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Are you looking for software that can change Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation Gamer tags and usernames into short IP addresses? Then you’ve come to the correct spot. In this section, we looked at the “xResolver” website/platform, which lets you change gamer tags and usernames into a clear IP format. So, how about we look at “xResolver”?

What Exactly Is xResolver?

xResolver is an official website that converts Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation Gamertags and usernames into the shortest IP addresses. xResolver is a useful service that converts gamer tags, domain names, and usernames into IP addresses.

How To Easily Use The xResolver?

The user interface of xResolver makes it straightforward to use. So, if you encounter a problem, follow the instructions below, and you will be able to use xResolver without difficulty:

1 – Open the official xResolver website.

2 – Click either Xbox Resolver or PlayStation Resolver (Select an appropriate option).

3 – Enter the “Xbox Gamer tag” to convert it to an IP address.

4 – Enter the “IP address” to transform into the Xbox gamer tag.

5 – Finally, click “Resolve.”


Now you have completed the task; you may use the same method to resolve PlayStation gamer tags to IP addresses and/or IP addresses to PlayStation gamer tags. When you input the gamer tag to resolve, it will convert to IP format. Well, the same is true for the PlayStation; enter your PSN login to see whether it will transform to IP format.

How To Easily Blacklist And Remove Me?

We examined how to hide your gamer tag or IP addresses before. If you blacklist yourself from the resolver, your gamer tags or usernames and IP addresses will be removed from databases, and no one will be able to remove your IP addresses. This technique can protect Microsoft and Sony’s services from hackers or third-party assaults. While backlisting your IPs, you must do the following steps:

1 – You must use a VPN to hide your precise IP address.

2 – To change your IP address, you must contact your ISP.

3 – Avoid joining random parties and questionable persons; this will protect your IP address from being included in their database.

How To Easily Register And Unlock Full Access On xResolver?

Registering or signing up is a simple process that requires no further information. Follow the instructions below, and you’ll have full access to the xResolver:

1 – Open the official xResolver website.

2 – Locate and click the “Register” button.

3 – Complete the “Sign up” form.

4 – Enter your “Username” and “Email Address.”

5 – Enter the “Password” and “Confirm the password,” then click the Register button.


You have completed the process, and if you already have an active account, you may sign in by clicking the “sign-in” button.

xResolver MISC Tools Features/Benefits

The xResolver tool also includes the following features/benefits. You may find them on an official website and use them as follows:

IP Logger

xResolver has an advanced IP logger tool that allows you to create custom links to send to others to obtain their IP addresses.

Full IP Address w/ Accurate Geo IP Information

1 – The Browser. 

2 – The Operating System. 

3 – The Detect Incognito/Private Mode (Coming Soon).

Free Limits:

1 – Make 1 page with a maximum of 10 results. The oldest result will be removed.

2 – The ability to see Country, City, ISP, Browser, and System OS.

Premium Limits:

1 – Create ten pages, each with 100 results.

2 – The ability to examine the IPv4/IPv6, Country, City, ISP, Browser, and System OS.

PSN Username

The PSN username tool will determine if the PlayStation Network username is accessible. After that, you may begin the registration procedure.

1 – Enter your PlayStation Network username.

2 – Next, click “Resolve.”

IP Storage

IP storage software may help you preserve and arrange IP addresses you wish to keep. The IP storage tool enables you to store up to 100 IP addresses on a single account; ensure your account is current. All your data will be immediately removed if your account has been inactive for three months.

Free Account – The ability to store up to 25 IP addresses.

Premium Account – Unlimited Storage.

What Is My IP?

xResolver also includes an IP check tool that lets you quickly find your current IP address with a single click. In addition, this tool will allow you to obtain your Public IP Address!

Phone Lookup

The phone lookup tool has an excellent function in that it displays information about the phone number you enter, such as the country, location, carrier, and line type. Make sure to include the country code with the phone number.

Nmap Port Scan

The NMAP Post scan tool securely connects you to a host of your choosing from our servers. When doing port scans, your IP address is disclosed to the host you are port scanning.

About The xResolver

The xResolver website, which works for two different names, “Xbox” and “PlayStation,” was created in 2017. xResolver allows you to change your Xbox or PlayStation usernames or gamer tags and includes IP Logger, IP Checker, PSN Username, IP Storage, Phone Lookup, and Nmap Port Scan. According to the most recent data, the xResolver has the following:

Registered Users – 241,586. 

Live Users – 1,168. 

Database Count – 24,735,431.

FAQs: xResolver

What Exactly Is xResolver?

xResolver is a useful website designed to resolve Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation Gamertags and usernames into IP format.

Who Created The xResolver?

xResolver is a nearly two-year-old domain that was just renewed. It is registered with Tucows Domains Inc. and will expire one year later, in 2023. Furthermore, the Octosniff group created xResolver.

Is The xResolver Illegal?

Because this isn’t private, your IP address may be readily detected using certain tools. You may, however, hide it by using xResolver. So, based on the game experience, we can state so.

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