What Are The Benefits Of Printing Business Stationery?


When you are sending out an email, you think about including your branding in the signature. So, why not do the same with your print communication?

Every printed material that your brand sends out is a reflection of how you want your audience to view your brand. One of the ideal ways to make a great impression is through branded business stationery.

Why every business should understand the benefits of printing business stationery

Consistent Branding

Whether it is a note or a business letter, any type of communication sent out from your brand should be easily recognised by your audience. For instance, every letter you send out should be printed on a branded letterhead along with your brand logo and other relevant contact details. This is very similar to an email signature or people visiting your website. It is important that this design matches your business cards, official letters, banners or even the pavement board outside your office. Consistency is key in branding and instantly allows people to connect with your brand as everyone likes consistent brands.

Show that it matters to you

It is evident that after investing a lot of time, efforts and money, the business matters to you. By going above and beyond (details) in daily communication is the ideal way to show your customers that you really love your business and care deeply about it.

Because, a business card is not just a piece of paper but it is your brand’s identity and a crucial networking tool. It is also a movable object as you hand it out to prospects at events or even include it in their packaging. There are many cheap business cards uk based companies where you can get bespoke business cards for your company. Hence, it is important to ensure that people know how much you care about the business by investing a lot of time and efforts in the design.

Effortless Design

Business stationery design is pretty easy to do these days as there are various free templates available by print companies around the world. The question remains, what really needs to go on your business stationery design? A few elements are common to every business, like a logo and contact details of the company. As a means to contact you, you can include social media handles, web URLs or email addresses of the concerned person or team. Business letterheads for instance will need an innovative design and enough space to write your message. These tips are true even for other forms of printing like A4 booklet printing, A3 desk pad printing or A1 poster printing for business needs.

 Gives you a Professional Look

As a growing small business, your primary goal is to create a cracking first impression on your customers as well as the target audience. You can find plenty of people on a daily basis who are not aware of your business yet, so being remembered is essential to excel in your business. By designing your personalised business stationery, you are announcing to the world that you mean serious business. For instance, sending a document with your business letterhead shows that you give enough time and attention to your business communication. Additionally, it also makes the person feel special and in the process makes you look professional.

Ensures that clients have your details at all times

Irrespective of the kind of business stationery you are using, it is always important to include one thing: your contact name and details. For example, you can add your contact number and email address to business cards and your address on company letterheads along with your name. Just like any other form of print branding tools, the reason why business stationery is a hit is because of its solidarity. You can miss out an email or two everyday when there are so many emails coming in your inbox but an aesthetic piece of business stationery is difficult to miss. More often than not, clients will go back to it later to get your name and contact information.

Distinct Communication

As per the above point, it is very easy for someone to miss out on an email. According to recent research, an average employee receives more than 120+ emails per day. And if you are a CEO or a director of the company then you will see even more emails coming in. Sending back a thank you email to customers for their most recent order wouldn’t be acknowledged enough but a compliment slip from you will act as a token of appreciation. It will send out a message to your customer that they matter for you and your brand.


 Now, we hope that you have got enough motivation to plan your business stationery if you hadn’t thought about it in the past. What are you waiting for? You can start using free templates for business stationery and if you need any help then get in touch with a professional print agency for all your business stationery design and printing needs.

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