Should You Buy Artificial Diamond Jewelry This Monsoon?

Should You Buy Artificial Diamond Jewelry This Monsoon

When women hear the word artificial Diamond, they think of it as something fake and looks cheap. But that is not the case in reality. The earlier synthetic diamonds were not very strong and good-looking, but these days with the invention of new technology, scientists have been able to create high-quality artificial diamonds at relatively lower costs. More so, the Gemological Institute of America certified a particular type of laboratory-made Diamond as good as the natural organic Diamonds.

Actually, Diamonds are nothing but hardened carbon, which is exposed to extremely high temperatures and pressures. These harsh conditions are actually what make Diamonds the hardest and most naturally organic mineral stone in the world. This is why a Diamond engagement rings is preferred because it signifies how much hardship a couple may endure; they will never break and shine like a Diamond.

But Diamonds themselves are white in color, be it organic or lab-made; hence, many women wear other jewelry items with deep colors like Tanzanite jewelry items, Lapis Lazuli studs, and others in combination with Diamonds so that the overall look is not monotonous instead it becomes exciting.

So What Exactly Are Lab-Made Diamonds?

Artificial Diamonds are called lab-made, man-made, or culture Diamonds, and regardless of what people call them, there can be wide varieties of man-made Diamonds. For example, Strontium Titanate is a type of artificial white Diamond, and they are not fake. Sometimes people fail to differentiate between cubic zirconia and lab-made Diamonds. But the difference is so subtle hence the mistake is made by people. You see, cubic zirconia and a lab-made Diamond have the same chemical composition, but the lab-made Diamond has a different chemical composition and subtle texture differences. These subtle differences are not noticeable to the untrained eye.


The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) makes no distinction between a lab-made Diamond and a naturally organic Diamond. They say that any crystallized carbon is Diamond regardless of its origin. The Gemological Institute of America also certifies Diamonds based on their hardness, texture, and this certificate means that the artificial Diamond is the natural organic Diamond.

Should You Buy Artificial Diamond Jewelry This Monsoon

Reasons To Buy Artificial Diamonds

  • Cost-Effective: Diamonds were always a highly expensive item of jewelry. Probably this was the reason why most younger women only dreamt of buying one but never could afford one until they got a significant salary hike or income. But man-made Diamonds are a lot cheaper in cost than the natural organic Diamonds, and they look the same too.

Also, if you so wish, you can use the saved money to buy other items of jewelry which can also be matched with the Diamond. For example- you can buy Tanzanite bracelet to match up with Strontium Titanate (Artificial Diamond) rings since the Tanzanite is blue in color and the Strontium Titanate looks precisely like an white Diamond.

  • Maintenance: Each woman knows the pain behind the maintenance of items of jewelry. There are dozens of stuffed jewelry boxes, each of which helps us keep our precious and lovely jewelry items safe. However, man-made Diamonds, by their very nature, are very sturdy and almost indestructible. They do not break very easily and demand very little maintenance apart from the usual light knick-knacks and polishing.

However, do not keep them in a humid and chemical dust ambience as the carbon atoms may react to it and discolor. A good jewelry box stores all kinds of diamond rings for women, necklaces, and earrings; if you don’t have one, then it’s advisable to buy one today.

  • Compatibility: Organic Diamonds are cut, polished and honed to perfection in India and then exported to the different parts of the world. So it may not be suitable to your taste and preferences since you might like your Diamonds sharp with lucid textures while some may like fiery textured diamonds. Man-made Diamonds can be custom ordered to suit your compatibility, and hence there is a higher probability of you finding the perfect Diamond on the artificial side than on the organic side.


The only good thing which you will get from buying organic Diamonds is the mental satisfaction that you have earned money and bought an expensive item of jewelry. From the practical point of view, artificial Diamonds make a lot of sense, but from an emotional point of view, organic Diamonds make sense. There is no difference from the outside, but the price varies by a much wider margin for artificial and organic Diamonds. Hence it is a subjective choice what you want to wear; after all, it’s your money at the end of the day.

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