Some of the Top Content Marketing Courses in India

Content marketing has now become the most common marketing approach practiced by entrepreneurs and digital marketers to reach and attract their target audience. It not only helps companies and entrepreneurs to improve their brand or product awareness at a very low budget but also reduces their consumer acquisition cost.

While content marketing practices have benefitted many businesses around the world, it has also opened an avenue of employment for young students. Now, Students intending to enter the digital marketing space can acquire the knowledge and skills of content marketing with the comfort of their home. They can achieve this by enrolling themselves in content marketing courses available online.

On that note, let’s talk about some of the best online content marketing that will help in enhancing your content writing skills and can help you become a successful content curator.

●     HubSpot Academy

Content Marketing Course: Get Certified in Content Marketing

Hubspot Academy offers some of the best digital marketing courses for free with certification. One such digital marketing course available on Hubspot academy that specializes in content marketing is the ‘Content Marketing course’ that covers 12 major lessons.

These lessons include generating content ideas, the power of storytelling, long-term content strategy, Content analysis, content promotion and more. The course incorporates 56 recorded video classes and 11 quizzes. The students can finish the course in six hours and 20 minutes.

Any person who plans to learn content curation and marketing can join this free course and get the benefits of learning or revising their content creation and promotion skills. The course will help you with devising strategies and methods for content creation using various online tools and resources.

You will similarly discover ways to make content that aligns properly with your target audience’s interest and at the same time meets the need for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Retargeting and Reposing marketing campaigns are fundamental aspects of content creation, publishing and promoting strategy, and instructors at HubSpot academy will help you in finding various techniques to accomplish the same.

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●     Udemy

Content Marketing Masterclass

At the point when you join up with this masterclass, you will experience all subjects and regions that cover the vast online content marketing space. You will learn the fundamentals of content promotion and how content creation can enhance the brand or product’s visibility on the web.

In this course, you will get some answers concerning different techniques to build traffic on your website through SEO practices, content curation and circulation, email advertising, Social media marketing, promotion campaigns to increase your brand or product awareness. The course is led by bestselling expert and entrepreneur, Brad Merril.

Copywriting Secrets – How to Write Copy That Sells

As the name suggests, the course focuses on teaching you various techniques and skills to create copies that engage and influence audiences. In the present competitive world, where everyone is emulating each other to reach the audience, you will discover ways to create distinctive content to draw in the audience’s attention alongside convincing them to make the ideal move.

You will find your own style, and while you write an ideal copy, it would converse with your intended audience. The course will help you understand how to use emotions and feelings while you compose your work.

Furthermore, it will help you to get acquainted with the techniques to master Business-to-Business correspondences through content that motivates and inspires for action.

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The course has been curated by two experienced instructors Len Smith and Sean Kaye, both having more than 20 years of experience in their respective fields.

●     Coursera

Content Marketing – by the University of California, Davis

This certification course is offered by UC Davis in association with the leading content marketing platform Copyblogger. After joining the course, you will learn everything that you need to know about building a brand via content creation and advertising along with how to enhance the visibility of your existing brand.

The course has been designed by a top instructor, Sonia Simone who has educated 41,000 plus students and marketing professionals. By completing this course, students will acquire knowledge of The Content Marketing Ecosystem, The 7A Framework, Content Marketing Strategy, Types of Content and Content Management.

This will assist you with composing content and use marketing strategies to pull in a new audience. The students will be awarded a professional certificate after completing the various tests and assignments included in the courses.

●     Testbook

Digital Marketing Foundation Course

This is more of a foundational course that imparts fundamental yet complete knowledge of all major areas of digital and content marketing. The digital marketing course offered by Testbook is a 50 plus hour-long course including video classes, practical assignments, tests and quizzes. It is a self-paced course with bilingual video lectures to add more flexibility and convenience for students.

The Testbook’s covers all necessary components of content creation and marketing such as Content market research, Grammar skills, Content distribution, Blogging, Content creation for different social media channels, SEO, Content strategy, Plagiarism, and more.

This course has been specially curated for beginners who wish to set their foot in content creation and marketing space.

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