Which controller to choose for an RPG fan for PS4 or PS5?

Which controller to choose for an RPG fan for PS4 or PS5?

Are you a fan of console gaming? Are you interested in conquering new worlds? Do you love traditional RPGs but now want to try your hand at console gaming, but aren’t sure which accessories are best suited to PlayStation 4 or 5?  Luckily for you, the experts at AimControllers and I have tested hundreds of options, selected the best features and customisation possibilities so we can confidently recommend the best RPG controllers for PlayStation 4 and PS5. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves; first we are going to take a look at what RPGs are all about and what controller features are most important to RPG gameplay.

What are RPGs?

The first computer role-playing games were developed in the 1970s, inspired mainly by traditional role-playing games. A computer or console role-playing game is a genre of computer games in which the player controls a protagonist or team, moving through a usually fictional world. Often the player creates their own character, defining its characteristics and appearance. During the course of the game, NPCs can be helped and enemies can be killed, allowing the player to level up and gain new skills.

What features are important for PS5 or PS4 controllers for fans of RPG games?

RPGs tend to have a complex and dynamic interaction system defined and elaborated between the character of the player and the world in which the person is immersed. Here, it involves interaction with the world’s environment, as well as other non-character defined players in setting.  Role-playing video games usually follow a highly developed story and set-up that is split into a series of tasks or levels. Players control one or more characters by giving commands, which are then executed by the players’ persona according to their predefined capabilities. As we know, RPGs require a lot of strategic skill and dedication, as well as a lot of time spent on individual machinations. So if you’re wondering which controller to choose for PS4 or PS5 for fans of RPG games, firstly think about its ergonomics. It may seem trivial on the surface, but any RPG fan will tell you how important comfort is during long hours of gaming. Another consideration is the additional features of the controller, such as Smart Triggers and Bumpers, which will not only enhance your gaming experience, but will also help you to better customize the controller to your preferences and the requirements of a particular game.

Which controller to choose for an RPG fan for PS4 or PS5?

When faced with the choice of which PS5 or PS4 controllers for fans of RPG games, you first need to consider your preferences and the time you spend playing. The first point is the ergonomics of the controller and how it fits in your hands. Both the PS4 and PS5 controllers may be perfectly suited to RPG gaming in terms of features and visuals, but not everyone will be comfortable when playing for hours on end. The best option for PS5 or PS4 controllers for fans of RPG games would be a controller that is customisable and adaptable to specific gaming conditions. By opting for personalized controllers you can add functionality such as smart triggers, which makes your reaction time faster if you have for example a sword to hit mobs with under r2. Additionally, if you use paddles you can assign any button to it and e.g. pick potions for life and mana reducing your reaction time to a minimum, but if this is not enough you can also visually match it to your favourite game e.g. by choosing the right colours or adding a logo on your controller or your nickname. In conclusion, the best PS5 and PS4 controllers for fans of RPG games are those that you can customise to your own capabilities and requirements. A great example of this type of controllers are the latest models from the AimControllers collection, which are ergonomic, comfortable and also offer a wide range of customisation options – you can adjust to your preferences not only the general functions, but literally design your own controller, assign functions to individual keys and take care of the aesthetic layer.

Best PS5 and PS4 controllers for fans of RPG games – a summary

In conclusion, when choosing PS5 or PS4 controllers for fans of RPG games, take into account its weightlessness, the way it fits in your hand, and its customization features. A controller chosen based on these factors will be comfortable and help improve your gaming performance. Additional functions will give you an edge over your opponents and allow you to play for long periods of time without feeling fatigued, because the best PS5 or PS4 controllers for fans of RPG games are those that allow you to play comfortably and stress-free for long periods of time.

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