Top 25 Characteristics of the Best Chinese Drama Apps

Quick Tips for Picking the Best Movie Streaming Apps

The Google Play Store presents customers with plenty of choices when it comes to movie streaming apps. Sure, you can use star ratings for sifting between apps and picking top-rated selections, but what actually goes into creating a top-tier Chinese drama app? Contrary to popular opinion, there’s more to picking the right app than meets the eye. Our movie buffs and tech squad have highlighted 20 of the most important criteria customers should search for when choosing between Chinese draw apps.

Some folks are drawn to apps because they showcase the latest TV dramas, romcoms, thrillers, and action films. Others pick apps when the price is right – preferring low-cost options to premium-play attractions. As we pull back the curtains on app selection, we take a critical look

at 20 factors worth considering.

  1. A large selection of dramas 

The best Chinese drama apps will offer a wide range of dramas to choose from. This means you’ll never be bored and always have something new to watch.

  1. HD-quality videos 

You should be able to enjoy your dramas like Curtain Call, Winter Night, or Big Dragon The Series in high definition (HD) without any lag or buffering.

  1. English subtitles 

This is a must-have for anyone who doesn’t speak Mandarin Chinese. The best apps will have accurate and well-timed subtitles.

  1. Fast updates 

The best apps will update their library quickly, so you can always watch the latest episodes as soon as they air in China.

  1. Chromecast support 

This allows you to cast your dramas onto a big screen for a better viewing experience.

  1. AirPlay support 

Like Chromecast, this lets you stream your content wirelessly to another device, such as an Apple TV or speaker system.

  1. Download function 

The ability to download dramas onto your device is extremely useful if you want to watch offline or save data usage.

  1. Easy navigation 

Navigation should be straightforward, so you can easily find what you want to watch.

  1. Create a list of favorites 

Creating a list of favorite shows makes it easy to track what you’ve watched and what you want to watch next.

  1. Push notifications 

Push notifications are great for keeping up-to-date with the latest episodes of your favorite shows.

  1. Clean and modern UI design 

A clean and modern user interface design makes using the app more enjoyable and easier on the eyes.

  1. Support for multiple devices 

The best Chinese drama apps will work on multiple devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

  1. Ad-free experience 

Nobody likes ads interrupting their entertainment, so look for an app that doesn’t display excessive advertising banners or videos.

  1. Affordable subscription plans 

Some movie streaming apps require a monthly subscription fee, while others are free to use but supported by ads.

  1. Free trial period 

Many movie streaming apps offer new users a free trial period before they need to start paying for the service.

  1. Secure payment methods 

The best movie streaming apps will offer secure payment methods like PayPal or credit card payments.

  1. Money-back guarantee 

A money-back guarantee gives users peace of mind when signing up for a paid subscription plan.

  1. Friendly customer support 

In case anything goes wrong while using the app, there must be someone available 24/7 who can help resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.

  1. User forums 

Sometimes other users can be more helpful than customer support representatives.

  1. Social media integration 

It can be fun and helpful to connect with other fans of Chinese dramas through social media platforms like Facebook groups or Reddit threads.

And the winner is…

Quick Tips for Picking the Best Movie Streaming Apps

Source: YouTube

Not every app checks the box in each category, but the creme de la creme pass the test with flying colors. Our preference for the best Chinese drama is Viki: Asian dramas & Movies, available at the Google Play Store. This top-notch movie app has a stellar rating of 4.4/5 from 878,000 reviewers, with 50 million+ downloads. Check it out at your leisure!

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