Top Travel Hacks for True Adventures Lovers

Traveling is a big and wonderful part of modern human’s everyday life. Unfortunately the pandemic made the process of getting prepared for traveling and traveling in general very difficult. But we all hope that the situation is getting better and better and in the nearest future we will have an opportunity to live an old traveling life. For being prepared for this enough check out all the lifehacks we collected for you to be a successful traveler!

1. Take care of your potential vehicle

Nowadays there are a lot of possibilities to make your traveling life much more comfortable than in previous times. One of these modern possibilities is rental services abroad. Such an example is Evolve. Using renting cars instead of public transport and personal cars while traveling has a lot of advantages. First of all, rental services can save your time and can make you feel much more free, you don’t have to follow the timetables and other people’s wishes. Also rental services can offer you a great range of luxury cars, you surely will find the perfect one. Moreover, the cost of renting cars is very low.

2. Leave a free seat in the middle

And this is not about coronavirus. If you’re traveling by plane as a couple or with a friend, book an aisle seat and a window seat. If there are not many people on board, you will most likely get an empty seat in the middle, which will make your flight more comfortable. You will be able to stretch and feel comfortable while enjoying the flight. If someone takes a seat between you, you can ask to exchange without loss.

3. Make a copy of documents

A lost ID or passport is at the top of every person’s fear list when in a foreign country. Take pictures of important documents with your mobile phone and send them by email. Even if you lose your documents, you can provide your ID and passport number, check in at the hotel and continue your holiday.

4. Mark your luggage as “fragile”

One of the most common travel problems is worrying about luggage. Baggage handlers are often rough with luggage. Your bag is less likely to be dropped by airport staff if it is marked as fragile, and your items and the suitcase itself are protected from unexpected damage.

5. Use solids

The world is developing at a frantic pace, and this applies even to such simple things as shampoo! Solid shampoos are gaining popularity among travelers. And this is cool, because they take up very little space, and you can use one such shampoo for much longer than regular liquid ones. What’s more, you won’t spill anything in your bag or suitcase and there won’t be any restrictions. This even applies to sunscreens and insect repellents.

6. Take a foldable bag with you

Your suitcase will probably be too full on your way back, so it’s a good idea to put a folding bag in your luggage. You will need it for a huge amount of new things from another country – many tourists love shopping and souvenirs from another country. Save yourself the trouble of buying another bag and just pack it before you go.

7. Write everything down!

In the 21st century, most travelers store their hotel booking details on their phone (either in an email or in a booking app). But circumstances sometimes play against you and you may not know you will have access to your data upon arrival or you will have problems with your phone. By having the address with you, you will be safe and able to get to the right place, no matter what happens.

8. Tell your bank about your trip

Travel stress can often be related to finances. Modern electronic money systems have a high level of security. Many banks flag accounts for payments in unusual areas. Don’t be lazy and let your bank know that you have travel plans in mind. Some banks require you to log into your online bank and add your destination and travel dates, or you may need to make a simple phone call. In any case, be sure to warn them not to get stuck in another country without money!

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