PMI-ACP Study Guide

PMI-ACP Study Guide

ACP is considered to be the acronym for Agile Certified Practitioner. The certificate would be provided by the Project Management Institute (PMI), so it is popularly known as PMI-ACP. By learning the PMI-ACP certification, you could obtain a deep understanding of agile management theory. PMI-ACP certification demonstrates that you meet the needs of associations that you would be relying on certified agile practitioners to utilize their diverse skills to carry out projects efficiently.

Before we proceed to the PMI-ACP know here Study Guide, we must discuss the PMI-ACP Exam, its pattern, and what would be included in the PMI-ACP Training. Also check out the SPOTO PMI-ACP Exam Dumps to ensure your success in the same, with our expertized dumps which are formulated by experts who possess about 18 years of experience.


How many questions are going to be there in the PMI-ACP Exam? 

You would go through a total of 120 questions. But there’s a twist in here. Of these, 20 would be the re-test questions. What this means is that you won’t be scored for these. But, you would have no idea about which of them is going to be that.


Below given is the percentage of questions you could expect from each of the domains. Therefore, you should utilize your PMI-ACP Study Plan for smart preparation.

  1.   Adaptive planning (12%)
  2.   Agile principles and mindset (16%)
  3.   Continuous improvement (9%)
  4.   Problem detection and resolution (10%)
  5.   Stakeholder engagement (17%)
  6.   Team performance (16%)
  7.   Value-driven delivery (20%)

What would be covered in PMI-ACP Training?

For the PMI-ACP exam, you are going to be tested on your knowledge as well as experience on 7 domains in agile methodology.

They are:

7 domains in PMI ACP

  1.   Adaptive planning
  2.   Agile principles and mindset
  3.   Continuous improvement
  4.   Problem detection and resolution
  5.   Stakeholder engagement
  6.   Team performance
  7.   Value-driven delivery

Your PMI-ACP training would be covering these domains as well as your PMI-ACP study guide should possess all these. Moreover, it is going to cover Scrum, Lean, Kanban, XP (extreme programming), and TDD (test-driven development). Hence you obtain the flavor of all the approaches. Let us observe how the PMI Study Guide would be helping you with the PMI-ACP exam.

What a PMI-ACP Study guide should possess?

  • Explanation of the 7 domains as well as the subdomains in each along with the tasks would be defined for each domain.
  • The main advantage of the PMI-ACP Study guide would be that it is going to be consisting of examples and what would be the best way to approach the task. Therefore, the PMI Study guide first and foremost would be able to help you out in understanding the concepts better
  • PMI ACP Study guide is considered to be a lifeline or rudder for steering your way to the credential. Therefore, it would be also having resources that helping you in the preparation for the PMI ACP Exam.
    • Check if the PMI ACP Study guide would be consisting of flashcards and cheat sheets that would come in handy for the exam preparation.
  • Does the PMI-ACP Study guide would be having PMI ACP sample exam questions at the end of each domain? These are considered to be a great way for assessing your understanding in an agile way.
    • The core of the agile practice is to be quickly adapt and nimble. Therefore, instead of waiting for completing all the domains as well as then tests, do checks at the end of each topic in the PMI-ACP Study guide.
    • This way you would be able to review, correct yourself, fortify your knowledge as well as you could add more to your learning
  • What could the other contents of the PMI-ACP Study guide be? Does the PMI ACP Study guide comprise of PMI-ACP full-length tests, sample exam questions, mock tests, on the PMI-ACP exam?
    • These mock tests would be going to give you a feel of the real exam. One, you could manage your time effectively.
    • Then, this is considered to be like a barometer that tells you how well you would be faring without the pressure being built up.
    • PMI ACP Study guide would be able to help you out in being confident when you take the real exam.

Online or Classroom PMI ACP Training:

Have you ever decided whether you wish to attend an online session or a classroom session?

  • An ACP Certification Training Online would be able to help you to learn at your speed and at any time and from anywhere. All you require to have is a good internet connection and your system.
  • If you like the traditional classroom session as well as wish to complete your training in one go, you must select a classroom session. But, then they are considered to be pre-scheduled and if you miss a day, it might be very much difficult to attend that.
  • But, whichever platform you choose, ensure that the PMI ACP Study guide, as well as the other factors which are mentioned above, should be met.

How would you be preparing for the PMI-ACP Exam?

What type of learner do you consider yourself? Do you work well with a tight deadline as well as pre-set dates? Or would you wish to assess, prepare and later fix a date with a loosely made plan as well as a timeline?

Hence, based on the above, you should decide whether you would be doing backward scheduling or forward scheduling? OR do you wish to do it in sprints with the goal sets of learning? Then you could utilize the agile principle as well as plan sprints and backlogs for your preparation. Normally a PMI-ACP Study guide would possess a study plan or a road map for helping you firm up your plan. Check if the PMI ACP Study plan you would be acquiring, consist of the same. If not, you would be able to make your plan depending on the style of learning.

So, along with the study guide, you must also obtain the SPOTO PMI-ACP Exam Dumps to achieve success in your initial attempts. Online For

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