How To Easily Fix Windows Update Stuck At 27%?

Windows Update Stuck

The first response to why the Windows update is stuck at 27 is that it will be quite bothersome, and then one begins to consider the best potential solutions. Regular updates are critical for making your Windows operating system run more effectively. However, most of the time, one delays the updates since Windows update is stuck at 27 percent. You attempt to update Windows while not working on an urgent device on your computer since you can’t do anything with it while it is updating. So, what may be the true cause of this vexing error? There might be many explanations for this. After understanding the reasons, let’s restart on to a solution for swiftly restarting your updates:

Why Is The Windows Update Stuck At 27%?

It is certainly, a buzzing question with several possible solutions. A variety of factors led to the Windows update being stuck. This problem affects all Windows versions, not just Windows 10. A significant cause of Windows updates stuck at 27% is software incompatibility. Even a known problem stuck a Windows update to fail. This type of predicted problem occurs exclusively during Windows upgrades. On the other hand, Microsoft is sometimes accountable for a bug in Windows updates.

How Can You Tell If Your Windows Update Is Stuck?

Before learning to fix it, Windows users must ensure that their Windows update is stuck. This is because updating Windows takes some time. One should only shut down the PC throughout the process, but if something appears on the screen for 3 hours after setting it for an update, your Windows update is likely stuck. According to statistics, 3 hours is a suitable time to wait before beginning the fixation process.

How To Easily Fix Windows Update Stuck At 27%?

Restart The Computer

Restarting your computer is one of the simplest methods to resolve this issue. First, you need to press the On/Off button. Then, your PC will continue to update, and installing the update will get quicker and smoother.

Turn Off Antivirus

You must turn off any software, including Windows Defender and third-party software, before installing the update since it causes Windows Update to get stuck at 27 percent. To turn on Windows Defender Firewall, follow these easy steps.

1 – Launch the Windows Defender Firewall.

2 – Choose the ‘Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off’ button.

3 – A page titled Customize Settings will appear. Choose the ‘Turn off Windows Defender Firewall’ option.

Windows Update Stuck

4 – Click ‘Ok.’

Hard Reboot

If it has been prolonged and you observe no movement in your computer, the best alternative to attempt is a hard reboot. First, for 30 seconds, hold down the power button. Then, to start your computer, press it again. This method is highly successful when a Windows update is stuck at 27 percent.

Free Some Space

Freeing up hard disk space often resolves the ‘Windows update stuck at 27%’ problem. Follow the steps outlined below.

1 – Type’ Control Panel’ into the search box.

2 – Choose ‘Programs and Features. 

3 – Right-click on the program you want to remove and select Uninstall.

Windows Update Stuck

4 – After making your process, follow the on-screen instructions.

Press Ctrl + Alt + Del

If the Windows update installation becomes stuck at any point, press Ctrl + Alt + Del simultaneously. It will open you to your login screen. Log in to your computer and ensure your update is proceeding as planned.

Windows Update Utility

Windows 10 lets you see the update page, which displays any issues with the update. If there is a problem, Windows will make this determination and may urge you to apply the update later. To test this, follow the steps below.

1 – Launch the ‘Settings’ app. 

2 – Select ‘Update & Security. 

3 – In this step, you will see whether there is an issue with the update.

Windows Update Stuck

Launch In Safe Mode

Selecting Safe Mode to start Windows is another excellent approach to eliminate the possibility of an update being stuck. The Windows special diagnostic mode will only enable the essential services or drivers to be loaded.


The Windows update troubleshooter looks for and resolves any problems that may arise during the update installation process. As a result, it’s one of the simplest solutions to the Windows update stuck at 27 percent problem. To start using this feature, start these easy steps:

1 – Navigate to the Windows search and type ‘troubleshoot’ to open the troubleshooter settings.

Windows Update Stuck

2 – Locate the ‘get up and running’ option, then click ‘Windows update.’

3 – Next, select ‘run the troubleshooter option.’

It is a safe and simple approach to fix Windows update troubles. However, you should wait until the troubleshooter resolves the issues that are causing your Windows update to make.

Remove Software Distribution Files

If the problem remains after running the troubleshooter, you must access the system settings. Before removing data from software distribution, make a system backup.

1 – In the search box, type ‘cmd,’ then click ‘open as administrator.’

2 – Enter two commands to terminate two Windows services: ‘Windows update service’ and ‘Background Intelligent Transfer Service.’ Input the command “net stop Wuauserv” and press enter. Then type “net stop bits” and press enters one more.

3 – After inputting the commands and pressing the enter key, you must remove the files from the software distribution. Enter the folder titled

“C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution,” And then select all the files and click OK to remove them. Next, you should restart your computer and repeat the process.

4 – You have now erased all temporary files. Restart the computer to view the Windows update. Click that and sit back to relax as Windows updates.

System Restore

System restore is great for fixing the ‘Windows update stuck at 27%’ problem. However, this should not be your first step. If none of the other approaches work, go to this step.

1 – Go to the search and enter ‘system restore.’ Launch ‘create a system restore point’ to ‘system protection.’ 

2 – Choose the best restoration point for you from the list of suggested restoration points.

3 – Finally, restart your computer.


How To Easily Fix A Windows 10 Update?

You may restart your computer to resolve an update problem. That is the simplest method. However, if restarting does not solve the problem, do a hard reboot.

How Can You Determine If A Windows Update Has Been Stuck?

If nothing shows on the screen after 3 hours, the Windows update has been stuck.

Why Does Windows 10 Update Get Stuck At 27%?

It occurs only when an update is installed owing to a software clash or a predefined problem.

The Bottom Line:

Windows updates are required to fix issues, enable new and sophisticated capabilities, and make updates to your system. So don’t be concerned if Windows updates are stuck at 27%! “Where there is a will, there is a way,” as the saying goes. Try each advised step to fix the update problem and make the update installation quick and straightforward.

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