Travel Apps, And Who Develops Them

We love travel applications because it’s like the whole journey in an ancient bottle or a snowy glass ball. You should just shake it, and magic begins. Yes, we all know what the “magic” means, a complex travel app development process, but when the process is built right, users feel it with no doubts. They can enjoy their interactions with an application. Strong and well-built applications save users’ time, help them to make the best choices, and in the end enjoy their trips. You can’t find at least one satisfied traveler, whose travel app makes him feel sick. He will delete that app to feel better.

So, yeah, travel app development services mean a lot when we talk about the quality of the apps. Travel apps take a huge part of the market, and this consumer demand requires good products. So, the better development services we get, the more satisfied our consumers are.

Travel App Development

Let’s talk about nice travel apps and the travel app development process. We mentioned some nice applications for you in this article, you can read it further. And when we talk about developers, we choose those who understand the brand’s requests and can build an app that represents this brand most clearly and simply for consumers. Applications show if customers can trust the brand or not.

The travel app development process is built around travelers’ needs. The minimum amount to develop an application is about 5,000$. It can be less for apps with a minimum of functions, and of course, it can be more. For applications like Airbnb or Tripadvisor, one should spend tens of thousands of dollars.

So, after you did all the research on your audience and competitors, and chose the type of app, you can go and find the developer who will help you to maintain a travel app development process. Go check Purrweb as it’s one of the trusted developers with a strong team of professionals. They work with travel agencies, tour operators, airlines, hotels, car rentals, hospitality providers, etc. You can also define the estimated costs of your MVP on the Purrweb website.

What Is A Good Travel App?

Good travel apps are those that meet the needs of travelers with a minimum of fuss. We don’t call Uber the classical travel app, but maybe we should, because it operates in more than 70 countries, so whenever you are, you can tap an app and wait for your driver. At the same time, Uber is a simple and strong app with a minimum of fuss for a traveler. But remember, even Uber can’t help you when you are in a suspicious bungalow at the heart of Bali’s Ubud. So, besides jokes, stay safe, wherever you are.

A good travel app begins with a strong travel app development. Well-built travel applications are helpful for travelers and effective for brands (to provide their services and earn money). The  travel app development process starts with gathering all the information on key audiences, so brands know how to communicate with them through their application. Brands need their application to hit the target. Is it a tickets-scanner or places-to-stay-scanner? What is the audience’s income, can we add some additional functions, like searching for events?

Brands need high-quality designs that will help users to interact with an app. Texts, colors, pictures, sounds, the speed of getting what users want, micro interactions that will let them not only enjoy the app but also solve their problems. It’s all about whether they will use an app or not. Anyway, to hit all the targets we should get good travel app development services. Market provides different developers, so brands can choose companies that they trust the most.

Types Of Apps

  • Booking flights

The fastest and the easiest way to book your flight is to use an app. The  travel app development process will be built around the main goal, the booking of flights. In this case, users want to find and book cheap flights, or flights for certain dates, or flights with certain routes, etc. Go with Skyscanner, Momondo, Kayak to book your flight. Skyscanner developed its mobile app more than 10 years ago. The travel app development started with a draft from the company’s Polish branch, which was later transformed into a self-standing Order of Code (now part of SoftwareHut), and the app was developed by an external developer.

  • Booking hotels

Of course, we will use an app to find accommodation. We need our app to show us the best results fast, so we can choose a nice place to live during our holidays. What will we choose: a hotel or a flat? The travel app development will focus on finding the best accommodations for travelers. Go with Airbnb or to book your room.

  • Airline Apps

When you are used to a certain airline, and everything is fine with your flights, so why seek something else? Just download an airline app and book your flights within it. Go with a low-cost Ryanair, for instance. Or check the most popular airline apps in 2020’s January in the chart below.

  • Local trips

When you travel by train, car, or bike you want to download another type of app. Like we mentioned above, Uber is a kind of local trips app. With these apps, a traveler downloads it first, turns on geolocation, and chooses the routes of a train, car, or bike. Try a Grand train tour of Switzerland to travel by train around the country. In this case, the travel  app development process will be based on a certain territory with its must-see spots.

  • Visit Apps

Applications help us to find interesting places when we achieve our destination. One of the most successful apps with millions of downloads was built by Tripadvisor. Tripadvisor suggests different places to visit like food markets, exhibitions, restaurants, castles, and other showplaces. Also, try Eventbrite to find local events.

What other types? Apps for converting money, translators, apps for public transports, maps for navigating cities.

Oh, and check these apps, you can find them useful:

    •  Maps.Me, to use maps offline.
  • AroundMe, to find bars, gas stations, hospitals, etc. around you.
    • Wiffinity, to find WI-FI locations worldwide
  • Packpoint, to organize packing lists for the trips


Travel apps are important for travelers. They use their mobile phones for many reasons during their trips, so the functionality of an app is critical for them. That’s why travel app development is essential if you want your app to be a big hit. Create a strong business model, define your budget and use trusted travel app development services.

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