Passvers iPhone Unlocker Review: Best iPhone Unlocker of 2024

Passvers iPhone Unlocker Review: Best iPhone Unlocker of 2024

When a screen lock passcode can be a protector preventing others from accessing your iPhone before getting permission, it can be a trouble leading to disabled iPhone – especially when your children take your device and enter wrong passcodes for too many times!

Despite this, there are actually more life scenarios you may encounter when you need to different types of iOS locks on devices. Hence, this review will mainly lead you to go through the best iOS unlocking software of the year, Passvers iPhone Unlocker to prepare for resolving sudden conditions resulting from iOS screen locks, iCloud activation and other locks. Now, let’s get started!

Passvers iPhone Unlocker Review: Best iPhone Unlocker of 2024

Ratings and Our Verdict

Rating 9 out of 10
Pros Powerful ability to deal with different types of iOS locks;

Advanced decoding algorithms to process iOS locks removal at high success rate;

Embedded hardware acceleration teches to provide lightening speed in dealing with lock removal;

Fully compatible with the latest iPhone models and iOS systems.

Cons Not freeware but requires subscription to unlock full unlocking ability.

Passvers iPhone Unlocker Overview

As an industry-leading iOS lock removing software, Passvers iPhone Unlocker delivers the best compatibility to deal with all types of iOS locks without hassle. It is developed with advance decoding algorithms, which can perform to decrypt sophisticated iOS encryption systems and strip it for you with only several clicks. The software is also regularly enhanced to improve stability, and adding support for Apple’s regular updates on its phone models, systems, and programs, guaranteeing a smooth, stable, and hassle-free experience in using.

Let’s go through all highlights of Passvers iPhone Unlocker from three main aspects, including the installation, user interface, and main functions of the software right away.


Passvers iPhone Unlocker has enabled a very simple setup operation, with clear on-screen instructions delivered to help you easily get the software installed on desktop with ease. To protect malicious malware or adware invading your devices, the software will not ask you to install extra bundled software or extension at all, ensuring an entirely secure installation process.

User Interface

The software is also designed with an intuitive user interface, which is user-friendly for even beginners to get started with all its functions and directly start processing iOS lock removal, saving your time in getting familiar with the software in advance. Every lock bypassing function designed in Passvers iPhone Unlocker only takes several easy clicks to complete – you only need to connect your iOS device to let the software to detect it, then follow the instructions displayed on screens of the software to complete installing firmware package, and authorize to unlock them by only one click!

User Interface

Main Functions

Passvers iPhone Unlocker is an all-featured unlocking software, added with the ability to process multiple iOS locks removal without hassle, including:

  • Screen lock removal – bypass 4-digit/6-digit passcodes, Face ID, and Touch ID with one tap;
  • Bypass iCloud activation lock – decrypt iCloud activation locks without asking previous owners for passwords with the powerful built-in iCloud activation lock bypasser;
  • Remove MDM protections – get rid of MDM profiles to free devices from individuals or third-party organizations’ controls as well as monitors without letting administators know;
  • Unlink Apple ID – wipe old Apple IDs on iOS devices without passwords required;
  • Delete iTunes backup encryption lock – remove encryption lock to back up data in iTunes without entering passwords anymore;
  • Remove screen time passcodes – cancel application restrictions by removing all screen time passcodes simultaneously by one click.


To ensure high efficiency in processing device scanning and lock removal, Passvers iPhone Unlocker is embedded with advanced hardware acceleration teches to speed up the decoding algorithms. It will only take several short minutes to complete the whole process for you, greatly saving your time and effort spent on the lock removal operation.

Passvers iPhone Unlocker Pricing Plans

It is noted that Passvers iPhone Unlocker is not a freeware, which takes subscription expense to fulfill complete iOS lock removal. There has provided 3 optional subscription plans to select, including:

Monthly subscription: US$35.95

Yearly subscription: US$45.95

Lifetime license: US$65.95

Passvers iPhone Unlocker Pricing Plans

Passvers iPhone Unlocker is also equipped with a Refund Policy. You can check it first before making a purchase. For more detailed info, you are able to navigate to the official website to grasp more about the software and its purchase guidelines.

Final Verdict

Overall, Passvers iPhone Unlocker can be a trustworthy iOS unlocking software, offering stable, efficient, and secure performance to help you get rid of all types of iOS locks by only easy clicks. The software allows you to experience its free scanning ability, but to complete the lock removal with it, you still need to subscribe to its registered version. If you feel satisfied with the software, install it and get started right away!

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