5 Benefits to Installing a Solar Water Heating System

5 Benefits to Installing a Solar Water Heating System

The average water heater runs for a few hours each day, costing over $500 each year for homeowners. While it is nice to have hot water for a shower or to clean the dishes, there are other, more energy-efficient ways that you can heat your water.

Do you want to learn more about installing a solar water heating system in your home? Keep reading this article for the top five benefits of using solar energy to heat your water and reduce your gas expenses.

1. Saves You Money

The biggest reason why homeowners choose solar energy hot water heaters is that it saves them money on their monthly hot water heating costs. As was shown above, this can cost you several hundred dollars each year.

While they may require a larger upfront investment, they can greatly reduce your monthly costs for heating your water.

2. Better for the Environment

When you use solar energy for anything, it is better for the environment. Solar water heaters use rooftop solar collectors to use clean, environmentally-friendly energy from the sun. Most hot water heaters use natural gas to generate enough energy to heat the water. Others use electric heaters to warm up the water in your home.

By switching to a solar-powered hot water heater, you can save these natural resources and do your part to help the environment.

3. Maintenance-Free

Another great benefit of using home solar panels for your hot water heater is that it is virtually maintenance-free! While they may require inspections every once in a while, many of these maintenance tasks can be done on your own.

With less maintenance required for your hot water heater, you will also save money in the long run on expensive repairs!

4. You Might Get Tax Credits

Something else to consider when installing a solar energy water heater is that you might be eligible for tax credits. The government rewards homeowners that use solar energy and will provide you with a tax credit on your federal income taxes.

This tax credit can help offset the cost to install your solar water heater and can save you even more money!

5. Can Be Used to Supplement Regular Water Heater

Finally, your solar water heater can be used to supplement your regular water heater. If you have a large family, you have likely experienced a lack of hot water when you are trying to take a shower!

If you have a solar-powered hot water heater, you will have access to more hot water! Plus, your solar water heater will work when you lose access to gas or power, making it a great option in the event of an emergency.

Learn More About Solar Water Heating

Solar technology can be used to power nearly anything. Because it is a source of renewable energy, it will save you money while working to help the environment. Using a solar energy water heater can provide you with each of these benefits!

Now that you know more about the benefits of solar water heating systems, do you want to learn more about other types of solar energy technology? We can help! Our website features articles on technology and gadgets that can help homeowners become more energy-efficient.

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