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Best Sleep Apps for Apple Watch to Use in 2023: The secret to a healthy life is a good night’s sleep, as your body heals and reenergizes while you are asleep. In addition, you can use the eight best sleep tracker app to monitor your sleep for free and enhance its quality.

How many hours a day do you sleep? According to the advice of healthcare professionals, it is necessary to sleep for at least seven to eight hours. Lack of sleep can result in various negative consequences, including heart difficulties, weariness, and daytime drowsiness. The difficulty now is how to determine whether you are sleeping enough or not. You can find the solution in the best free sleep tracker app.

The most effective sleep tracker apps for Apple Watch provide an accurate depiction of your sleeping routine. Using inputs like sound, wake time, heart rate, movements, and bedtime, they inform you of your Rapid Eye Movements, sleep disorders, and a variety of other vital information.

Therefore, without further ado, let’s examine the well-researched list of the best paid and free sleep tracker apps that can help you enhance your sleep quality and avoid related issues.

Well-Researched List of the Best Free Sleep Tracker Apps

The following are the best Apple Watch sleep trackers to help you manage your sleep effectively.

1. SleepWatch

SleepWatch must be considered when considering the top sleep tracker apps for the Apple Watch. SleepWatch’s automatic data collecting from the watch, accurate analysis, and simple presentation of the studied data are its most appealing characteristics.

This best Apple Watch sleep tracker free additionally monitors sleep-impairing activities, including late-night munching and alcohol drinking. SleepWatch is also one of the top sleep tracker apps because of the following features.

Key features of SleepWatch

Clearly defined measures so that you understand their significance and meaning.

Sleep score and a comprehensive examination of sleep pattern

Diagrams that are simple to interpret

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2. SleepScore

SleepScore ranks first on our list of the best sleep tracker app for numerous reasons. This best Apple watch sleep app uses sonar technology to track your sleep, for example. Sonar waves precisely measure respiration and other noises to determine sleep patterns.

In addition, it is one of the best sleep monitors for iPhone that provides a score for your sleep. The score helps you set more effective sleep improvement goals. In addition, the following are some additional important features of SleepScore.

Key features of SleepScore

Comprehensive sleep pattern analysis

Smart alarms

Light and sound monitoring to guarantee ideal sleeping circumstances

Bedtime objective-setting and reminders

Sleep history during the past week

Pro edition offers unlimited sleep history monitoring, sleep pattern visualization charts, a doctor’s report highlighting sleep issues, and sleep coaching.

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3. Sleep Cycle

Let us now consider the Sleep Cycle. It is also one of the best free sleep tracker apps for monitoring your sleeping habits. This best free sleep tracker app iPhone analyses sounds such as snoring, coughing, and chatting to depict your sleep quality better.

Taking a deeper dive into Sleep Cycle’s characteristics, here are its user-pleasing benefits.

Key features of Sleep Cycle

Graphs showing sleep cycles

Identification of both long-term and short-term sleep trends

A highly adaptable app that is accessible on numerous platforms.

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4. Pillow

This greatest sleep tracking app for the Apple Watch do not include Skipping Pillow. In addition to all of the standard capabilities, such as an automatic study of the sleep cycle, the Pillow offers several intriguing features.

For instance, the best Apple Watch sleep tracker reddit performs a comprehensive heart rate analysis and provides wonderful features.

Key features of Pillow

Snoring, sleep talking, and sleep apnea is all-important recorded audio occurrences.

REM, light sleep, and deep sleep are all depicted in a thorough figure.

History and trends in sleep are available.

Sleep tunes to help you fall asleep

Alarms and awakening tones

Find the ideal bedtime by analyzing your sleep pattern.

Sleep notes and nap modes are included in the premium version.

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5. Sleep++

Next, we have Sleep++, one of the top free sleep tracker apps with a reputation for its clean and straightforward interface. In addition to its simple appearance, we liked its straightforward reports.

In terms of Sleep++’s features, the following is what you may anticipate.

Key features of Sleep++

Measurements of average and daily sleep duration, restful/disturbed sleep, and awake hours/minutes.

When wearing an Apple Watch, sleep is automatically tracked.

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6. NapBot

If we talk about the popular and best sleep tracker app for Apple Watch, NapBot is a relative newcomer to the App Store, but in a short time, it has established itself as one of the best watch sleep monitors. Numerous factors led to the success of this program.

For example, a calendar tab in the NapBot app provides a comprehensive snapshot of your daily sleep patterns. You may also tap on any day of the week to obtain information such as heart rate and sleep phases.

In addition, the following are some additional notable characteristics of this popular sleep tracker Apple watch.

Key features of NapBot

A simple UI

Analyzes your environmental sound exposure

The pro version includes features like sleep history and trends.

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7. AutoSleep

AutoSleep is another well-liked and popular app for tracking sleep. This top Sleep Tracker App automatically provides the input to track your sleep, as the name implies, without any special instructions. You need to give these permissions. A lack of advertisements contributes to its uncluttered user interface.

Based on the amount of sleep and the quality of your sleep, the app’s readiness score indicates how prepared you are.

Key Features of AutoSleep

Keep track of your sleep duration, quality, phases, and bedtime.

Set smart alarms and measure environmental noise.

No analytical tracking guarantees complete privacy

There are no necessary in-app purchases or subscriptions.

Create keyboard shortcuts for certain activities.

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8. ShutEye

Let’s conclude our list of the top sleep tracker apps with ShutEye, which allows you to track your sleep for free. To determine your sleep condition, the ShutEye app employs artificial intelligence to recognize, calculate, and analyze the recorded data from the microphone.

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This app is accurate. And ShutEye includes the following amazing features.

Key features of ShutEye

There are many different noises available for sleep.

After a long day, the availability of soothing music and bedtime readings to unwind

Sleep tracking that is simple to understand

Smart alarm to gently wake up

Snore detection

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Concluding the Best Free Sleep Tracker App

The top eight free sleep tracking apps were introduced in this post. You may use the app that precisely meets your needs to track and enhance your sleeping patterns.

You can mention it in the comments section if you are aware of any further Sleep Tracker App that the list of the top free sleep monitors for iPhone/Apple watch omits. We will make every effort to review and include it.

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