Simple Traffic Review – Is It Worth Using?

Simple Traffic

Website traffic is a key development measure when expanding your online presence. Everything you do on your website will improve your search engine ranking and increase traffic. Yet, tools are available to help you lessen your effort, such as website traffic providers. For example, simple Traffic is a popular website traffic provider! Since it makes buying traffic for blogs, affiliate links, websites, etc., simple, its platform is a favorite. Here is a thorough overview of the service to help you determine whether Simple Traffic is the best provider for you. Thus, if you want to expand your online presence and purchase website traffic, keep reading!

What Is The Simple Traffic?

Simple Traffic is a platform that gives website traffic by employing visitor forwarding software. They reroute traffic from massive domains that they own or rent, resulting in real human traffic for your website. There are no bots or phony visitors; all traffic is real and will help your company develop. Simple Traffic sends targeted traffic to your website. It also helps you to track traffic and get additional information on how to improve the performance of your website. Overall, they give a service that benefits their consumers, which is why they have become popular.

How Does The Simple Traffic Work?

Simple Traffic owns a significant number of websites and domains. They employ them to establish social media and link building campaigns to generate real visitors to your website. They employ visitor forwarding software to do this, and the visitors they give are suited to your specified demographic. Everything occurs in a split second, and you’ll start getting more and more leads. Of course, your ability to convert these leads will rely on the content you supply. You still have work to do, but with Simple Traffic, you won’t have to attempt to attract more traffic to your website.

Simple Traffic Benefits

Provides Real Traffic

Several website traffic providers offer bot traffic as if it were real, but that is not the case here. Simple Traffic offers 100% real traffic from real people. As seen by the customer evaluations, many people are happy with the service.

Get More Clicks

You will get more clicks since the traffic given by Simple Traffic is real. This is because, unlike bots, real people traverse your website’s menus. But remember that this is cold traffic, so you’ll need to convert it.

Advanced Targeting Options

The fact that Simple Traffic offers a variety of complex targeting options is another significant advantage. They provide a variety of filters that you may use to choose the traffic you want for your website. You may choose any nation, device kind, web browser, and more.

Offers Traffic Analytics

Simple Traffic also offers traffic analytics to track where the traffic is coming from. In addition, they give thorough data, which means they are completely upfront about what they do. This enables you to make whatever modifications you need by helping you determine whether the type of traffic is effective for you.

Many Available Plans

For your convenience, Simple Traffic provides a broad range of plans. For instance, the Festival Plan is the most popular and costs just $50. This package will enable you to get 60,000 visitors each month. We urge you to go through all their plans to determine which works best for you!

Good Refund Policy

With a 30-day return policy, Simple Traffic offers a fair refund policy. So if you’re not content or happy with the service, you can easily get your money back and invest it elsewhere.

Simple Traffic Drawbacks

Provides Cold Traffic

As previously stated, although Simple Traffic generates real traffic, it is really cold. So you can only convert traffic if you have a decent conversion strategy and know what you’re doing. If not, the traffic they give will be useless to you. But they do provide some pointers on how to convert cold traffic.

Traffic Isn’t Relevant For Google AdSense

Google AdSense prefers organic traffic; however, some people may get away with social traffic. Nevertheless, forward traffic is not permitted! Simple Traffic traffic cannot be used for AdSense.

Is Simple Traffic Worth Money?

Consider everything we’ve discussed today and take advantage of their 5-day free trial to determine if Simple Traffic is worth your money. If you find it does make a difference, it means Simple Traffic has value for you, and, in that case, it’s worth your money.

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