9 Best Online Triathlon Training Plans & Programs

Triathlon Training

A triathlon combines three sports: swimming, cycling, and running. Because the three sports are frequently done over long distances, it is arguably one of the most difficult and lasting athletic activities. Furthermore, there are few pauses in between, which may make a triathlon even more difficult. However, even though triathlon is a demanding sport, you may succeed and cross the finish line. All you want is a dependable training plan. Try these triathlon training plans to ensure you’re well-prepared, whether tackling your first triathlon or simply getting ready for your next race.

Best Online Triathlon Training Plans & Programs

The best Best Online Triathlon Training Plans & Programs are listed here. So, let’s look at the list.

1. Marathon Handbook

Triathlon Training

Marathon Handbook is the go-to internet platform for many training regimens. It focuses on four primary topics: walking, hiking, weight reduction, and triathlon. Do you wish to complete your first triathlon successfully? Try the Ironman training plan for 20 weeks. Are you taking part in your first Olympic triathlon? There is a terrific 16-week plan that makes completing this arduous event simple. You may also download the blueprints in miles and kilometers and some supplementary guiding notes. Marathon Handbook, on the other hand, offers insightful gear evaluations and useful dietary guidelines.

2. 220 Triathlon

Triathlon Training

The 220 Triathlon website has everything you might need to prepare for your next race, such as a triathlon forum, gear, news, and numerous training regimens. Of course, the training regimens vary depending on your skill level, objectives, and time constraints, but you’re likely to find one that works for you. For instance, if you want to complete your first Olympic distance triathlon, 220 Triathlon offers a three-month beginning training plan and a six-month beginner training plan. To begin, choose your training plan, click the download option, and then save or print your plan.


Triathlon Training

SHAPE is an online platform that offers everything from skincare and meal planning to celebrity workouts and weight loss coaching. Another fantastic alternative is an eight-week training mini-triathlon plan. A mini-triathlon, sometimes known as a sprint triathlon, is often substantially shorter in distance than other triathlons. However, if this is your first training, a mini-triathlon is ideal, particularly if combined with this training plan. The eight-week plan includes one or two rest days and a daily bike, swim, run, or walk. There’s also a helpful list of must-have training items to help you do well on race day.

4. Triathlete

Triathlon Training

Plenty of free training content is accessible on Triathlete, whether you are a novice or a professional triathlete. The eight-week sprint triathlon training plan for beginners is one of its finest triathlon programs. Before you begin training, there are some vital tips and strategies, followed by a downloadable PDF that walks you through the plan weekly. Feel free to attempt an active recovery exercise to maximize your two weekly rest days. You may also browse the rest of the Triathlete platform to find additional information about the newest triathlon gear, culture, upcoming events, and nutritional advice.

5. JM Fitness

These training strategies, designed by professional triathlete Josh Muskin, may ensure you cross the finish line triumphantly and with a grin. JM Fitness offers everything, from complete triathlon, Olympic, and half triathlon training plans to marathon running plans. Your training might take a year or as little as four months, depending on the duration of the training plan and the race you’re tackling. Although access to the training programs requires purchase, they are well worth it since they include other elements besides your training plan. Among the extras are a food prep guide, a race day checklist, and access to a private Facebook group.

6. TrainingPeaks

Choose between the all-in-one TrainingPeaks mobile app and the accompanying web platform with programs made by certified coaches to prepare for your next (or first) triathlon. Visit the platform to view the most popular plans or choose one based on rating, price, or athletic ability. Before you purchase, all the programs offer a free training plan sample week so you can understand what you’re getting into. To track your workouts and results throughout your plan, download the TrainingPeaks mobile app. Furthermore, Training Peaks is a good online source for running programs in addition to triathlon, swimming, cycling, and rowing training plans.

7. Active

Do you have any experience in triathlons? This ACTIVE training plan is ideal for folks just beginning their triathlon experience. The 12-week program is divided into three sections: Base, Build, Prep, and Taper. The first portion begins with three weekly workouts: one for swimming, one for cycling, and one for running. The workouts continue to grow and get more difficult as you advance through week four. Furthermore, on the ACTIVE platform, you can use your current location to find and register for future regional races, activities, and events.

8. TOT Endurance

A consistent training plan is critical when you’re new to triathlon. That is why you should try TOT Endurance’s four-week training plan. Aside from being free to download and use, the plan is well-structured and thorough, covering every facet of triathlon training. In addition, TOT Endurance makes it easy for beginners to ease into training and achieve each week by separating the training program into weekly PDF downloads. TOT Endurance also provides a 36-, 24-, or 12-week Ironman training plan for a modest cost if you wish to go beyond the novice training plan.

9. Trainer Road

Trainer Road is distinctive because you can tailor your triathlon training plan to your specific requirements. The plan builder develops your plan based on your training objectives, training load, training volume, and degree of expertise. You may change your plan by rearranging your training days and choosing whether you want to work out inside or outside. When you’re finished, review your plan to get an overview of the timeframe and make any last modifications. Then, download the free Trainer Road mobile app (available for iOS and Android) to keep your training on track from the palm of your hand.

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A triathlon race may seem difficult, but it is enjoyable, tough, and completely doable, especially for beginners. Triathlons also offer plenty of advantages, such as increasing stamina and strength. A triathlon is an excellent place to start if you wish to try something new since it combines swimming, running, and cycling. You’ve chosen to compete in a triathlon, and you’ll need one of these online training regimens to ensure you succeed!

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