PlayStation Gift Card

PlayStation Gift Card


PlayStation Network or PSN is a digital media amusement service that is provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

PSN was designed just for the PlayStation video games. But then it was extended to HD televisions, Blu-ray players, tablets, and smartphones.


There are millions of players around the world who go for PlayStation consoles to play their favorite gaming platforms. Sony Interactive Entertainment, that invented PSN, became able to sell almost 90 million PS3 units. This was huge at that time. People loved their entertainment platform and bought it.

Then there was a wait for another PlayStation to be introduced by Sony because people got so much interested, and they wanted to feel the gaming pleasure better.


So, when Sony came with PS4, there was an increase of more than 116 Million consoles that were shipped to the players worldwide. The sale was more than expectations because of the amusement that PS3 created in the past.


Since, that world has been using the PS4. But now, PS5 is on the way of continuing the progress of PS4. Now, players will love to enhance their console experience because they want to see the advancement in PS.

This all credit goes to PlayStation Network and PlayStation Plus gift cards. This is a comfort, safe, and even more convenient method of refiling your account or getting access to premium services, and even players will have free games.

Buy PlayStation Gift Card – GAMIVO 

GAMIVO is happy to take you to the world of Sony Gaming. GAMIVO is giving all types of PlayStation Gift Card at the best reasonable prices.

See the collection of PS gift cards, and choose one of them. You can find there the both PlayStation Plus card and PSN codes.


It’s a technique of recharging your PlayStation account. You can use newly funds, that were added, to create purchases directly in the PlayStation Store. In this way, you will get digital duplicates of PS4 as well as PS5 games, that you want to play, or you may pay for other services provided by PlayStation.

GAMIVO provides tons of different PSN Cards. You need to decide the one that you require and can use.

Here are three variables that you need to check before you purchase

  1. Amount
  2. Currency
  3. Region

Things you need to understand before you make any purchase

  • There is region-lock for every PSN code. It requires you to select the correct region.
  • Many countries use the same currency. So, you need to check if the product can be used in your country or not.

But you do not need to worry because all the restrictions are written on the product page, so you will not face any problem.

You should buy a PSN, that is impeccable for you, and your PS support as well.

Role of PlayStation Plus 

This is the another type of PS Gift Card that you are able to find the collection of GAMIVO. PlayStation Plus is a subscription facility that gives so many advantages. Furthermore, there will be access of online multiplayer where you can play with your friends and have fun. You can also play world-wide. This is full of amusement.

Advantages of PlayStation Plus

  • Two free games every month
  • You will get PS Plus collection teemed with bestsellers of Sony, who have PS5 will be able to play free of cost.
  • The list will really make you wonder as it has Days Gone, God of War and much more on the list.

Subscription Type 

Here you need to decide your subscription type that you want to use in accordance with the length you wish.

  • PlayStation Plus 90 Days
  • PlayStation Plus 365 Days

Use of a PlayStation Gift Card 

GAMIVO gives the complete essential information that you can use to activate a PSN Gift Card. You need to redeem the PlayStation Card when you purchase it.


GAMIVO comes with all the ways that can provide amusement. The products GAMIVO provides PlayStation Gift Card at a very reasonable price. You should go buy it as it has all premium features. There is access of online multiplayer who you can play with. You can play with your friends.

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