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Best VR Games to Play 2023: Everyone desires to become a hero! People can now experience being Super-Heroes thanks to Virtual Reality. All they need to do is play one of the best VR games for Android. People can live out their fantasies by entering a new virtual world with only their smartphones and VR android games.

By simply interacting with stunning virtual locations and situations, android virtual reality games make ordinary lives more thrilling for a time. One does not require a desktop or laptop for this purpose. Your mobile device’s display can also provide the same simulation. Yes! You heard correctly. Only your smartphone is required to transfer you to the brand-new fantasy realm.

Virtual Reality games for Android provide a “real experience” within a virtual world. So, you’ve come to the correct place if you’re searching for the best Android VR games. However, there are so many excellent free VR games for Android that it is difficult to determine which ones are worth attempting. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best VR games for Android. Examine them below!

13 Best VR Games for Android [Latest 2023 Updated]

Best VR Games for Android without controller: We recommend purchasing a mobile VR headset if you still need to try playing VR phone games. Once engaged, virtual reality (VR) games on mobile devices can be addicting and engaging. Therefore, we advise playing these top mobile VR games or best VR games Android free with moderation.

1. Sisters – Best Horror Android VR Game

Horror is one of the most popular game genres, and ‘Sisters’ undoubtedly deserves its position as one of the top VR games for Android. This VR Android game enables users to witness the unfolding of dread around them. The gameplay is intuitive, with easy-to-use controls, vivid 360-degree images, and better audio.

Can you image how difficult it would be to survive if someone or something refused to tolerate your presence? So be careful where you look and what you do in this Android 360 VR game. Have a terrifying time playing games!

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In VR games, collecting trophies is always entertaining, and BAMF is a VR platforming game. There is neither jumping nor running, only teleporting. So you will have to explore, get lost in mazes, and overcome time constraints.

As it is now compatible with screen-tapping, Bluetooth/USB controllers, and magnetic switches, it makes the list of the top free VR games for Android. However, it is a virtual reality game for Android that requires a smartphone compatible with Google Cardboard. We recommend playing this 360-degree virtual reality game for Android while seated on a swivel chair or standing up, as this supports 360-degree turns.

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3. Eclipse: Edge Of Light

If we talk about the popular and best VR Games to Download on Android Devices (2023), Eclipse: Edge of Light is one of the top mobile VR games in which players crash-lands on a sentient planet. You awaken to find an alien marvel armed with an artifact that reveals the planet’s past destruction and reveals the key to survival.

In this free VR game for Android, you can explore ancient ruins while armed with a jetpack. You will also uncover the planet’s fascinating history and face formidable obstacles. The game assignment lasts more than three hours and keeps you engaged throughout.

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4. VR Wrong Voyage

This best free VR game for Android, VR Wrong Voyage, proclaims that sometimes wrong turns are the best. Team Fguillotine’s Cardboard game is an FPS/puzzle hybrid Android virtual reality game with a retro aesthetic. Google Cardboard is compatible with FreeFly VR, Archos VR, MIRVirtality, and Dive VR.

This fantastic VR Android game requires a Bluetooth gamepad and a Virtual Reality HMD such as Google Cardboard. You see a bizarre environment because you encounter old architecture and modern technologies. Becoming stranded or lost in a mysterious location may constitute your best gaming experience.

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5. Whispering Eons

Whispering Eons is one of the top Google Cardboard VR games for Android. With this VR smartphone game, you don’t simply experience the tale; you live it. The Whispering Eons features engaging puzzles and breathtaking settings.

Ryan Condrad, a cyberhero, supports you in exploring his planet Gaea. As you interact with a few non-player characters, the encounter appears authentic. A plus is hypnotic music that accompanies this virtual adventure.

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6. Proton Pulse Google Cardboard

If we talk about the best Google Cardboard Games For Android & iOS in 2023, It’s one of the most popular and greatest phone VR games, with over 50 levels to traverse and the well-known M.O.A.I. to defeat. Proton Pulse Google Cardboard provides a unique perspective on the 3D arcade brick-breaking virtual reality game for Android known as Proton Pulse.

The name of the entity is M.O.A.

Now that I have attacked, you must preserve the world. You have been selected to participate in a game of atomic paddleball. You must direct the proton with your paddle to complete the M.O.A.I core. The proton is an enormously powerful energy ball.

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7. Gravity Pull – Android VR Puzzle Game

If you enjoy moving as you play, try out Gravity, the ideal VR game for Android. In this virtual reality (VR) mobile game, you must use your head and legs to walk or even jog. Ensure that you have sufficient space to play this top mobile VR game.

The Gravity Pull is developed for Google Cardboard and Daydream and allows you to solve 16 physically challenging puzzles by strategically placing cubes on door switches. We suggested playing the Android virtual reality game with a Cardboard V2 headset with capacitive touch buttons.

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8. VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 360

Next in our list of the highly-rated Best VR Games On Mobile is VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 360. Roller coaster rides have been the most popular and tried-and-true attractions in the gaming zone. Therefore, the Roller Coaster virtual reality game for Android allows you to experience a 3D fantasy ride with varying levels of adventure and thrill.

Moreover, it is one of the best VR games for Android, as roller coasters will always be popular. If your device lacks a gyroscope sensor, you can rotate the view by tilting your head left or right. The 360-degree video rides were created using footage, making this roller coaster simulation extremely realistic.

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9. InMind VR 2 – A Scientific Brain Quest

Everyone desires to become an astronaut, a time traveler, or a superhero. As a virtual reality (VR) phone game, InMind 2 provides an unparalleled experience mixing pleasure and study. Consequently, it is an action/arcade VR Android game with educational goals.

It influences your desire to emulate a person you admire. In addition, the game provides a “brain experience” that tests your talents, such as decision-making and overcoming obstacles. This Android VR is inspired by the Disney film “Inside Out” and focuses on the chemistry behind human emotions.

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10. Minos Starfighter VR Game

Are you still seeking the top-notch best mobile VR games with controller in 2023? In the Android game Minos Starfighter VR, players navigate space while overcoming severe obstacles. To play this VR Android game, however, you must confirm that your phone is compatible with the Google Cardboard app, as it was designed specifically for Google Cardboard-style VR headsets.

Minos Starfighter is a first-person space-shooter arcade game with triple AAA graphics. Additionally, it has unbroken gameplay with waves of foes that become progressively more difficult. Therefore, prepare to dash through the stars.

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11. VR Fantasy

One of the best mobile VR games gives you the sensation of being a knight in dazzling armor. In this fantasy virtual reality game for Android, you explore the dungeons of an old castle and fight with your sword.

A Virtual Reality viewer, such as Google Cardboard, is required to play a fantasy VR Android game. You can demonstrate your proficiency with ancient combat weapons such as the sword, axe, and a powerful magic staff that enables you to shoot fireballs.

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12. Hidden Temple VR Adventures

Unleash your inner treasure seeker in the thickest jungles! The Hidden Temple VR mobile game features a mystery, treasures, and a thrilling journey. Therefore, this Android virtual reality game is the most popular across all age groups.

This virtual reality smartphone game is a conventional point-and-click adventure in which you must collect and combine objects to solve puzzles. You will discover hidden chambers, passageways, and locations and a hidden gold and gem treasure. The Hidden Temple is best played with a virtual reality (VR) headset that offers a 360-degree view and a fantastic gaming experience!

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13. VR Noir

Consider playing this Android VR game, VR Noir, if you find comfort in the familiar. VR Noir, in which you play Veronica Coltrane, a private detective obliged to do a job for money, is a game that has been around for a while but worth playing.

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It is one of the best mobile VR games, with a fantastic plot and engaging gameplay. However, this virtual reality (VR) game requires Google Cardboard. Therefore, if you are interested in investing in items and drawing reliable conclusions regarding instances, this game is for you.

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Conclusion – Best VR Games

With technologies such as Cardboard, Google is the leader in VR games for mobile phones. Start with the Cardboard and Daydream apps for the greatest mobile VR experience if you want to play the top free VR games for Android that are currently available.

To find the top Android VR games, however, the future will surprise you. Although virtual reality technology is still in its infancy, it is becoming increasingly popular. Therefore, prepare for what follows.

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