winner.

6. Beach Cricket

Cricket Games For Android

As the game’s name offers, Beach Cricket is a great way to play Cricket on the beach. Beach Cricket looks and sounds great, and even low-end Android phones can play it. This is not a typical cricket game like Beach Cricket; dealing with the sand and the wind is the biggest challenge in this one. This is another unique cricket game that you can play right now. Beach Cricket is another game that you can play now.

7. Sachin Saga

He’s known as the Lord of Cricket: Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin Saga is based on this person. The Legendary Master Blaster needs to play for this game. It’s one of the fastest-growing cricket games for Android, and it’s a lot of fun to play. When you go on Sachin Saga, you can choose from ODIs and Tests to T20s, Domestic, Premier League, and the World Cup to play. There is also Sachin Saga, which is another good cricket game that you can think about getting.

8. T20 Cricket Champions 3D

If you want to play Cricket in 3D, you can. Is this true? Then you should play this game right now. In the game, some full 3D graphics and animations are very realistic. The batsman moves, and the ball moves in a game that makes you want to keep playing. Multiple ways to play Cricket. It doesn’t have a multiplayer mode, but you can choose from many ways to play the game independently. You can play a quick match or a tournament, play one over games, etc.


You can play World Cricket Championship Lite right now. It’s a very simple cricket game. Because WCC LITE only needs 60 MB of space on your Android phone, you won’t believe it. It offers very light, but it still has a very immersive 3D mobile game even though it’s small. So, the game is a lot about Cricket and not so much about how big you are. There is also WCC LITE, one of the best cricket games for Android you can play right now.

10. Battle Of Chepauk 2

As a big fan of the Indian Premier League (IPL) and if Chennai Super King is your favorite team, Battle of Chepauk may be the best game for you to play. Battle of Chepauk is a game where you have to choose your team and lead them to victory. The game now has five different modes, like Super Over, Super Matches, Super Slog, and more. As you can see, Battle Of Chepauk is another of the best cricket games for Android you can play right now.

11. World of Cricket

The gameplay and physics are very close to what you’d see in real Cricket in this game. The game lets you play in different ways. So, get your favorite players, power, and train your team to make sure you win. With the multiplayer mode, you can play this game with strangers you don’t know, friends on Facebook, or people in your area. The game has more than 25 different batting shots and 16 teams from all over the world.

12. Epic Cricket

Nazara Games made Epic Cricket, and it is one of the best cricket games for Android they have made. The game is a huge hit with cricket fans, and it has high-quality visuals. Epic Cricket isn’t just pretty to look at. It also has life-like international players, full match live commentary, and so on, too. The game has a lot of different types of Cricket, like modern ODI, T20, Test messages, and so on, which you can play. The Epic Cricket is one of the best cricket games you can play on Android phones.

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If you have an Android phone or tablet, these are the 12 best cricket games you can play right now! Please tell us if you know of any other cricket games for Android that are like this one. If this article was helpful to you, I’m glad about that! Let your friends share, too.

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