Types of Image File

Types of Image File

There are many types of image files but the most commonly used are PNG and JPG. Users can use any of these image files according to their needs and requirements of the specific task. You can go through the below lines to know what types of image files are available and what their common uses are.

  • JPG or JPEG

JPG or JPEG are the same. This type of image file can reduce the size of the large images into smaller ones. The process of reducing image size is called compression.  Unfortunately, JPG files lose image quality after the compression. This is because of the lossy compressions that are used by the JPG images. JPG image files can be helpful for the following users.

  1. Users who have lesser space on the hard drive
  2. People who are building websites

A JPG image does not take too much time while loading a website because of the small size of the image.

  • PNG

A PNG image file is like a JPG file because it can also reduce or compress an image. The difference between PNG and JPG is that PNG image is large than JPG. That is why PNG image retains a quality of image with high resolution after compression. The PNG files use lossless compressions. These types of compressions don’t involve the permanent deletion of information needed to maintain high resolution and quality. PNG is used by image quality-conscious users and also those who have storage space on the hard drive.  PNG is also a good choice for the placement of the logo in the company. Photographers also use PNG for their product photography.

  • TIFF

These are tagged image formats and have large image sizes with optimal quality. The TIFF is preferred by privacy-conscious users, for example, historical records, data that a company wants to be unaltered and stored. TIFF data is hard to change or corrupt.

  • NEF

These types of image files are used for the pictures taken by the Nikon camera. NEF is a raw image which means it stores an image with all its originalities.

  • Al

Al is an Adobe illustrator file extension. It maintains qualities of images either reduce or expanded. Al is a vector graphic.

  • ORF

It is an Olympus raw image file which means it retains the original quality of the image. Its use is related to a specific type of camera called the Olympus camera.

  • INDD

It is an Adobe InDesign file extension. It is used for the creation of project designs and is also helpful for holding layouts in magazines, broachers, and books.

  • PSD

It is an official image file for Adobe’s Photoshop program. It can store layers of the image that can be re-edited if necessary. Many images can be kept in a single file while using PSD.

  • CR2 image Files

CR 2 image files are used for the image taken by a specific camera called Canon. CR 2 image file requires large storage space as it has high-quality images.

  • EPS

It is one of the most transparent file types and allows descriptions of file allowing a user to view image and detail without accessing.

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to change PNG files to JPG files depending upon the needs of the user. This conversion is possible in many ways like help from operating systems, browsers, and online tools. If you want to use a PNG to JPG converting program then visit this site.

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