Top Prank Phone Numbers You Can Use

Prank Phone Numbers

Prank Phone Numbers You Can Use: What should you do if your poor date requests a second date? You may give your actual phone number out. You might also get a backup phone number if the second date fails. If you’re feeling sneaky, you might hand them a prank phone number that will surprise them when they call. You may depart by dialing one of the numbers listed below without having to reject or disappoint the person immediately. You also don’t have to worry about them harassing you with unsolicited phone calls or texts. We sorted the figures by location for convenience.

Top Prank Phone Numbers You Can Use

The best Prank Phone Numbers are listed here. So, let’s look at the list.

Prank Phone Numbers Available In North America

A prank number, on the other hand? Let us begin with the tools that are accessible in North America.

1. Santa’s Personal Hotline

951-262-3062 (Southern California)

Keep this number on hand when someone refuses to leave you alone. File it in your contacts under a name you can find quickly, such as your name with the phrase “private line.” When the offender phones “you,” Santa Claus will pick up the phone to urge them to be good kids and listen to their parents. You’re not from California, are you? Scroll down to FakeNumber, which has numbers from around the United States.

2. Callin’ Oates

719-266-2837 (Colorado Springs)

This is the emergency Hall & Oates Hotline, the ideal spoof number if you want to deliver a gentle rejection to your awful date. It’s similar to Rickrolling but with better music. Four distinct Hall & Oates tracks are available through the hotline.

  • One on One
  • Rich Girl
  • Maneater
  • Privatize

The caller may choose their favorite “extension,” but you can also give your date the “correct” one.

3. Stranger Things

618-625-8313 (Southern Illinois)

Do you like Stranger Things? Then you should include Murray Bauman’s private address to your list of prank phone numbers. He will not disappoint.

4. Calling Kratos

1-800-613-8840 (finishing God Mode)

1-888-447-5594 (Easter Egg)

A recording of Kratos, a fictitious character in the God of War video game series, will be played for the caller. These aren’t particularly believable since they’re 1-800 and 1-888 numbers, but if you believe someone is easily duped, give them a go.

Note: If you can’t find a number with your area code, you might always make up a reason for using a “foreign” number. For example, pretend it’s your company phone and explain that you recently relocated and still need to change your number, or claim that the plan associated with this number is too excellent to give up.

Prank Phone Numbers Available Worldwide

These numbers may also be available in other regions of the globe.

1. FakeNumber

Few services provide international phony phone numbers. serves the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Hungary, and Ireland. There are various numbers to choose from for each country. We chose one number for each country that would otherwise be absent from this article. The whole list may be seen on the website.

Note: these numbers are not intended to work! You won’t unintentionally make up an innocent person’s real number if you use one of these legitimately bogus numbers.

01632-960911 For localized numbers, go to the United Kingdom sub-site.

613-555-0152 More local numbers may be found on the Canada sub-site.

1900-654-321 To find additional Australian numbers by area see the Australia sub-site.

06-55-423-338 Hungary

020-918-7177 Ireland

FakeNumber also has a comprehensive list of phony numbers in the United States, sorted by city, from Albany to Washington.

Tip: Do you need a one-time SMS? To keep your mobile number private, use a ReceiveSMS temporary number to get the SMS online. These numbers are accessible for places all around the globe.

Prank Phone Numbers Available In Australia

You may use these numbers if you live in Australia.

1. The Rejection Line

The name is familiar, but the continent is not. For the Australian folks, this number is. Cell phone prefixes in Australia do not identify your location since they are related to carriers. As a result, this number works across Australia.

0406-650-430 Australia (cell phone)

An answer phone is the only item that picks up on this number. Voice messages are sent as text messages to the website, Twitter, and Facebook accounts associated with this prank phone number. If you’re delivering it to someone on an overseas plan, add +61 to this number.

Prank Phone Numbers Available In The United Kingdom

Prank Phone Numbers

Unfortunately, all the phony numbers for the United Kingdom have ceased functioning, and we have been unable to find a replacement. The Fakexy UK phone number generator allows you to pick a number for your precise location if all you need is a number that is a UK number. In addition, the generator provides numbers from Canada, Germany, and other nations. If you give your UK number to someone outside the UK, add +44 and drop the leading zero.

Prank Phone Numbers Available In Germany

If you give one of the numbers below to someone outside of Germany, add +49 and remove the leading 0.

1. Frank Geht Ran

This number will not give away a location since mobile phone prefixes in Germany and Australia are provider-specific. Allow Frank to answer the phone the next time you feel compelled to share your phone number.

0163-1737743 Germany (mobile)

Frank will kindly inform the person on the phone that you want to avoid being contacted by them. Because it is location and message neutral, it may be used in various contexts, such as official forms. On the website, you may see a preview of Frank’s message, which is in German. There’s also a landline number, but you’ll have to explain why it’s in the Bielefeld area.

0521-16391643 Germany (landline)

If your objective is to vanish, this number is extremely appropriate since, like the number itself, Bielefeld does not exist.

2. TelefonPaul

The primary goal of this German phone number is to dissuade telemarketers and the like. If you are ever asked for your phone number in Germany, whether in person and/or online, enter this number and know that these folks will not be able to contact you.

0176-34636276 Germany (mobile)

Unfortunately, the landline number still shown on the website is no longer in operation, but who has a home phone these days?

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All the numbers mentioned above have been tested and verified to work (or not in the case of FakeNumber) as specified. Because these numbers rapidly get blacklisted, please test the number you plan to use before handing it out. Also, keep checking back for updated figures regularly. To call an international number from another country, first, dial the country code and, if necessary, drop the leading 0 from the area code. There may be fees. And, if you’ve ever given out your actual phone number and regretted it, you may block unwanted calls and texts on your Android.

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