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So, Massively multiplayer online role-playing games, better known as MMORPG, are a video game genre that allows players to cross vast virtual worlds in a customized avatar and connect with Hundreds of all other players with whom they will take down huge mobs in PvE modes or test their abilities against each other in PvP modes. There are many pretty lovely MMORPGs you can enjoy, but if you’ve never played one before moving on to even better-paying ones, it would be best for you to try a free one first.

Note: The games on this list are not grouped in any particular order because, while they are all free MMORPGs, they each offer something a little different from the others. 


Best Free MMORPGs You Should Try

So if you’re testing an MMORPG and don’t know which one to start with, here are some of the best free MMORPGs you can try:

DC Universe Online


DC Universe fans should check out DC Universe Online, a free MMORPG that allows you to build and play alongside other iconic DC multiverse heroes, including Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman, your superhero with custom skills.

The game has a specific battle tab-targeting mechanism that separates it from other games on this list and plays a significant role in making the game more player-friendly. Besides, DC Universe Online has a very engaging storyline, cool collectible equipment, and leveling options that provide players the freedom to choose how to advance in the game.

Lord of the Rings Online


Well, The Lord of the Rings Online, an MMORPG based on the impeccably detailed LOTR universe, should certainly be checked out by medieval fantasy lovers and fans of JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings Universe. This game takes players on an epic journey through Middle Earth, battling alongside famous book characters and discovering places popularized by the film franchise.

Lord of the Rings Online is much like every other MMORPG on this list when it comes to gameplay, save for one minor exception. In LOTR Online, all game characters are on the same side, meaning there are no PvP opportunities on a large scale. Instead, the game provides a Monster Play mode in which players in the Ettenmoor area can build a monster at level ten and combat other players.

World of Warcraft


I know what you think is that World of Warcraft isn’t a free MMORPG, so why is it on the list? Well, even though the game is not open to play in its entirety, the first 20 levels can be played for free, and 20 levels mean a lot of playtimes when it comes to World of Warcraft. Therefore we have included it on the list.

It’s a game associated with the MMORPG genre for those of you who aren’t familiar with World of Warcraft and offers players a vast, ever-expanding universe full of content that you can explore. The game allows all elements of a successful MMORPG to be encountered, including character customization, a persistent open world, an engaging plot, and massive raids. If you haven’t played World of Warcraft before, I’d recommend that you get on with it as soon as possible. This game is not one that is worth skipping.

MapleStory 2


MapleStory 2 is another excellent MMORPG that, with its distinctive low-poly graphics and vibrant design scheme, differentiates itself from other genre games. MapleStory 2 also enables players, as with most other MMORPGs, to step out with their personalized characters into a massive open world and connect with other players from all over the world.

However, the game also offers players many mini-games, some of which are created using the in-game editor by other players, which separates it from other games on this list. MapleStory 2 has a fascinating storyline that will take you on an exciting adventure full of epic boss battles, various side quests, and a crafting system that plays a crucial role in the overall progression, even though the game may look cartoonish. 

Guild Wars 2


Guild Wars 2 is another free MMORPG with which you can launch your MMORPG journey, providing a unique plot that develops based on the choices you make in the game, something you won’t find in the genre most other games. The game contains all the outstanding features that you’d find in other MMORPGs, including character customization, a comprehensive crafting system, along with some fantastic PvP and PvP elements.

Set in Tyria’s fantasy world, the game offers players a massive, persistent world that they can explore with their lonesome friends or with a few of their friends. Guild Wars 2 also has a variety of distinct instantiated worlds that are key to the main storyline. Thanks to the complex action-based mechanics, leveling up in Guild Wars 2 is much more enjoyable compared to World of Warcraft, which might feel like a grind at times. For someone who doesn’t like the monotony of leveling up in other MMORPGs, the game is a must-have.

Star Conflict


If your jam is space exploration, then you should try Star Conflict, a free MMORPG that places players in the part of an elite space pilot who is on a mission to locate and discover alien treasures scattered across his vast universe. Your primary goal in Star War is to collect a range of different space ships, ranging from swift fighters to huge floating satellite-like ones.

The game’s PvE questline takes you on several different missions and raids, where you have to battle alien squadrons or space pirates, while PvP remains a constant threat in the vast emptiness of outer space floating around in your space ship. The game also provides several numerous customizations arranged in a tech tree and contains various types of weapons or ship modules that can be used to upgrade your space ship. So, Another great thing about Star Conflict is that it comes with help from Oculus Rift, enabling VR players to enjoy the game.

Star Wars: The Old Republic


Suppose you are a fan of Star Wars, you can probably take a Star Wars shot: The Old Republic. The game is based on Star Wars’ vast universe, providing players with a distinct puzzle-like fighting system that separates it from other MMORPGs. Well, Like Guild Wars 2, Star Wars: The Old Republic delivers progression driven by player choice and along with that. This social gameplay element helps to bring players in the virtual universe together.

Players can also experience the game in its entirety as a single-player quest, which is an excellent choice for players who do not require to rely on other players to make progress. This overcomes a problem faced by most new MMO players as they cannot complete those quests/raids without the help of other players, with the leveling up.

Dungeons and Dragons Online


As a free MMORPG called Dungeons and Dragons Online, Dungeons and Dragons is also available, based on the updated rule-set fashion introduced by Dungeons and Dragons 3.5. Unlike the game’s table-top version, which relies on a turn-based combat system, D&D Online features a much more immersive real-time combat system.

Progression is very similar to other MMORPGs on this list in D&D Online and allows players to embark on challenges to level up and qualify their personalized characters. However, what separates D&D Online from other MMOs is its healing mechanic, which allows players to visit unique places to heal their feelings instead of merely hearing their names over time. 

Secret World Legends


Look no further than “Hidden World Legends” if you have an urge to unravel the secret of the legends. The MMORPG has everything covered with a lot of unique challenges and quests to entangle you in a series of mysteries as you set out to fight with the dark powers that are hell-bent on destroying the universe along with the life of humanity. The game offers a fantastic range of weapons that can allow you to wreak havoc in the rival grounds in the blink of an eye to help you battle the supernatural’s secret war with the desired flair.

Not only that, but Secret World Legends also empower you with supernatural powers so that on an extended mission to eradicate the mysterious evils, you can battle fire with fire. This dramatic storytelling that doesn’t allow boredom to creep in is one of my top picks from this epic MMORPG. And you never feel like taking your attention away from the deadly fights of top-notch voice-acting. The game also offers you a chance to fly to several places such as Seoul, New York, and London to discover incredible stuff that may illuminate your globetrotting fantasy, aside from indulging in the hard-fought battles.

Eve Online


Another fantastic MMORPG that will interest those who are fond of space exploration titles is Eve Online. Thanks to the game’s in-depth body and head sculpting character builder, the game is based on a futuristic space-age setting, allowing players to choose from four different races and build their characters from the ground up.

However, it is worth noting that Eve Online is a painfully slow game that will require you to initially spend a lot of time in the later stages to get to the intense action. This could turn off players who are used to games providing immediate gratification. Slow processes are mining and crafting in the game, so unless you’re willing to spend a lot of time in a single game, I’d suggest you stay away. The game will reward you with some epic space battles that are worth the wait if you manage to stick around.

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Try These Free MMORPGs Today!

Now that you have a reasonable idea of the MMORPGs free to play, which one do you plan to try first? I would suggest you pick up World of Warcraft, one of the best MMORPGs out there but not entirely free to play. The game will provide you a good idea of what MMORPGs are like, and it includes a boatload of content that you can enjoy with the free levels once you’re finished. Remember to review our lists of the best building games, best sandbox games, best FPS games, and more if you like this list. Anyway, that’s all from us. In the comments section, let us know your thoughts. 


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