6+ Best WordPress Payment Plugins To Try

Top WordPress Payment Plugins: Do you believe purchasers would stay around and wait if it takes an eternity for them to pay for the product? Certainly not! According to Shopify, a long checkout procedure causes 26% of shoppers to leave their purchase. This post will go through the 6+ best plugins for accepting payments on WordPress sites. But first, let’s look at why you need a good payment plugin.

Good Payment Gateway Advantages

Flexibility – A decent payment plugin lets customers pay with credit/debit cards, EMV chips, contactless, and various other ways, offering them a variety of choices for completing a transaction.

Lessen Mark-Up Pricing – Reduce processing costs (if possible) to compete with others.

Security – The best WordPress payment plugins adhere to security standards such as PCI, DSS, and others.

The following are the 6+ best WordPress plugins for accepting payments.

6+ Best WordPress Payment Plugins To Try

WordPress Payment Plugins to try in 2022.

1. WP Full Stripe

WordPress Payment Plugins

WP Full Stripe allows you to accept payments without any coding knowledge. Over 7000 customers use it worldwide to accept payments for their WordPress websites. It is regarded as a useful and simple tool. This plugin is best suited for small and medium-sized businesses. Setting up takes only a few minutes, and you don’t need specific skills or sites. Furthermore, the one-time fee and 14-day return guarantee make this plugin a good option for novices.


Save Card Information – Securely save clients’ credit card information for quicker, one-step payments after the first.

Pricing Tables – Make pricing tables with payment buttons to simplify checkout.

Easy Setup & Management – This plugin allows you to manage most of your monetary responsibilities inside your WP site.

Single-Step – Eliminates the need for time-consuming multi-page payment processes and the upkeep of shopping carts.

Complete Personalization – Customize your site’s payment the way you and your customers like.

Multi-Lingual & Localized – Gain your consumers’ trust by including translated content in messaging.

Enhanced Record-Keeping – Analyze and learn from your customers’ data to improve your service and offerings.

2. WP Simple Pay

WordPress Payment Plugins

Are you seeking the best approach to accept payments on your WordPress site? WP Simple Pay is a fantastic WordPress plugin for accepting payments without a shopping cart.


Simple Payment Collection – Enables money collection on your WordPress site without needing a sophisticated shopping cart or coding technique.

Allows Custom Payment – This feature allows customers to pay their payment amount, making it suitable for donations and one-time payments.

No Card Payment – Accept payments straight from bank accounts using ACH debit payments.

Integrated Subscription – This feature enables customers to sign up for a recurring subscription and payment.

Offer Customized Discounts – This lets you offer your customers customized discounts with codes for a better buying experience.

This plugin is trusted and used by over 16000 people worldwide and charges just a 2% transaction fee. Users who wish to avoid this cost may upgrade to WP Simple Pay Pro. However, when it pertains to small businesses, WP Simple Pay Lite is a great choice.

3. GiveWP

WordPress Payment Plugins

GiveWP is a well-known WordPress plugin that allows you to accept donations on the WordPress site effortlessly. It’s a robust plugin that lets you collect payments quickly and easily. This simple, ideal-for-donations plugin is popular among fundraising organizations and non-governmental organizations. Give WP is a versatile plugin that has received praise from over 100,000 active users worldwide. The setup procedure makes the plugin easy to download and set, but developers may customize the functionality in any manner they wish.

Although Give WP is free to install and set up, the features it provides are somewhat restricted. To fully use the plugin’s capabilities, you must upgrade to a more expensive premium version. Unfortunately, the plugin only provides two options: free or paid versions, so if you’re on a limited budget, you may have to settle with the fundamentals.


Specialized For Donations – GiveWP incorporates a highly tailored donation experience for your customers by tightly integrating with donation drive methods.

Easy Management – With tables and charts visualizing your progress in collecting donations, you get an informed report on the success of your site.

Import-Export – Organize your donations in one location by importing and exporting data from prior websites and donation drives.

Powerful Add-Ons – Use add-ons to upgrade and customize your store’s payment procedure.

Ecommerce Tracking – Use the Google Analytics add-on to learn about your contributors’ activity.

Registration & Tracking – Provide your contributors with a detailed record of their payments and make them set up accounts.

4. Stripe Payments

Stripe Payments lets you accept credit card payments from customers who buy purchases on your WordPress site. It is made out of a basic shortcode and has various features that set it unique from other WP payment plugins. Stripe is used by over 3 million websites, including Reddit, Udemy, Stack, and others. Because of its extremely configurable functioning, customer support, and security, large organizations use and enjoy it. In addition, this plugin makes accepting payments through Stripe on your WordPress site simple.


Multi-Lingual – Includes seven distinct languages, allowing your site to transcend linguistic borders.

Fraud Protection – An ML-based fraud detection radar aids in the detection and prevention of fraud.

Globalized – Accept payments from anywhere, at any time, in 137 different currencies, and through various payment methods.

Flexible Payment Options – Customers may pick from various payment options, such as buy-now-pay-later and multiple pay in-store options, increasing your customer’s purchasing power.

Web-Friendly – Use elements and checkout to make your payment gateway quick and easy.

5. SkyVerge

SkyVerge, a GoDaddy brand, is a popular plugin that has helped hundreds of sites increase sales and improve user experience.


Robust Coding – SkyVerge is a simple-to-use and set up the platform.

Past Exemplary Growth – The plugin increases sales and focuses on your business rather than your website.

Intricate Specialization – Each SkyVerge plugin is designed specifically for the eCommerce store, emphasizing your needs and requirements.

A Trusted Brand – SkyVerge is popular among WordPress users and has been downloaded over 3 million times.

6. WordPress PayPal Plugin

The WordPress PayPal plugin lets vendors with a conscious audience accept payments on their site simply by adding a shortcode.


PayPal Integrated Payment Gateway – Gain your client’s trust by integrating a well-known, globally recognized payment gateway into your site.

Easy & Customizable Purchase – Accept donations, funding, and recurring or one-time payments using WordPress PayPal.

Hassle-Free Management – Keep control of all your purchases from your WordPress admin panel; no need to switch between portals.

Strengthen Security Using PayPal Sandbox – It supports Sandbox, which lets you make a test purchase before distributing products to real customers and guarantees that your website is compatible.

Doesn’t Affect Themes & Templates – WordPress PayPal is compatible with the most recent WordPress version and works seamlessly with all themes and layouts.

7. Braintree Gateway

Braintree for WooCommerce is another useful plugin that may assist you with your business and payment options. With tight collaboration with PayPal, this payment gateway has gained the trust of many!


All-In-One – Comprises practically all payment options, such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal pay later, and so on.

WooCommerce Integration – The Braintree Gateway interfaces with WooCommerce, providing you with many features.

Save Card Information – Customers may keep their credit card information effortlessly without worrying about theft or fraud.

Easy Management & Security – The gateway provides the best refund processing and empty transaction management.

Fast, Efficient, & Seamless – Braintree by WooCommerce provides your customers with easy payment checkouts, improving user experience.


Accepting payments on your WordPress website is best done with a payment plugin that puts the consumer’s requirements first. All seven plugins discussed in this article are reliable, well-tested, and efficient. The one you choose is determined by the age of your company, the business strategy it employs, and the size of your budget. For example, suppose you’re just starting and have a limited budget, Stripe Payments. WP Simple Pay, however, will function beautifully for you if you’re a mid-sized business and can afford to buy a payment plugin. WP Full Stripe is the better option for established businesses.

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