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SmiHub: Social media analytics tools are in style now. Digital marketers aren’t the only ones who use tools to view and collect data from social media accounts. People of all walks of life also use them. It is one of the tools that people are talking about more and more these days. However, most of its users ask the same question: Is it real? Is it free to use? How do I use it? Does it have to be used for stalking or something else? We’ll go over it in this article and answer all of the questions above. I hope you will like it and better understand your questions after reading this.

What Is SmiHub?

It is an analytical tool that lets you look at Instagram accounts of anyone you want. It lets you view videos, images, reels, stories, likes, followers, comments, and so on without having to show your anonymous name. He won’t know because the account holder can’t see that you have viewed his story; he won’t know. You can also download and save other people’s stories on your phone or tablet. After launching on October 10, 2018, SmiHub is a new analytical tool getting more and more attention. According to a recent study, there are 25 million people who go to it every month.

SmiHub Features

Well, Take a quick look at the main points:

1 – It provides options to view Instagram stories anonymously. 

2 – You can download the videos, stories, and photos. 

3 – Make a detailed analysis of followers, comments, and likes. 

4 – It will allow you to browse Instagram accounts anonymously. 

5 – It is a free and open-source platform. 

6 – SmiHub is a buffer-free, clean tool that is also easy to use.

Is SmiHub Free Or Paid?

All of the time, this is a free platform! To get or use it, you don’t have to pay any money at all. So there aren’t any paid upgrades in it. So you can use all of the features for free, and there aren’t any.

How To Download Instagram Videos Or Stories From SmiHub?

You need to take some steps to download Instagram videos or stories of someone else.

1 – Visit the official website of it, which is now Smi Hub

2 – Now, look for the account which you want to analyze 

3 – Select the image or video reels and hit the download button 

4 – It will be downloaded to your phone automatically.

What Do Users Say About SmiHub?

I have talked to some of my friends and acquaintances who use SmiHub Instagram. From what they say, I know that the platform is legit and does what it says it will. You can view someone else’s comments, likes, and followers without them knowing. You can also view their stories and see what they’ve been up to.

But most people don’t use it for business or marketing. They use it to stalk a profile and not for business or marketing. However, it is very good at what it does.

Is SmiHub Anonymous?

Its main goal of it is anonymous Instagram account analysis. It claims that it can help you see and analyze any account you want anonymously. The question now is whether or not the claim is true. Not at all! BINGO. With SmiHub Instagram, they won’t know about you if you look at someone else’s Instagram account. In this way, you can anonymously view an account and not worry about it.

Is SmiHub Legit?

Yes, SmiHub is a legit social media analysis tool and is not a scam; if you use this app, it doesn’t keep track of your IP address or Instagram activities or even where you are. It also doesn’t cost you anything. Furthermore, the features it claims to have are only 10% true. So you don’t have to worry about fear or morals when you use it.

SmiHub Or Dumpor – Are They Different?

It is now called Dumpor. Before, the website was called Recently, they have changed their website address to The site name has changed, but don’t worry; it’s the same. Only the name has changed. How Do I Get to the SmiHub Website? There is no charge to use the SmiHub website. But, as we said before, the name has changed to Dumpor.


What Are The Other Alternatives Of Smihub? 

In terms of Instagram account analysis tools, SmiHub com is one of the best out there. However, if you still aren’t sure about it or want to try something new, there is one more alternative. There is an alternative to SmiHub called IMGINN, and it is better.

Is It Safe To Use Smihub? 

An open-source and free platform does not charge you a penny. An Instagram account analysis tool that is easy to use and trustworthy. You don’t have to be afraid that will be a scam to get what you want from it.

Are SmiHub And Dumpor Same? 

Yes, SmiHub and Dumpor are both the names of a platform that many people use. Smi Hub is the name that used to be before it was changed to Dumper. On the other hand, the features and offerings of the tool are the same as they were before.



Those are the only things you need to know about SmiHub com or Dumpor! The best Instagram account analytics tools are out there. This one isn’t one of them, though. According to our research, there is no risk of violating the law when you use this platform. You can also enjoy all of the features to the fullest. You should now know everything you need to know about It’s time for you to do something. Take a look at your Instagram account with Smihub today!

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