Top-Rated Free Music Applications for Android

Top-Rated Free Music Applications for Android

Streaming music on your Android device is highly practical. Android-supported free music apps allow the flexibility to search and compare top-tier music tracks and artists. Some fancy applications even support downloading and categorizing music per genre and popularity and creating playlists for offline access. Music lovers are spoilt for choice when it comes to free Android music apps, but prior research is necessary to find a product you’ll truly enjoy.

Top-Tier Free Music Apps for Android

The mobile music app industry is pretty competitive. Apps pop up and disappear every year. But some applications have passed the test of time, providing legal free music year-in-year-out. When searching for free music apps for Android, you should consider these five options for a smooth streaming experience.

Jango Radio

Download and install Jango Radio today to enjoy free, customized music from your favorite artists. The radio service personalizes music playlists based on one’s favorite band, artist, mood, or activity. You get hundreds of professionally programmed genre stations, including Classic Rock, Hot Country, Top 100, and more.

The American-based music streaming app is available globally and contains no commercials. Jango Radio collects your data to personalize music preferences, mainly based on eras, themes, and interests. In addition to the automated music playlists, you can create your own playlists.


SoundCloud was officially launched in 2007 and has remained among the best Android music apps. The application gets 175 million unique listeners monthly. Everyone has access to the platform’s extensive music library. The music streaming app offers trending, famous, and old-school music tracks, podcasts, shows, and other musical content.

SoundCloud is open to music lovers globally and comprises content from renowned and emerging artists. SoundCloud supports mobile devices, including Android and iOS, computers, and Xbox. For artists, SoundCloud offers free and paid versions, with the latter offering advertising resources, superior audience insights, and playlist-pitching tools. Managing more SoundCloud accounts allows artists to reach a wider audience, but that’s only possible with a high-quality proxy residential service.


Developed and launched in 2002, TuneIn is an audio streaming service providing podcasts, live news, music, and sports to over 75 million monthly users. It has more than 100,000 FM, HD, digital, internet, and AM radio stations from all over the world, covering most genres. The premium TuneIn version offers advanced features such as broadcasting, audiobooks, and live sports.

TuneIn is available in 22 languages and allows subscribers to record music played on radio stations. It is open to Android users worldwide but if it doesn’t load in your country due to ISP restrictions, check out the best providers list to find the best proxy for bypassing such blocks.

YouTube Music

If you own an Android-powered device, you likely have YouTube as a default built-in app. Google owns YouTube, and the music app has existed since 2015. The YouTube Music app is available in 100 countries and provides a personalized interface to suit music streaming needs. Depending on recommendations, genres, and playlists, users can easily browse and choose music videos and songs on the app.

YouTube Music has over 70 million official music tracks and other music-related content, such as remixes, covers, and live performances. Get to discover thousands of curated playlists covering different moods and genres. Users in countries not covered by YouTube Music need a proxy or VPN to access their favorite music on this application.


If you’re a hip-hop fan who has not yet discovered a good music streaming app for your preferred music genre, Spinrilla is the app you need. Spinrilla provides high-quality hip-hop mix tapes, which you can download or listen to directly from your Android app.

The app has a section listing top hip-hop singles, new music, and chart-topping songs. Its Upcoming Tracks section offers a countdown, keeping you updated on the release date of new hip-hop tracks. Spinrilla allows you to rewind and fast forward, create song playlists, save music to your Android device, and comment on individual tracks. The built-in radio lets users listen to instrumental music, top hits, and location-specific channels.


Streaming content online has become a norm. Browser-supported streaming apps may be a good idea, but they don’t offer the same flexibility and simplicity as Android-supported apps. The five platforms listed above provide a music streaming experience you won’t want to miss.

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