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Pubfilm used to be a top-rated free streaming site, especially in the US. In the year 2014, it had a debacle with the law due to issues with regards to copyright wherein Pubfilm won. That was due to the numerous domains the creators used to keep themselves being shut down.

For years, it maintained its credibility and popularity as a free streaming site. However, the creators had to eventually throw in the towels in 2018 when the government succeeded in shutting down all domains.


What Is Pubfilm?

Pubfilm used to be one of the leading streaming sites of the time. This managed to stay afloat for some time despite the ongoing trials, but in 2018, the offense party succeeded in shutting down the site.

Best Pubfilm Alternatives To Watch Free Movies

In this article, we’ll share our list of best Pubfilm alternatives to watch free movies.



FMovies does not need a lot of graphics to make it look attractive. Professional developers designed the platform. FMovies is also easy to navigate and loads pretty smoothly.

So, You do not have to sign up on FMovies to start streaming. The ads are pretty minimal. These titles are well-organized. The site creator also makes it a point to regularly update movie titles so that you never run out of movies to watch.



YesMovies is appealing. One may wonder why the website has not opted into a subscription-based service just yet. So, The video quality of the site is also in HD. The ads are pretty minimal.

You don’t have to create an account. This is considered a popular free streaming platform but not nearly as famous as other sites like Putlocker. Well, What gives this website its deserving appraisal is the updated video content.

People have title varieties for both movies & TV shows. The site owner continually adds new content from time to time to not run out of cool shows to watch.



Looking at the website, you might mistake it for a premium streaming service like Netflix. However, despite the magnificent web design, all the video content can be accessed free of charge. So, there are some ads, but they are tolerable.

Now, You don’t have to create an account to start streaming. The movies are all in HD. Similar to Pubfilm, this one is also well-maintained when it comes to movie content. Well, The streams are smooth and almost buffer-free.

Here, In all the free streaming platforms, this is the only one with no history of copyright infringement, which is impressive considering that SolarMovie is also a popular streaming site.



Putlocker tops the list. The platform has various titles to choose from, ranging from animated movies to your favorite thriller movies. So, One can even say that the site has a title collection for each movie category.

That used to be one of the fastest free streaming services on the internet, but due to its numerous users, Putlocker has slowly been lagging. Nevertheless, Putlocker still counts as one of the most reliable resources for free movies.

Now, You can start streaming for free without having to create an account. Presently be aware that the site is infested with ads because that is how the platform is financed.



Vumoo’s library is not as diverse as Putlocker’s, but if you are looking for a movie title that tiny people have seen before, then you are in the right place. So, The good thing about this platform is that it has little to no ads.

The website functions in a smooth manner. There are little buffers in between streams. But take note that the titles aren’t as organized compared to other free streaming platforms. Now, You don’t have to create an account to get started.

There are minimal HD titles on the site, but the video quality isn’t too bad. It’s just somewhere around the standard grade.

Yify Movies


This website may be simplistic in design, but most certainly has a game for movie title variety. This also has a library of TV series to brag about. Now, You don’t have to create an account to start streaming. Here, there are ads, but it is pretty minimal.

This website loads quickly. Well, there might be a bit of buffering at the beginning of the film, but everything becomes smooth right after that. So, The owner updates the site with new titles every once in a while.



The producers may not have exerted a lot of effort into making the Movie4K more attractive. However, that’s only because they have been way too focused on bringing in as many movies as they can into the platform. Due to this reason, it remains to be a movie streaming favorite.

Now, You don’t have to create an account to start streaming on this website. There might be some ads, but they are pretty minimal. Some quality of the videos isn’t that bad either. Standard rate at the very least, and then the rest are all in HD.



The site is more so focused on entertaining the younger audiences. We came to this conclusion because there are absolutely no classic titles on the platform. However, it is an excellent place to watch the latest movies for free.

There are many pop-up ads on the homepage and when you click on a movie to watch. But after you click on all the ads, the movie streams smoothly. Despite the multiple ads, the site also has a quick loading speed.

So, You don’t have to build an account to start streaming your favorite shows for free. We are also impressed with the quality of the videos since they are in HD.

AZ Movies


AZ Movies is a free streaming platform that we use for our entertainment. It’s an excellent alternative to Pubfilm because there are no distracting ads on the UI. Even the ads that pop up when you click on a title are minimal.

It also isn’t a requirement for users to create an account to take advantage of the free services. The video quality of the films is superb. Most importantly, its movie collection is pretty huge, and it just gets more significant with time.



CMoviesHD is proud of the fact that they have never gotten into trouble with copyright law. They were able to accomplish this even though they have colossal traffic.

The reason they were able to do so is that they use multiple mirror sites. So, they don’t have to change domains.

Similar to Pubfilm, this one also is commended for its massive library of movies. The creator adds new movies to their platform regularly to ensure that the users won’t run out of films to indulge on.

Final Words :

Here are some websites that present you with the ability to do that, but this isn’t an option for most areas since they usually attach mirror links to their website to watch the content. Which Pubfilm alternative from our list do you favor the most? Let us know in the comment section.

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