5+ Best Print Management Software To Try In 2022

Print Management Software

Do you have a lot of issues with workplace printing tasks in terms of compatibility, device, security, cost, and paper waste? Get rid of the stress by experimenting with these print management software to save money while also pleasing employees or users. Print management is becoming more popular as companies and copy shops seek to cut operating expenses to boost profitability. It also acts as a defense barrier to keep sensitive business files out of the hands of undesirable actors. On the other hand, finding the best print management software is a difficult undertaking that needs many studies. Continue reading to discover more about print management and the best apps without spending time researching the market.

What Exactly Is Print Management?

Print management uses several methods: machine tracking, computing device tracking, print output monitoring, sensitive data protection, printing cost optimization, and print analytics. To create a print management solution, the most recent clever software developers incorporate all of these features in one place. As a result, startups, small and medium-sized organizations, and individuals use a simple tool to manage their printing operations. On the other hand, enterprises adopt a full-featured print management solution on-premises or in the cloud to manage worldwide printing activity.

Print Management Benefits

The reasons and advantages for deploying a standard print management solution are as follows:

Saving Money On Printing

Businesses spend large yearly printing on devices, toner replacement, and paper. But, according to studies, using a print management system to prevent employees from printing unneeded documents may save an organization a lot of money.

Keeping Confidential Documents Safe

Employees cannot be allowed to print confidential business documents anytime they want. Therefore, you must document the printing of confidential files to assign adequate duties for shredding when the work is completed. Print administration software allows you to protect your data.

Streamlining Printing Operation

Managers and managers often see employees wasting time waiting in queues to collect their printed copies. By simplifying printing operations, you may prevent such inefficient behaviors. Your employees will also appreciate you.

Allowing Remote Printing

Employees working from home may use cloud-based print management solutions to submit print commands. The hard copy is available at the workplace. These printing solutions also protect business data by encrypting data packets in transit.

Paper Waste Reduction

Humans manufacture paper by felling trees, which harms the ecosystem. You can preserve the environment by implementing a strong print management system that effectively controls paper waste.

Let’s look at the best print management software for your business today.

5+ Best Print Management Software To Try

Print Management Software to try in 2022.

1. Print Conductor

Print Conductor can print more than 90 different document kinds without opening the file. It has a quick, dependable print engine and a simple, easy-to-use interface for mass printing. All from one app, you can organize print documents, preview print documents, manage batch print tasks, and make rapid print settings tweaks. The tool supports all current local, wide-area printers and cloud networks. You may use this tool to manage printing tasks on virtual printers like PDF printers and OneNote printers in addition to real printers. Print Conductor, like its rivals, has a print analytics feature. It aids in estimating paper and ink needs before big batch printing tasks. Estimates may be found on the Detailed report and Report page.

2. PaperCut

PaperCut is unquestionably one of the top brands in effective print management tools for small to big businesses. The tool and its cloud-based services assist businesses of all sizes in reducing waste. Simultaneously, business owners may stop worrying about data security while printing confidential reports. Your printing experiences will be more enjoyable with PaperCut. Your employees must bring various devices to work, such as smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks, and laptop computers. When there are various devices, IT system admins may find it difficult to guarantee that all drivers are in place for easy printing. PaperCut successfully addresses this with its Easy printing services, such as sending a print command to one queue and receiving a copy from any printer, a single MFD touchscreen for all printer types, and so on. You can also use its services to install extremely secure business printing. In addition, PaperCut offers three types of printing protection:

1 – It enables you to protect the printing infrastructure before anybody prints anything, such as what you can print, who can print, and so on.

2 – You may use 2-factor authentication and card-based protected print copy release throughout the printing process.

3 – Once the print is complete and the copy is in the office, you may use steps such as watermarking, audit trails, digital signatures, and print archiving to keep confidential data secure.

PaperCut includes various free tools, such as a Google Cloud Print alternative tool, QRdoc for stamping business documents, PaperCut Mobility Print, and PaperCut Views for print analytics.

3. uniFLOW

UniFLOW is another tool for gaining control of the workplace print infrastructure. This tool is used by large enterprises and printing businesses that handle complex printing rigs like Canon, Xerox, Epson, Brother, Konica Minolta, and others to handle printing, scanning, and document management tasks. It features both on-premises and cloud-based printing management apps. Cloud and on-premise tools work together as an integrated platform for scanning, printing, and controlling devices conveniently and securely. The Secure printing and Universal driver features of uniFLOW are noteworthy advances you should be aware of. You may use the Secure printing technology to create separate accounts for each employee. Employees must use their ID card or PIN to release the printed copy. The user must be present before the machine to collect the printing copy. The Universal driver guarantees that the app is compatible with many devices and printing machines. Print commands may be sent to any networked printer from any computer device, such as a mobile phone or a laptop.

4. Print Manager Plus 9.0

Print Manager Plus 9.0 takes print management to a new level by providing businesses with unprecedented control, access, and print visibility into their printing operations. This tool’s creators have refined their software through decades of use in various businesses. As a result, cutting-edge print management software embodies the pinnacle of end-user support and technology. Using this tool in your organization may save printing supply costs, eliminate paper waste, and get improved printing intelligence across departments. Some of the outstanding features of this print management software are as follows:

1 – An IT admin may live audit an employee’s printing tasks, workstation, printer, network, and cost.

2 – A release station with an ID card or payment work simplifies printing tasks for businesses or printing shops.

3 – Its quota and budget settings allow you to save money by restricting printing by individuals, workstations, or printers.

Print Manager Plus 9.0 also has an environmentally friendly policy to help your office or print shop get greener. It minimizes ink, electricity, and paper waste, lowering your company’s carbon footprint.

5. PrinterAdmin

If you require a straightforward print management solution for an educational facility or business, you may also consider PrinterAdmin. Its tool allows you to track everything related to printing, including users, printing machines, workstations, and charge-backs. It also includes a typical printing insight tool or analytics module that tells your business’s printing volume, ink use, and total printing cost. In addition, the PrinterAdmin tool adds enhanced functionality. They are as follows:

1 – The Print Job Manager for print settings, account setup, driver activation, and so on.

2 – A document release station eliminates waste and boosts security by releasing print only when the user is present.

3 – The Print Watermarking tool allows you to capture print information.

All of the apps have a 30-day free trial. You may take advantage of the trial offer and use it to see whether the tool is worth it for your business.

6. UniPrint InfinityCloud

UniPrint InfinityCloud is a popular tool for virtual desktop interface (VDI) and business print management with a scalable solution. Because it is a vendor-agnostic tool, the app can interface with any current printers and computer devices to print. UniPrint’s solution is ideal for every business, from startups to global corporations. It also provides specialized on-premises and cloud services to businesses such as banking and finance, insurance, cloud service providers, managed service providers (MSPs), government, non-government organizations (NGOs), and healthcare. Its distinguishing print management solution comprises features such as a flexible consumption model and tool licensing, serverless printing, print tracking, print analytics, print from anywhere, and touchless printing.

7. Print Tracker Pro

Print Tracker Pro is a one-click installation option that allows you to start printing management in minutes. Because the setup and operation of this tool are simple, your employees or customers will get the best service. It is a smart print management solution that can correctly connect with all devices of current printers and computer devices, avoiding downtime for driver installation or device non-support. Its powerful tracking system provides comprehensive print-related information such as toner levels, meters, page counts, printer installations, and service notifications. In addition, you may set the tool to give you reminders for ink refills or to consider printer meter readings into bills.

Conclusion: Print Management Software

Above is a hand-picked collection of popular and enterprise-ready print management software. You may use these apps for your home office, workplace, shops, publishing houses, or copy shops.

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