Transcription Services and their functions

We are sure you have heard about the existence of services that transcribe audio or video to text. If you have never used these services but are interested in them for some reason of your own, we will tell you what they are and how it works.

Transcription services are used to convert audio or video to text. Having an audio or video file, we often need to extract text from it for further use for our own purposes.

There are two ways of transcription: by means of human participation and by means of artificial intelligence. In the first case, the expert carefully works with your file, which ensures the maximum accuracy of the final product. In the second case, special software automatically transcribes your file into text. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages

Who will benefit from transcription services?

The transcription services will be useful for many aspects of our life, both in business and in education. It can help Podcast owners who want to increase their audience by adding subtitles to the videos and for students who need audio-to-text transcription for their paperwork.

This service will also be useful for copywriters who are faced with the task of converting speech to text, which will save a lot of time when fulfilling orders.

On the Internet, you can find many similar services, but not all of them will offer you accuracy, and most of them only provide the service of automatic transcription by means of artificial intelligence. At this point, we would like to share with you a service that can help with transcribing.

The voice transcription that you can get from there will be performed with maximum accuracy in a short time frame. User reviews speak about the professional approach of the service to solving the tasks set by the client. This service is very easy for customer understanding. The developers of the website made it as user-friendly as possible, which will save your time.

What needs can we cover by using Transcribery?

This service is one of those that world companies trust, and that says a lot. Using it, you can get your podcast transcription through the services of highly qualified specialists. The advantage of this transcription method is the fact that a human will work on your order, which will provide 99% of the transcription accuracy. If your file has sound interference or speech is not clear, then using this method of transcription is the best option. You are guaranteed to receive your order within 12 hours, which is impressive.

If you do not need totally accurate transcription and want to get the result quickly, you can transcribe the file using artificial intelligence. But this option will give you good accuracy only if you have a high-quality file. The software used by this company has actually proven its high level of quality.

In a few minutes after downloading the file, you will receive the result with 80% transcription accuracy. The indicator is quite high, and the advantage of using this method is clearly the speed of the task completion. Follow and check by yourself the beauty of voice to text software transcription. You are going to be surprised how easy and useful it is!

If I have a podcast would it benefit me to transcribe it?

Transcription is one way to consume your content. So having your podcast transcribing is one of the ways to grow your audience.

Reading the thoughts of consumers of various content, we often see their feedback that having text under the podcast makes it easier to perceive the information. At least because after listening to the audio, they can always return to the written part and learn the information again. It has been proven that a large number of people have more developed visual memory than auditory memory.

You must remember that the competition is quite high, and the more categories of people you cover and the more options for the perception of your content you give them, the more chances that people will choose exactly your podcast. It also makes it easier to use backlinks, which is important.


Whether you decide to use a faster transcription option or a more accurate but more time-consuming and costly transcription option, the end result will definitely increase your audience. Which means the possibility of reaching a higher level and, as a result, your personal development. Be sure to choose proper services for your needs because they will be the determining factor in the final quality of your podcast transcription.

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