10 Best Video Editing Software for Android and iPhone

Video Editing Softwares are essential in today’s world, where video-based web media is king. In the year 2020, at least 70% of the content Internet users will be in the form of video. Having the best Video Editing Software is necessary for making high-quality vids that cannot be overlooked. The best Video Editing Software for iOS and Android are better than the standard ones included with smartphones.

Thankfully, there are tons of great free or inexpensive mobile Video Editing Software that you can use to create professional-looking videos on your phone or tablet.

Best Video Editing Software for Android and iPhone

Here are Ten the best Video Editing Software that can be used on Android, iPhone, and Windows mobile devices.

1. Pinnacle Studio
2. Splice
3. Adobe Premiere Clip
4.  Quik
5. Magisto
6.  Kinemaster
7. PowerDirector
8. Movie Edit Touch
9. LumaFX
10. iMOVIE

Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is one of the most useful apps for the iPhone to edit videos that have to do with it is the state of the art features. At the heart of this specific Video Editing Software includes title 3D animations, motions, and graphics, picture-in-picture effects, pan, and zoom.

The app has a vast array of audio capabilities that will allow users to trim and dub audio and create multiple tracks and voices to offer specific sections of the video. Users will also be treated to full-screen video playback, creating professional-quality titles and graphics and the ability to quickly share videos over social media networks and different video channels.

DOWNLOAD : iOS, Android


Splice is an essential movie editor software application for Android and iPhone. It is simple to use and has excellent features. There is speed control, narration, animation, and text overlays. A user can quickly put together a video with Splice and make a dynamic and intriguing video picture for others to see. Splice even permits users to cut and trim video whenever the need arises. Splice is one of the excellent Video Editing Software in the market.

DOWNLOAD : iOS & Android

Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe is one of the great media editor software makers in the market. Adobe Premiere Clip editing products are considered some of the best in the business, and this is true for their Video Editing Software. Premiere Clip is an excellent tool for making high-quality home films and videos.

This free editing video app for both Android and iOS features lighting features, sound mixing on multiple tracks, automatic video creation, and photo motion. The easy to use interface favors movie creators to make their video within minutes. This is the best Video Editing Software for people who want to make high-quality videos in a short amount of time.

DOWNLOAD : iOS & Android


Quik is another Video Editing Software for iPhone and Android that gives amateur moviemakers the ability to make good films within a short time. Quik Users can quickly analyze their pics and video to find the best moments from their collection. Quik free editing app also can examine faces and colors to frame each photo or clip perfectly.

Other characteristics of this software include 28 open video styles, carefully designed graphics and transitions, and adjustments for filters. People can easily record photos, adjust picture focal points, even add emojis and trim videos. Soundtracks with 90 free songs, cloud importing abilities, and also automatically sync transition with the beats. This is a useful Video Editing Software for people who need or want to create excellent family feature films and videos.

DOWNLOAD : iOS & Android


Magisto can transform a user’s Images into music videos and other great media presentations. Magisto movie making software is flexible and has lots of best features. A person can automatically upload their video and photos, and Magistro will sync them to music.

Video collages can be made from this app, and people can create some exciting video loaded with special effects, credits, and titles. Magistro is specifically designed to combine audio and videos into one prominent feature.

DOWNLOAD : iOS & Android


Kinemaster is another of the best apps for editing video for Android. This movie making the application has features that resemble the type of editing App that can be found in a Hollywood mixing studio. It allows users to take advantage of different layers, color LUT Filter, and precise trimming and cutting.

The best things are that this video recorder app has to offer its audio features. Users have precise volume envelope control, multi-track audio, and 3D transition. The 3D changes will allow users to have some significant effects on their clips or films. Other features include instant preview mode, fade in/fade out sound effects, and speed control for video clips.

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Power Editor is a highly-advanced Video Editing Software that allows users to splice apps, arrange clips, and add titles. Android’s Video Editing Software also comes with a timeline feature, video effects, transitions, and voice-over capabilities. A user will have to pay the Amount to get rid of watermarks, and they will also be able to export material at 1080p. This is the best movie editing app for video.

DOWNLOAD : Android

Movie Edit Touch

Microsoft’s Movie Edit Touch is all about ease of use and convenience. Movie Edit Touch-free Video Editing Software for Windows phone permits users to make movies from their video clips quickly and to get them onto the internet in as little time as possible.

The feature does not take a long time to learn, and a person can record a video and upload it online in a matter of moments. Movie Edit Touch has pure audio, splicing, and special effects to help beginner video editors have their home movies up and running.

DOWNLOAD : Window Ph


LumaFX is the best editing app for iOS because it lets users adjust pictures and correct mistakes during the recording process. LumaFX can reorient and rotate footage and adapt speed and aspect ratios. LumaFX Video Editing Software is great for making short clips and videos that are quirky, fun, and unusual. The app provides users to add layers, the ability to control lighting and color corrections.

The special effects of LumaFX are significant because users can make their pictures blurry, distorted, and Kaleidoscope, Circle Splash modes, and Vortex. LumaFX is a great Video Editing Software for people that want to make some unique and original home-based movies.



This is the Best Free Video Editing Software for iOS on the market today. People can use the iMovie app to make Hollywood like movie productions. It can make great trailers from trailer templates, credits, and studio cast, like a real Hollywood production, and a person will be able to animated drop zones for Video clips.

All of these great features will permit people to make high-quality productions: 3D capabilities, movie themes, transitions, and much more. Help to make this one an excellent app for video.


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These Video Editing Software give you the possibility of trimming your videos, adding filters, and even putting short movies on your phone or tablet. So try out these apps, identify the best one for you, and start editing your Favorite Videos!

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