Best 13 RPG Gacha Games for Android & iOS in 2021

Gacha Games

Gacha Games are almost new but have quickly gained popularity in Japan and many other parts of the world. These games essentially have the Gacha mechanics where you pull something like a toy-vending machine to get random virtual items like new characters, costumes, and armors. This helps you build your new fantasy world with an army of solid surfaces. This genuine find the Best Gacha Games for Android and iOS from this article if you want to play. 


Best 13 RPG Gacha Games for Android & iOS in 2021

So, we have included the 13 best Gacha Games for both Android and iOS. We have put particular emphasis on games that don’t bug users with in-app purchases consistently. Here, You can Tap on the link below and move to the relevant match quickly. 

Gacha Life

Lunime’s Gacha Life is another classic game with Gacha mechanics and some adventure elements. You’ll have to create your anime-styled characters and customize their outfits to your liking in this game. After you’ve finished developing characters, you can use its Studio to create a scene to complete your plot.

After that, you can enter Life Mode, meet new people, explore different places, and learn about their techniques. You will interact with the other players, play mini-games, and collect gems to send to Gacha for rare gifts. There are infinite possibilities, and the structured Gacha Games allow you to build something.
Download :  Android / iOS

Destiny Child

Destiny Child, like Gacha Games, is one of the most addictive mobile games available. It’s all about customizing your character with the Gacha system’s in-game currency. It would be best if you began your quest to become the Internal Realm’s most powerful Archfiend. Destiny Child’s most appealing features are its beautiful characters and immersive artwork.

You can tell that the characters have been thoughtfully designed, and you’ll enjoy the game’s numerous costume options. The game itself is a tale about a Dungeon in which you must create a powerful army and wage war against your enemies.

Destiny Child includes unique voices for each character for added excitement, making the game even more enjoyable. To put it plainly, Destiny Child is one of the best Gacha Games on Android if you enjoy creating characters.
Download : Android / iOS 

Dragalia Lost

Dragalia Lost retains its allure no matter how many times it is played. It’s an action-packed role-playing game in which humans and dragons team up to defeat their foes. Again, the story is more important here, but there is a Gacha aspect. Using unique abilities and special armor, you will defeat your foes.

In exchange, you will receive prizes that can be used to spin the Gacha, and you will have the opportunity to become a dragon yourself. Legends, monsters, forgotten heroes, and the search to dethrone enemies are all featured in Dragalia Lost. The best role of this game is that there are over 60 characters to choose from, all of which can be obtained by winning wars against opponents.

The Dragalia Lost, on the other hand, is a colorful and action-packed RPG game. Dragalia Lost is one of my top recommendations for a graphics-intensive mobile game with Gacha mechanics.
Download : Android / iOS 

Tales of Erin

Tales of Erin is another example of a Complete Gacha game. From RPG action to suspense, strategy, and fantasy, it has it all. The game has an unusual plot set in ancient Japan, in which God and the human world are at odds. Although that sounds interesting, there’s a lot more to discover. There are anime-styled scenes, music that fits well with the gaming environment, and excellent character voice acting.

Not to mention that Tales of Erin has over 80 different characters to collect through the Gacha system. You’ll have to master Divinity’s power and create a new world order.

Also, the game features excellent graphics, including 3D animations and intense visuals. Suppose you want to get the most out of Gacha Games on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Tales of Erin is a must-have.
Download : Android / iOS 

Another Eden

Another Eden is a relatively recent game that has added a new dimension to our understanding of Gacha Games. It’s not only about getting the Gacha but also about the story and completing the task. You’ll have to go on a journey beyond time and space to save the future in this game.

Masato Kato developed a captivating plot for the game, which has an RPG theme. He was the author of the famous RPG game Chrono Trigger, in case you didn’t know. The game is very interactive, with high-quality graphics that are also comparable to consoles.

The soundtracks and theme are also well-executed, resulting in fascinating gameplay. Aside from that, Another Eden recently received new characters and products as part of a significant update. Another Eden is the game to play on Android if you want to play a captivating Gacha game.
Download : Android / iOS 

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

Suppose you’ve played any of the Final Fantasy games before. You’ll enjoy Opera Omnia a lot. Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is one of the best Gacha Games on Android, and it’s built on the RPG theme with Gacha mechanics. RPG-based Gacha Games are the most common among the various types of Gacha Games.

Well, The game features all of the characters from the Final Fantasy series and a gripping plot, and powerful deities. There is no need to be concerned if you are a beginner. The game’s in-game reward system helps you to collect a wide variety of characters. You can use a Gacha to get a new weapon or a feeling whenever you want.

Aside from that, the game features a turn-based battle system in which you must balance your attack and defense while waiting for the right moment to strike. If you want to play Gacha Games on Android or iOS, start with Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia.
Download : Android / iOS

Gacha Club

Gacha Club is our final game, which is available on Android and iOS and is based on Gacha mechanics. There are some anime characters in the game, and you can dress them up in various ways. The best thing about Gacha Club is that it gives beginners 180 units to use in combat. Join Tower mode now to collect gems, resources, and gold to boost your skills and collect Gacha.

You can join clubs to find more units and earn incentives. I like Gacha Club because the customization options aren’t locked behind a paywall, so you can make anything you want for free. You have ten characters at your disposal; you gain access to an additional 90 characters if you’re going to pay. I recommend playing the game to get a feel for the Gacha mechanics.
Download : Android / iOS

The Alchemist Code

The Alchemist Code encapsulates everything you want from a Gacha-styled game. There are jRPGs (Japanese Mobile Strategy RPGs), tactical elements, anime-styled scenes, excellent graphics, and a fantastic background score.

Not to mention the opportunity to use the Gacha to play your cards. It’s a game in which you must master the arcane power of Alchemy to alter the course of history. There are more than 50 characters in total, all of whom are intricately formed. You can collect the characters and use them to build a powerful new avatar with superpowers.

The good part about the game is that you can play a four-player multiplayer co-op against your mates. You can compete with your mates and receive rewards for purchasing new characters. So, Simply put, The Alchemist Code is a thrilling mobile Gacha game with various genres and exciting elements.
Download : Android / iOS 

Azur Lane

Azur Lane is one of the oldest and most popular Gacha Games on Android and iOS, so it doesn’t need much of an introduction. So, Azur Lane is a Naval Warfare game with Gacha mechanics for those who are unfamiliar.

It combines many gaming genres, including 2D shooters, RPGs, and tactical games. The best thing about Azur Lane is how easy it is to play and how intuitive the interface is. Azur Lane is a great place to start if you’re new to Gacha play.

You can build your fleet here from over 300 different types of warships gathered from all over the world. These ships can be obtained by winning prizes within the game. You can also use these incentives to purchase in-game money, which you can then use to pull Gacha for new vessels. There’s no need to pay for in-app purchases. As a result, Azur Lane is a completely free-to-play game with Gacha mechanics on Android and iOS.
Download : Android / iOS

Honkai Impact 3rd

Honkai Impact 3rd is another action-packed RPG with Gacha mechanics that allows you to obtain weapons, outfits and turn them into powerful characters. The Valkyries are three distinct symbols that are central to the game. Each Valkyrie possesses unique abilities and attacks. With different guns and equipment, you can move between characters and perform team roles.

Either crafting or the Gacha system can obtain new weapons. You can win more in-game resources as you gain more victories. As a result, you’ll be able to use the Gacha system to acquire powerful weapons known as “Stigmata.”

The developer recently introduced a slew of new characters and armor, which is fantastic for players. Overall, Honkai Impact 3rd is an action-packed Android RPG with Gacha mechanics that you can not overlook.
Download : Android / iOS 

Gacha World

The Gacha World is one of the most popular and well-received games on Google Play. It’s all about the Gacha scheme, as the name implies, and it’s very addictive. You can build your characters by farming missions, fighting Raid Bosses, and other activities in the game.

By learning more about the character’s story and collecting reward points, you will save the world from corruption. You can reach the Gacha World with enough currency and choose from over 90 characters.

You can also use the Gacha to customize the outfit from head to toe. The best thing about this game is that you are not constantly reminded to purchase in-app currency. The game has plenty of tasks to complete to obtain in-game currency without spending real money, which is fantastic.
Download : Android / iOS 

BLEACH Brave Souls

If you’re a fan of the Bleach universe’s mega-hit anime series, you’ll love BLEACH Brave Souls. It’s based on some characters from the Bleach universe, each with their unique moves and abilities. You can customize the characters and build an army of warriors in any way you like.

You must carve your way to victory to create more characters with unique powers, earning you in-game rewards. You can now use this reward to spin the Gacha and obtain your favorite anime character, armor, costume, and other items by using this reward.

Aside from that, the graphics in BLEACH Brave Souls are awe-inspiring. It features 3D graphics and fast-paced action, and I believe you will enjoy it.
Download :  Android / iOS 

Exos Heroes

Here, Exos Heroes brings special features into the gacha world. So, One of the noticeable features is the 3D graphics. Also, The polished and flawless graphics show how much love the artists put into the game. And, Another useful feature is the AFK levelling system that allows your characters to gain new items and loot while you are not actively playing. You can change your characters’ gender and appearances.
Download :  Android / iOS

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 Final Thought:

So there you have it: our top Gacha Games for Android and iOS. We’ve included games with Gacha mechanics and a compelling plot involving a large cast of characters.

To be safe, try to use the Gacha system via in-game currency rather than spending money on characters and outfits because the game can be addictive. If you’re looking for the best retro arcade games, check out the linked post. That’s all we’ve got from us. If you found the article helpful, please leave a comment and let us know.

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