Visio For Mac – Microsoft Visio Alternative For Mac Free


Microsoft Visio is the most capable of diagramming. It’s indeed the first choice of amateurs and professionals as it’s bundled with the Ms Office Suite. If you are a Mac user, you will not find Visio in Office. But for you, there is numerous third-party software for diagramming. Some software will provide you with a similar experience to Visio, and some will have their unique features. Check out the list of best Visio alternatives for Mac system.

Visio For Mac – Microsoft Visio Alternative For Mac Free

Here’s the list of best Microsoft Visio Alternative For Mac Free.



A list of best Visio alternatives for Mac is incomplete without including OmniGraffle. OmniGraffle is such a superior among all the software for a graphing and diagramming, why is it on number 5? Because of the price of OmniGraffle pro – which is $200.

But the price is worth paying for all the advanced features. From creating UML diagrams to wireframes, you can design anything using OmniGraffle. As the software is available for both OS X and iOS, you can use Apple Pencil to work freely. OmniGraffle offers the best services from the interface to customer support. If you are looking for the best and most potent tool, spend on OmniGraffle. Give a 14 days free trial to change your mind.



Indeed, Gliffy helps you to get your work done with its unique features. The interface of the Gliffy offers a great user-experience by reducing all obstacles and distractions. The plus point of the Gliffy is that it works on HTML rather than any other specific software. This feature makes it available for all browsers.

It also has Google drive integration, numerous templates, and support for Visio format files. What makes Gliffy different than other software? It has a Wikia plugin that provides inbuilt diagrams for the Chrome application and Wiki. You can use these diagrams while working offline. You can also try the free version of the Gliffy.



Creately is the last alternative of Visio for your Mac. It’s a good option for a quick flow chart but doesn’t offer advanced features like Lucidchart or Cacoo. The interface of the Creately makes your user experience pleasurable. The interface is well designed and neat. It provides features like automatic snapping, templates, shapes, guidelines, and everything you can expect from the diagramming tool.

Creately offers a free version, and you don’t even have to log in (if you are doing the one-time project). Besides this, Creately depends on Flash to run.



Lucidchart is the primary choice not for only Mac devices but all the platforms. The diagramming web-based capability of Lucidchart makes it relatively easy to use on any platform. Lucidchart has enough features to meet the needs of both beginners and professionals. It supports importing Visio files to make sure you have compatibility while using two platforms. It offers you both choices whether to begin your work on the blank page or select any template to take off from the ground. After completing the project, you can export files in different formats, including Visio-Compatible VDX files.

Lucidchart offers a free trial; any user can use a limited version while business and high-end users can purchase the premium version. The package of online tools and cost-effective tools makes Lucidchart the first option of best Visio alternatives for Mac. Check out the link given below to know more about the Lucidchart.

Concept Draw Pro


The concept is another great diagramming tool for Windows and OS X. It gives a tough competition to both the Visio and OmniGraffle. The conversion from graphs or diagrams to presentation makes the Concept Draw Pro unique.

Moreover, it supports the Visio format files and works with the Visio library for seamless operation (available for Windows). ConceptDraw Pro is also a costly affair.

Día Diagram Editor


Día Diagram Editor is your tool for looking for a free and powerful graphing and diagramming tool for your Mac. With its outmoded interface, Dia offers some advanced features that usually come with underpaid services.

It provides features like import and export in various formats, expands abilities with new plugins, charting, precision, and many more. Dia carries a learning curve. Dia depends on XQuartz to run, which can make it annoying to use.

yEd Graph Editor


The yED Graph Editor acquires a good position when we talk about powerful software for features like flow charts, family trees, mapping, and many more. It has a better interface compared to Dia but doesn’t provide advanced features. It doesn’t offer support to the Visio files for both importing and exporting. Even after such shortcomings, the software can import graphing data from Microsoft Excel files.

You can download the application for free with numerous diagramming abilities.



Cacoo is one of the powerful diagramming and graphing tools. This tool software offers numerous tools. Cacoo has a cartoonish interface, but it provides additional templates to all imaginable categories in the store. The features like collaboration, import/export in different formats, and unique “Cacoo ninja” tools make the software better.

It also offers freemium with few limitations. Suppose you are looking for a good Visio alternative for different platforms (including Mac), try Cacoo. The paid version is also affordable. It’s available for the web.



The Pencil is a free software to use. First thing first, Pencil doesn’t support Visio format files directly. It’s a tremendous wireframing tool and shows its real strength as it offers a vast hub of shapes and artwork to help you in diagramming. It indeed has limited templates.

It offers several editing and formatting options that help you in all the aspects of flow charts, diagrams, or wireframes. The software is small and doesn’t need installation on your Mac. It’s the best choice if you are looking for software to work offline. 



Technically, Draw is not a diagramming or graphing tool. It’s a part of the Libre Office suite. It doesn’t help the user make professional-grade drawings and offers powerful wireframes, UML diagrams, or flow charts. However, it doesn’t support Visio format files.

You can’t call Draw a graphing application, but its free version makes it worthy. If you are looking for just a diagramming tool on your Mac, you can give it a try.

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Final Words:

Hope the above software will provide you with a tremendous diagramming and graphing experience in your Mac system.

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