12 Best Sound Apps For Android You Can Try

Sound Apps For Android

Sound Apps For Android: Sound apps are a very complicated topic to cover. Since the Google Play Store has hundreds or even thousands of sound apps, it can be hard to choose the best one. We’ve written many articles about music and sounds, such as the best white noise apps, the best ringtone apps, the best music apps, and so on. But these topics were never enough to cover something so broad. Just search “Sound” in the Google Play Store, and you’ll find tonnes of apps like white noise, soundboards, nature sounds, pet sounds, rain sounds, ocean sounds, etc.

12 Best Sound Apps For Android

So, to make things easier for you, we’ve put together a list of the best sound apps for Android. It’s important to note that this list doesn’t focus on any one type of sound app. We just made a list of the best sound apps for Android. You have to decide what kind of sounds you want to hear and choose the app from the list.

1. Suzi

Sound Apps For Android

Suzi is a free app from the Google Play Store that lets you play sounds. It lets you choose from hundreds of sounds and musical effects. Suzi’s sounds are updated often, which is a good thing. The app also lets you download the sound and music effects as an MP3 file to your phone. Overall, Suzi is one of the best sound apps for Android you can think about.

2. Dank Soundboard

Sound Apps For Android

The Dank Soundboard is a meme soundboard. This app comes with a few dozen new memes that can be used to make people laugh. You can use any of the sounds in the app as a ringtone, alert sound, or alarm sound. You can also upload your sounds and share sounds with your friends. It’s a free app that gets money from ads. The UI isn’t very pretty. But it’s a fun little soundboard, and the part where you can add your sounds is a nice touch. There are a lot of good soundboards that are similar to this one.

3. Sound effects for videos

Sound Apps For Android

The Sound effects for videos is an app that will permit you to find sound effects and memes used in YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram Reels videos. The app gives you access to more than 50 different sound files, including popular noises, phrases, and other sounds. You can also share the sound effects through instant messaging apps, download them to your device, and do other things.

4. Funny SMS Ringtones & Sounds

Sound Apps For Android

Funny SMS Ringtones & Sounds is an app for people who have been searching for funny ringtones and SMS tones, as the name suggests. This app for Android has a lot of funny ringtones, contact ringtones, alarm sounds, and SMS sounds. In addition, it has a Widget that lets you play your favorite ringtone right from the home screen.

5. 100’s of Buttons & Prank Sound Effects

Sound Apps For Android

100’s of Buttons and Sounds 2 is a large soundboard with many different noises. It has more than 300 sound effects, can loop, and works with multi-touch and sound. That means you can make this thing very annoying quickly if you want to. It’s not even close to being a pretty app. But its collection of sound effects is pretty big for its type. It’s a good app for making these types of simple sounds.

6. Annoying Sounds

As the name of the app suggests, Annoying Sounds bring you a set of sounds that are meant to annoy or bother you. Right now, the app has more than 45 annoying sounds that you can use as ringtones, alerts, or alarms. Unfortunately, few studies have shown that annoying sounds cause a strong emotional response in the brain. However, there are some good reasons for this.

7. Voice Changer – Audio Effects

It’s not a sound app, but it is an Android for voice effects. Voice Changer – Audio Effects is great because it is easy to use and can make cool and awesome sound effects quickly. You can record your voice straight from the app. Once you have recorded your voice, you can use the voice effects to make it sound cool and funny. Aside from that, you can set the modified sound as a ringtone or SMS tone.

8. YouTube

YouTube is the best website where you can watch videos online. It’s a site for streaming videos, but people also post all kinds of sounds there. Well, if you search well on the platform, you can find lots of sleep sounds, nature sounds, white noise, etc. Unfortunately, there will probably be some ads in between the sounds. To get rid of ads, you might want to buy the YouTube Premium version.

9. Atmosphere: Relaxing Sounds

Atmosphere: Relaxing Sounds is the perfect Android app for soothing sounds if you’ve been searching for one. It brings a wide range of soothing sounds put into different categories. With The Atmosphere: Relaxing Sounds, you can listen to sounds from the beach, forest, city, underwater, park, and other places. All of these sounds have been shown to help you feel calmer.

10. Sleepo

Sleepo is one of the best and most highly rated sound apps for Android that you can get from the Google Play Store. It can help you sleep better. It gives you a set of HD sounds mixed with different relaxing atmospheres. Sleepo doesn’t have a lot of sounds, but the 32 it does have were carefully chosen to help people sleep better. It also has sounds for “White Noise,” “Pink Noise,” and “Brown Noise.”

11. Zedge

The Zedge is one of the best Android apps where you can find a lot of high-quality wallpapers, alarm tones, ringtones, notification tones, etc. It is great because it has a lot of high-quality music sounds and sound effects that have been cut down to 10–20 seconds. So you can download these short pieces of music to use as ringtones, alarms, alerts, etc.

12. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of the most popular apps for Android and iOS devices that lets you stream music. The app is mostly known for its easy use and how loud the sounds are. If you search SoundCloud well, you can find a lot of tracks for things like ASMR, sleep sounds, animal sounds, binaural stuff, and so on. SoundCloud is also a place where you can share your songs or music.


So, these are the 12 best sound apps you can use right now on an Android device. If you know of any other sound apps for Android, please tell us about them in the box below. I hope that this article was helpful! Please share it with your friends about it too.

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