How to Choose The Right Poster Printing Solution Provider For Your Business?

Poster Printing

Posters are perhaps the most effective way of advertising your business. Poster printing is the most crucial decision that can jump-start your startup. But it is not easy to find the right person nowadays. We have got just the right guide for your problem.

Posters come in different sizes. For indoor purposes, one may choose to use A4 or A3 sized posters, but larger posters come in handy if the location of choice is outdoors – maybe at a bus stop or a billboard. Large format poster printing is a universal marketing tool used by advertisers & marketers to popularize startups & enable them to start attracting customers.

Printed outdoor posters are the best choice for building brand awareness because of their ability to accommodate big images, create a lasting exposure on the target audience & versatility. They are versatile because once you have determined the area where your target audience is likely to frequent, they can be placed almost anywhere with a direct line of sight to the customer. They are also extremely affordable & require only a one-time payment. With the best poster printing company your expenses will be even lower than recurring online advertisements.

These are a list of the ten most common mistakes that entrepreneurs make when choosing the right poster printing solution provider. Be sure not to fall in any of these pitfalls, as it is going to be expensive & time-consuming to recover.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Choosiness Printing Solution Provider

Ensure File Compatibility

It would be rather frustrating if the custom-made designs and posters you created spending so much effort would go down the drain because of IT issues. Making sure the high definition image file your team is using is acceptable to your solution provider or not. Be advised, the higher the quality of the image, the more pixels it contains higher will be the final look of your poster.

You can try to convert the file to an extension required by the poster printing solution provider. Still, the process of conversion causes the high definition design to lose quality, so making the right choice is essential.

Ensure Bulk Printing Capabilities

Many poster printing solutions providers don’t have much output capabilities. They are more suitable for printing smaller quantities of posters. This is why you must ensure that the solution provider is technically capable or has the tools for satisfying your needs. Do a physical visit to the office of the provider if you want to discern their capabilities. Solution providers with big factories would be more capable than the ones with boutique shops, right?

Another sure-shot indicator of capabilities is digital ordering capabilities, opt by the most capable poster printing solutions provider. Be sure to check out their website for placing an order.

Ensure Intelligent Automation

Manual work invariably invites error. Would you like it if your large poster appeared to have been printed slant? Or the pieces of posters are unevenly cut? The process of preparation of the posters for a large order such as yours is bound to be repetitive. Avoid these problems by choosing the solution provider who supports the high amount of process automation. The best-established businesses have their own IT-enabled production line which uses advanced algorithms to prevent errors.

Ensure Dependability

Time is money. Lost time in the form of missed delivery dates, partial deliveries can effectively derail your well-laid marketing and product launch plans. Any history of missed deadlines, non-fulfillment of contracts is key indicators of this quality.

Ensure the text size & images are well adjusted

Texts are increasingly being used to deliver crisp messages in addition to graphics – which is why getting the size, font & alignment of the text right is so much more important. Texts enforce the message the poster is trying to communicate and should be easily readable by the naked eye.

Ensure correct font style & size

Fonts are a particular area of concern as the custom font your company is using may not be supported by your service provider’s devices. This can lead to several problems in a later stage. Be sure to check if the solution provider’s manufacturing device supports the font.

Ensure the correct material is used

The correct substrate to print your poster on is a crucial decision which may affect the longevity & visuals of the poster. There are various materials available, but you should be able to specify the choice of material. This determines the finish, so don’t take it lightly!

The balance between Instinct & Logic

While it is nice to keep track of the technical & capability aspect of your poster printing solution provider, sometimes you need to go with your instinct. There are businesses which follow sustainable practices & these are the businesses you need to support. If something feels off, you should continue with your search.

Don’t make hasty decisions.

Selecting this solution provider is a strategic decision with long term implication, so it would be wise to cover all the bases before making the final call. You may need to order multiple services from this provider, but it would be detrimental if you are taken advantage of. So, trust is the most critical component of this relationship.

Do your research

There is no alternative to good research – it helps to build your market knowledge. Taking a well-informed call has a higher probability of longer-term success. The internet is an excellent place to start, and it’s free!

So, must keep in mind the above points and avoid the common mistakes while choosing your printing service provider. The look and feel of your posters is very essential for the successful marketing of your business. Follow the essential guidelines to avoid the mistakes and save your time, money and stress.


Author Bio:

Ravi Patel is the owner of VC Print in London, UK. His vast experience in business has established him as a highly-focused user experience expert and product strategist willing to take up new challenges that drive value to the company.

As an efficient communicator and a strong motivator, he is committed to persistent improvement and innovation. He has a keen interest in writing informative blogs on various blogging sites.

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