Can Friends See Your Hidden Games On Steam?

You can’t all play them actively all of the time if you have a lot of games on your Steam account. In a case like this, this is expected that you cover those you no longer play. But what if you have nostalgia and want to see the old favourites you moved to the hidden region again?

Don’t worry, and this article will guide you on how to display your account with Hidden Games On Steam. We’ll show you on how to add and uninstall Games to the personal list and from them. 

How to See Hidden Games On Steam?

Here’s how to See Hidden Games On Steam without further ado:

  • Use your credentials to log into your Steam account.
  • On top-left of the Steam homepage, click on the View dropdown menu.

Hidden Games On Steam

  • Choose Hidden Games.

Hidden Games On Steam

  • There will be a list of all your hidden games.

As you can see, the list of Hidden Games On Steam functions just like every other Steam game. These collections are types of games that you can make for your games. The category of hidden games is not new. For years it has existed on the Steam, but most people do not notice it.

Nevertheless, Valve recently overhauled the Steam client and significantly polished its smart game collection. The whole consumer is much simpler and easier to use. 

How do I Hide or Unhide Games on Steam

This is a guide for people still unable to use Steam’s hide game feature:

  • Launch your PC with Steam.
  • Click Library.

Hidden Games On Steam

  • Then pick a game that you want to hide.
  • Right-click on the title, select Manage from the dropdown menu and choose to Hide this game.

Hidden Games On Steam

The game is moved immediately to the hidden list of games. If you wish, you can always delete the game from this list:

  • Launch the client of Steam.
  • Click View.

Hidden Games On Steam

  • Choose Hidden Games second. Next.
  • Pick the game that you want to mask.
  • Click right and Handle, then click right.

Hidden Games On Steam

  • Choose Remove from Hidden & the game will vanish from the list.

Hidden Games On Steam

Alternative Method of See Hidden Games On Steam

When taking your newly updated steam client, we have also found another way to hit your hidden games. You can do it directly from your library:

  • Open Steam.
  • Tap the Library.

Hidden Games On Steam

  • Type the name of the hidden game under House in the search field on the left. Make sure the games menu is picked.

Hidden Games On Steam

  • Tap on the left button for Hidden’s plus.

Hidden Games On Steam

  • Your game should appear, as seen in the example below.

Hidden Games On Steam

Only if you know the game, you are hidden in this way useful. In most cases, the View menu approach remains an enhanced alternative.

Hiding Is Not Removing

Many people associate Steam’s hidden games with their elimination. The games you have hidden can still be accessed. You can uninstall them, install and play them from the personal list. The games you uninstall from your account, however, are forever lost.

There will be no return once you delete a game. Here’s how to make a Steam game:

  • Login into Steam.
  • Click Library.

Hidden Games On Steam

  • Choose a game to be withdrawn.
  • Then press right on it and click Manage.

Hidden Games On Steam

  • Finally, choose Account withdrawal. Confirm the prompt warning of your irreversible loss of the game.

Hidden Games On Steam

You can find that in all games you cannot use the removal feature. One idea is that only free-to-play games you have got for free from Steam promotions and other events can be excluded. The games you paid for or obtained as a gift can’t be removed. The only way we can get rid of it is by covering it.

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Final Words:

These are the tricks to access, add or uninstall games from the Steam hidden game list. If you have any games, you don’t enjoy any more, and this category is an ecstasy. The game collectors with extensive private collections also profit.

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