ServiceNow Consulting: 7 Benefits & Features Of ServiceNow

ServiceNow Consulting: 7 Benefits & Features Of ServiceNow

In this digital age, using automated systems and applications are necessary to increase the efficiency and workflow of business people. However, having an un-personalized and unprofessional IT system will only slow the process and add impediments, resulting in worse results. That’s why ServiceNow is here to help.

ServiceNow is an automated, cloud-based IT solution used as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that helps the company structure and systemize routine and manual processes into a personalized app.

In other words, ServiceNow is an Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) to help an organization with all its IT needs. ServiceNow improves the efficiency of a company’s work by integrating its system into the cloud-based system, removing redundancy and impediment in routine work, and using machine learning to improve and automate a repeated task within the company.

So, what kind of features does ServiceNow provide? What are the benefits for your company? And why do you have to hire a ServiceNow Consulting company? We’ll go through them all in this article.

ServiceNow Features

The overall goal of ServiceNow is to increase the company’s productivity by automating and managing the IT works efficiently, and those are achieved by utilizing these features:


ITSM or Information Technology Service Management is the one that enables companies to be able to increase the efficacy of their workflow the longer the ServiceNow is being used. Using the 24/7 AI-powered modules, ServiceNow ITSM will detect and enhance the workflow of the app usage and tackle issues along the way.

2. Analytical Reporting

ServiceNow uses a Q&A analytical application powered by a Natural Language Query (NLQ) prompt to create multiple types of reports. Also, using their machine learning, ServiceNow can make a predictive analysis that relates one data to another by the similarity of their query. Then, the user can use the final analytical report by extracting the visualized data from the server.

3. IT Operations

ServiceNow can also use its AI-powered modules to predict, prevent, and tackle recurring IT issues before they damage or impact the business flow. It also uses the data from the event/service management and the analytical report log to predict and prevent any further issues that might correspond to the previous ones from happening.

4. Customer Service

A decision-making tree is commonly used by customer service to solve and troubleshoot incident tickets coming from the user. However, ServiceNow also integrates their AI-powered module into their Customer Service Management to ensure that further and similar problems can be tackled faster and improve their first call solution in resolving their customer’s issues.

5. Mobile Application

ServiceNow is also enhanced by their AI-powered mobile application, which helps the auto-complete query search and auto-correct typos from the users, increasing their search engine’s efficacy. It also enables the user to complete the card action, make items in a card, create a contact list, and reject or accept suggestions.

ServiceNow Benefit

Thus, what are the benefits of using ServiceNow for your company?

1. Increase Work Efficiency

ServiceNow platform is made to enable users to manage their tasks relating to IT to be resolved efficiently. It eliminates the redundant manual processes that impede the workflow and automates them, thus making the working process more efficient.

2. Lower Working Time

Using ServiceNow makes the company work more efficiently; thus, it will save working time and enable the user to do other work. In hindsight, it helps users maintain a work-life balance by decreasing their working hours.

3. Personalized Usage

Using machine learning and AI-powered modules, ServiceNow can personalize their usage to specific user needs. It has gathered billions of data from millions of users to create templates that users can choose if they feel like it fits their business or creates their own personalized IT solutions that fit their business processes perfectly.

4. Enhance Decision Making

Another benefit of the AI-powered IT solution is that it can save data, predict the outcome, and make a better decision-making tree for future usage. It will prevent the users from making the same mistake and thus make a more efficient decision-making process.

5. Eliminate Human Error

Automation also means the elimination of human touch. By allowing ServiceNow to do some of the data processing using their AI-powered module, it will prevent small human errors from happening.

6. Better IT ROI

The fact that the IT division doesn’t produce revenue makes some businesses hesitant to make one. However, the IT process is still essential in the business process nowadays. Hence, instead of hiring an entire IT department, ServiceNow enables the business to have its own “IT department” in the cloud without much of an investment – Hence, a better ROI for IT.

7. Ease Of Use

ServiceNow, as an IT solution, has worked with thousands of companies for almost two decades to increase the efficacy of their IT process. Hence, there is enough data to be compiled and used to make every company’s IT workflow more streamlined and accessible by any user.

Especially with their NLQ which enables anyone in the company to use ServiceNow with simple human language.

Why Use ServiceNow Consulting?

However, when using ServiceNow, companies usually have problems implementing, configuring, managing, and optimizing the ServiceNow platform for its maximum value, thus lowering the ROI of their IT investment. That’s where a ServiceNow Consulting Company, like CTG, comes in.

A ServiceNow Consulting company will help you navigate through the ServiceNow service such as IT Service Management (ITSM), IT Operations Management (ITOM), IT Asset Management (ITAM), IT Business Management (ITBM), HR Service Delivery, Security Operations (SecOps), DevOps, and Customer Service Management (CSM).

If it’s your first time using a ServiceNow platform, it’s essential to hire a ServiceNow Consulting company to enable the maximum usage of the platform.

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