12 Best RSS Reader Apps For Android

RSS Reader Apps For Android

RSS Reader Apps For Android:¬†Simple text files with basic information are all RSS stands for. It implies “really simple syndication” or “rich site summary.” Information can be anything from a news article to how-to tutorials to something else. RSS was made to make it easier for websites and users to share information in a format that can be read. What is RSS Feed? There are many different types of RSS Feeds that can be used to send anything from text, videos, images, GIFs, and other types of media content from one website to another.

12 Best RSS Reader Apps For Android

Many people use RSS readers, and they have become essential for them. To read RSS feeds, you need a tool called an RSS Reader. All kinds of different apps and websites now have RSS Readers. You can also get feeds by email with an RSS app or on a site. Then, in this article, we’ll talk about some of the best online RSS Reader that you can use right now.

1. Feedly

RSS Reader Apps For Android

People love Feedly’s clean and well-organized look because it’s easy to use and find what you want. As a bonus, the app is great for reading feeds from different websites and blogs that you have subscribed to on your phone. Feedly’s home page is also full of the latest news from worldwide.

2. Twitter

RSS Reader Apps For Android

Twitter is a good news source if you follow the right people and read their tweets. Believe it or not, you can use this very much like an RSS feed reader. Almost all of the big blogs and news websites have a Twitter account. You follow the people you want, and your feed is the only news. People still use Twitter because it has a chronological feed, making it work.

3. Flipboard

RSS Reader Apps For Android

In searching for a free RSS Reader app for your Android phone, Flipboard might be the best choice. There is a lot to like about Flipboard’s interface, and it’s not even close to Feedly. You can easily turn your RSS feeds into a magazine-style reader with Flipboard. Flipboard is a news aggregator.

4. FeedMe

RSS Reader Apps For Android

Need an offline RSS reader app? You need to try this one. FeedMe is one of the best Android apps for reading RSS feeds that don’t take up much space. This app makes it easy to add RSS feeds from different blogs. As soon as you’ve done this, your app automatically syncs the web content and lets you see the feed.

5. FocusReader

RSS Reader Apps For Android

There is a new RSS reader on the list called FocusReader, and it’s a little bit of a wild card. So many different RSS providers, like Feedly and Inoreader and local RSS and Tiny RSS, are combined into one feed. So you can sign in to all of your accounts simultaneously and have everything in one place. The app also has a reading mode and podcasts to listen to while reading.

6. Flym

RSS Reader Apps For Android

Flym is different from other RSS reader apps for Android because it lets you add RSS feeds from different websites and blogs to your feeds. It is different from its competitors because it sends you alerts when there are new articles that you might want to read. In addition, the app is very lightweight, and it’s the best RSS feed app for Android.

7. Inoreader

As a simple RSS reader, Inoreader could be a good choice for people who want to keep up with the most recent blog posts and other content from websites, magazines, newspapers, and other sources. The app is easy to use, and it runs very quickly. In addition, the premium version of Inoreader lets you save articles to read them when you don’t have Internet access.

8. Microsoft Start

You can also use Feedly and Flipboard on Microsoft Start, like the apps you saw above. It’s a news aggregator that gives you a personalized news feed to stay up to date on the news. There are over 1,000 high-end publishers and more than 4500 media outlets you can access with a premium subscription that costs a lot of money. A premium subscription also allows you to save your favorite articles when you need them again. All in all, Microsoft Start is a good RSS reader app that you can use right now.

9. Palabre

If you want a free RSS Reader that looks great, you can try Palabre. The app’s interface is very good, and it can be used while you’re away from the Internet. However, users don’t have the option to add an RSS feed for any blog, and it only shows news content from a few well-known sites.

10. News360

It isn’t an RSS Reader app, but it’s more like a personalized news reader app that you can use. The app learns what you like to read based on what you have already read. So, News360 gets smarter and better as you use it, and it will show you things you’d like to read as you do. News360’s interface is also pretty good, and it has highlights like social media integration, offline reading, and so on, so it’s a good choice.

11. Aggregator

It’s for people who want a free Android app to read RSS feeds. A lot of people use this app to read RSS or Atom feeds. It has both dark and light themes. Because it’s an RSS reader app for Android, you can follow almost all websites that have RSS feeds with this one. As a whole, Aggregator is a great RSS reader app for Android.

12. Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict is an app that lets users keep track of podcasts, radio, audiobooks, live streams, and more. It is a fantastic app because it lets users manage RSS News Feeds, which is a good thing. In addition, the app has many unique features, like widgets, Android Auto support, Android wear support, a full-screen reading mode for RSS news feeds, and more, so it’s a good choice.

The Bottom Line:

These are some of the best 12 free RSS reader apps for Android that you can use. So, what do you think? If this article was helpful to you, I’m glad about that! So, let your friends share, too.

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