Want to Watch Family Guy on Netflix? Here’s How

Watch Family Guy on Netflix

Looked up Family Guy on Netflix and got hit with the dreaded “Lost your way?” error 404 page? Best case scenario, you realized that only several of the 19 seasons are licensed in your region. No worries; you can easily gain access to all the Family Guy seasons currently available on Netflix. How? By using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to watch all your favorite shows from the “correct” location, of course.

Don’t know which VPN provider to go with, or which country is the best choice to watch Family Guy on Netflix? Head on over and check out StreamCatcher to find out. You’ll get all the latest info about:

  • Where you can stream all seasons of Family Guy, as well as other TV shows and movies unavailable in your area.
  • Whether a show is featured in different languages (audio or subtitled), and the regions you can find them in.
  • VPN providers that Netflix hasn’t managed to block entirely – if you haven’t heard, streaming platforms like Netflix aren’t too keen on using VPNs to bypass geo-blocks.

More details on how all this stuff works down below.

How Do VPNs Even Work?

You might be wondering how VPNs let you watch shows like Family Guy (and others) that Netflix clearly doesn’t want you to access. Basically, VPNs assign a new IP address to the device you watch shows on, whether it’s your PC, tablet, smartphone, and so on.

Now, your IP discloses your real life location on the Internet. However, using a VPN allows you to trick services into unlocking content exclusive to other regions. Copyrighted YouTube videos, news articles, Netflix series, even other streaming platforms (e.g. BBC iPlayer to viewers outside the UK).

That’s not the end of it, though. High quality providers also use obfuscation techniques that disguise the fact that you’re using a VPN. To Netflix and co, your traffic appears as regular old HTTPS traffic, which most websites use nowadays.

This is one of the main qualities that put subscription-based VPNs one step above free ones. A free VPN may be able to change your IP address, but Netflix could still detect and filter out its traffic. That, and most free VPNs pose a serious privacy and security risk, but we won’t bore you with the details.

Where Is Family Guy Available On Netflix?

As a Family Guy fan with a Netflix account, the best place to be in right now is Canada. Use a VPN to change your virtual location to Canada and you’ll gain access to ten whole seasons of the show. More specifically, you can watch seasons 9 through 18. Unfortunately, the first eight seasons are still only available on Hulu due to licensing reasons.

We’re lucky that Family Guy is on Netflix at all, since the show completely vanished from the platform after they failed to renew their contract with Fox. Disney has since purchased 21st Century Fox, so that may have lead to the Griffin family returning to Netflix.

Now, season 19 is still airing at the time of writing, so it’ll be a while until you can stream it. Judging by the release schedule for the past two seasons, it’s expected to hit Netflix come September.

Can I Use a VPN to Watch Family Guy on Hulu?

If don’t reside in the US, the only way to stream shows on Hulu is with a VPN. Fortunately, most Netflix VPNs recommended by StreamCatcher also work on Hulu, so feel free to check those out. If they don’t for some reason, you can always ask for your money back thanks to their helpful 30 day money-back guarantees.

Of course, you also need some way to pay for your Hulu subscription, as they don’t accept payment methods from abroad. Hulu gift cards are a great option, though a virtual debit card (or a more permanent solution) is preferable. Otherwise, you run the risk of Hulu automatically cancelling your account the moment your gift card funds run out.

You could always buy the missing seasons off iTunes, Amazon, or other similar services. However, there’s always a chance that they could remove it from your library thanks to how licensing works. All in all, it’s probably best to stick to streaming Family Guy with a VPN.

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