5 Best Group Video Call­ Apps for Desk­top, Mobile, and Web

Video Calling is rapidly changing the socializing element. Likewise, pandemic mandates for social distancing, and the video calls are perfect for overtaking everyone. While there are many apps for making Group Video Call, it’s rather challenging to pick one that fulfills your requirements.

The apps we recommend can be used for personal and professional purposes to host active Group Video Calls. If you want to host a video conference for a large, however, restricted, crowd, then weigh the alternatives appropriately. Naturally, you have to think about everyone’s availability and not limit yourself by using FaceTime.


5 Best Group Video Call­ing Apps for Desk­top, Mobile, and Web

This post shall cover the leading five group video conferencing apps to connect with buddies, family, and office folks so that a platform limits none. Let’s get going.

Google Duo

Group Video Call

Google Duo comes pre-installed on a lot of Android phones. Setting it up is simply a matter of seconds once you add your Google account. Duo offers a better video quality compared to WhatsApp.

You can even develop custom-made groups for making video calls. Now, Google Duo can support up to 12 people in a Group Video Call. One of the most beautiful parts is that the Duo provides a straightforward and no-nonsense interface.

  • Google Duo is available for iOS, Android, and Web.
  • Group Video Call Capacity – 12


Group Video Call

We’ll start this list with among the most popular messaging apps of all time – WhatsApp. Billions of people are using it currently, so it would not be much of a problem to try it out. Of course, the most basic requirement is understanding the individual you wish to call the telephone number.

Among the methods to start a Group Video Call is to call a single person, and after that, add other contacts to the very same request. Additionally, you can hit the video call button icon in the group chat and then pick the members you wish to contribute to the video call. While all that sounds fancy, WhatsApp permits only up to 4 people on a video call. Also, it utilizes the least possible quantity of information. So do not bank too much on the overall quality of the video call.

In short, it’s excellent to overtake pals or household. So yes, for connecting with people, WhatsApp is attractive. But don’t plan on utilizing this to show some content or something that needs good quality.

  • WhatsApp is available for Android, Windows, iOS, macOS, and Web.
  • Group Video Call Capacity – 4


Group Video Call

Zoom is among the fastest-growing applications for video calls and hosting video conferences. This app had about 10 million users in November 2019, and the number escalated to 200 million users by the end of March 2020. Zoom locks horns with Houseparty, and the choice becomes a bit difficult for casual Group Video Calls.

Contrary to common belief, Zoom is also has a complimentary tier for everybody. Whether you wish to host a webinar or a Group Video Call, Zoom delivers superior quality. If you plan to use the free layer for a restricted time, you may not consider reading all the bells & whistles you get with the other paid strategies.

The only shortcoming of the complimentary plan is that you get up to 40 minutes for a group call, including approximately 25 people. That limitation can expire fast, and all the attendants would appreciate the brevity of the conference. Likewise, you can share software, presentation, or desktop screens, images, and other files over a video call.

  • Keep in mind: We highly suggest to avoid sharing secret information, screens, & other details over video calls using Zoom.
  • So, Are you feeling a bit odd working for a home? The good news is, Zoom offers virtual backgrounds to make your outlook appear a bit different.
  • Group Video Call Capacity – 25


Group Video Call

There’s no chance to lose out on the veteran app like Skype. It has been around considering that 2003 and continues to be one of the most reliable voice calling and Video Calling services. Skype did offer missteps to rather a great deal of users initially. However, the service works excellent on every platform.

Out of several features loaded within, one of the features that we utilize the most is the Screen Share. That makes things smoother and much more manageable while communicating with a private or a group of folks.

  • Skype is available for Android, Windows, iOS, macOS, Linux, and Web.
  • Group Video Call Capacity – 50


Group Video Call

Houseparty is a surprisingly brand-new entrant among the video calls capable apps. The name is clear enough to inform you that it is an enjoyable app and entirely suitable for calling your friends and family. Its appeal has swollen recently due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has forced nation-wide lockdown in many nations.

The greatest part about this application is that you can drop into an existing video call with others. That is why it works great for a group of good friends who want to hang out over a video call.

  • Houseparty is offered for Android, iOS, and macOS.
  • Group Video Call Capacity – 8

Bonus: Google Meet

Group Video Call

Google Meet is a lesser-known function of Google Hangouts. Since it is a fresh entrant in this game and is implied for the G Suite users, that’s. It is among the go-to apps for Video Calling for a lot of folks. So, You can head over to meet.google.com and begin a meeting.

Invite a few contacts in the meeting, & you can even share your present screen using the Present mode. Given that you are the host, you must have a G Suite (organization) account to initiate the Present Mode. Meanwhile, the individuals need to have at least a regular Google account to join the Fulfilling.

  • Group Video Call Capacity – 250

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Final Words:

Security is one of the increasing worries about the absence of end-to-end file encryption in Group Video Call. If you plan to share files, screens, and other data, you should look for it. You can always have two various apps wherein one is meant for people usage, and the other is suggested for professional purposes.

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