12+ Best Wiki Hosting Services You Can Try

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Wiki Hosting Services You Can Try: To continue accessing it, few are ready to dial a number and make a phone call. They expect to find the solution immediately, which is why you need a knowledge base. A wiki-created knowledgebase may improve client satisfaction while also assisting your team in better organizing critical content. For those unfamiliar with “wiki,” it is a server program/website that allows users to collaborate and arrange content effectively. You may create something similar to Wikipedia for your business. You can use a hosted (SaaS) or self-hosted wiki platform, but I prefer the former. This is why.

There’s No Need To Sweat About Getting Things Set Up

If you’ve ever started anything from scratch, you understand how difficult it is. First, you’d have to learn to set up everything correctly using a self-hosted wiki solution. A hosted solution, on the other hand, will arrive pre-built with everything you need, so there is nothing you need to set up.

Saves Time And Energy

It’s an undeniable reality that building anything from scratch takes much longer than having it ready to go. With a hosted solution, you can skip the time-consuming setup and maintenance and get right to utilize the platform. The positive side is that you can utilize your spare time to accomplish something helpful for your business.

Bug Fixes And New Updates

You’d have to handle your updating and problem fixing using a self-hosted wiki solution. A hosted solution, on the other hand, takes care of everything. The only bit you have to do is utilize the platform and perhaps modify things here and there to match your business style better. That’s all. Let’s look at the wiki hosting platforms listed below.

12+ Best Wiki Hosting Services

Wiki Hosting Services you can try.

1. Document360

Document360 is an excellent internal wiki tool that enables teams to interact, share, monitor, and manage all corporate knowledge in one location. It’s an ideal platform for hosting your wiki and simply sharing and editing information on how-to manuals, corporate rules and procedures, training documents, process documentation, onboarding, and other workplace documents. You may also brand the wiki with your logo and other identifying information.

2. DokuWiki

Kamatera is nice in this case, providing DokuWiki hosting for a 30-day free trial. It’s a PHP-based wiki platform that may be used without a database. This open-source software works with plain text files, and its syntax is almost equal to that of MediaWiki, which is fantastic. After the free trial period, you may choose a premium plan based on your needs.

3. A2Hosting

Well, another well-known hosting provider, A2Hosting’s wiki solution, can form you in establishing your preferred wiki platform, such as MediaWiki, DokuWiki, or TikiWiki. This wiki hosting provider is well-known for its lightning-fast servers, as they understand that even a second delay in loading time may affect your bounce rate. They’re also rather cheap in comparison to other Wiki hosting companies. So it’s worth a look.

4. Vultr

It just takes one click to install Mediawiki on Vultr, the open-source software that runs Wikipedia. Without being a web designer, this adaptable app may assist you in creating collaborative content for a knowledge base, documentation area, or even news portals. In addition, because of its 17 data center locations, Mediawiki may be deployed internationally. It’s also worth noting that their API and control panel are very important to use, allowing you to spend less time maintaining infrastructure and more time developing.

5. XWiki

You don’t have to worry about hosting, upgrades, maintenance, or backups with XWiki’s cloud hosting. They are in the care of everything. You may begin with their most basic plan and gradually increase as your needs grow. Some of the biggest names, such as Amazon, utilize XWiki.

6. Zoho Wiki

Zoho Wiki is ideal if you have extremely precise and specialized demands for your team. It makes team knowledge management a snap. Zoho Wiki allows you to create workspaces and pages, assign users tasks, and customize the portal to your specifications. Overall, you can easily create a knowledge base, encrypt your content, match your brand, and utilize their comprehensive editor to create content and numerous widgets.

7. Archbee

Archbee, used by firms such as Portfolio Box and ColorElephant, offers many fascinating and helpful features that will only make your business communication smoother. Unfortunately, their editor is similar to Slab’s, preventing several members from saving the same file.

8. Nuclino

If you put much on productivity, Nuclino may be precisely what you’re searching for. Their corporate wiki makes it very simple and convenient to access documents and information from a single platform. In addition, Nuclino, like any other wiki platform, uses internal linkages to connect knowledge across all team members. As a result, it is superior to having several folders, files, or documents spread.

9. Notion For Wikis

Notion for Wikis, which is compatible with Mac, Windows, mobile devices, and the web, is another excellent choice for teams and individuals. You can save anything for convenient access, including documents, notes, objectives, or workplace procedures. Using their drag-and-drop editor, you can quickly add files, multimedia, and much more. This service is ideal for everybody and everyone since no technical knowledge is required. The same is true for their cooperation section. You may leave comments, name members, share files, and even gather everyone to discuss important details.

10. Confluence

Atlassian’s Confluence can let you form a team and collaborate efficiently. You may use it to create a super-easy knowledge base for your team to find answers under one roof. You may create meeting notes and project plans and set up your fully functioning workplace. In exchange, your team may make announcements and solicit input from the whole group. This contributes to the validation of worthwhile ideas and thoughts. One of the things I enjoy most about this service is that it provides templates for nearly any function. You are not required to create and share anything from the start. Utilize the templates, put up your information, and you’re ready to go. Confluence is utilized by nearly 40,000 clients, including Audi, Hubspot, and Blend.

11. AllAnswered

AllAnswered is the name of a mind-boggling all-in-one knowledge management system. With their service, it answers all of your queries. You may combine the power of a community, wiki, Q&A section, and workflow into a single solution. What’s more, the finest part? You may obtain access to all of them for a single low payment. To summarise, you may use their artificial intelligence to share knowledge, host questions and answers, create fresh and updated information, and save a tonne of time. You may use their free trial before committing to their premium subscription.

12. Papyrs

Papyrs is another service that provides a drag & drop editor and is difficult to surpass on our list. It’s safe to conclude that their features are meticulously created to compete with other services since they offer virtually everything you could want. You may drag notes, files, documents, forms, and other objects to your members by dragging and dropping them. At the end of the day, you may easily examine results and assess your workflow. In addition, their search option is a useful tool for locating your files and accessing them anytime. Overall, there’s too much to it, and you can test them all out for free for 15 days.

13. Slab

Slab allows you to arrange your content and put the most important pieces to the top for quick access. Team members may remark, create new content, and have conversations in real-time. The WYSIWYG editor is a wonderful feature worth mentioning. It not only identifies duplicate content but also prevents the generation of more copies by mistake, even if two separate members push “save” simultaneously. Slab leaves very little room for mistakes. With its search tool, you can rapidly find important data and integrate several third-party apps for feature development.

14. Kipwise

Kipwise takes communication to the next level by integrating with Slack. Their rapid search option allows you to find needed items while speaking or responding to a ticket, saving you significant time.

15. SlimWiki

SlimWiki stands out from the rest because they pay close attention to design and user experience, allowing you to focus more on business. When we hear the term “wiki,” we usually envision a dull image. SlimWiki, on the other case, is not one of them. They offer a gorgeous layout and typography that may significantly boost member productivity. Not only that, but you can also share files and check the history of page edits. There’s nothing to worry about since all of your data is kept safe and confidential. SlimWiki is compatible with both mobile and desktop devices.

The Bottom Line: Wiki Hosting Services

I hope the following list of Wiki hosting solutions helps you determine what is ideal for your company. Some of them include full-fledged collaborative systems, while others do not. You will quickly find your match based on your needs. You may also look at self-hosted wiki software to see if it works.

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