OSRS Quest Rewards To Level Up Your Character Fast

Every OSRS player only wants to level up their account as quickly as possible, so today we’re going to talk about how you can do just that by questing. Since we’ve been playing Old School RuneScape for a few years now, we’ve discovered that some quests give great rewards once completed.

We highly encourage those who are just beginning their RuneScape journey to give these quests priority since it can help them level up skills fast and unlock high-tier OSRS items.

Dragon Slayer

The Dragon Slayer quest is the last quest for Free-to-Play players (F2P), this is also the quest that you can unlock rune plate mail.

As you may already know, Rune is one of the best F2P armours in the game, and most F2P players are striving to equip a rune platebody to their characters.

This is also a great quest for those with RuneScape memberships since it brings them closer to being able to wear the full dragon armour.

Recommended Skills and Items Before Starting Dragon Slayer Quest:

  • Level 33 Magic
  • Level 37 Prayer
  • Combat bracelet or the Amulet of Glory
  • The Chronicle
  • Antifire potions
  • Energy potions

Your main mission for this quest is to kill the dragon Elvarg of Crandor. To start the quest, you must speak to the Guildmaster in the Champion’s Guild at the south of Varrock.

Legends’ Quest

This is a members-only OSRS quest, so if you are not a member yet, we highly encourage you to buy a RuneScape membership to enjoy the game more.

Recommended Skills and Items Before Starting Legends’ Quest:

  • Level 50 Agility
  • Level 50 Strength
  • Level 50 Thieving
  • Level 52 Mining
  • Combat equipment
  • Prayer potions
  • Transport supplies
  • Food

To start this quest, you have to talk to the guards and if they deem you worthy, you’ll be sent to speak with Sir Radimus Erkle. He’ll then give you the map of Kharazi Jungle, however, it’s incomplete and your task is to complete the map and earn the trust of the jungle’s inhabitants.

This quest is considered to offer one of the best OSRS quest rewards with 7,650 experience in four different RuneScape skills, the ability to equip the cape of legends and the dragon square shields, the ability to teleport fast to various skilling hotspots in Gielinor with the help of skill necklaces.

Desert Treasure

The world of RuneScape is full of wonderful wizards, and if you want to become one of those, it’s highly encouraged that you finish the Desert Treasure quest.

Recommended Skills and Items Before Starting Desert Treasure Quest:

  • Level 50 Magic
  • Level 50 Firemaking
  • Level 53 Thieving
  • Level 10 Slayer
  • Ice gloves
  • Energy potions
  • Super restore potions
  • Prayer potions
  • Digsite pendant to access Exam Centre
  • Ring of Dueling to access Kharidian Desert
  • Ectophial to access Morytania
  • Weight-reducing clothing
  • Food
  • 650 coins
  • 6 molten glass, 12 magic logs, and 6 steel bars

This quest is famous for unlocking the Ancient Magic spellbook that grants you access to more powerful spells like blood spells and smoke spells. Once completed, you’ll also be rewarded with a 20,000 Magic experience.

To start this quest, you have to talk to the Archeologist and he will give you the instructions you need to begin.

Lost City

As a RuneScape member, this is one of the quests you want to complete right away once you get to level 60 Attack.

Recommended Skills and Items Before Starting Lost City Quest:

  • Level 31 Crafting
  • Level 36 Woodcutting
  • Runes for combat and teleports
  • Prayer potions
  • More than 3 rings of recoil
  • Lumbridge teleport
  • Celastrus bark
  • God books
  • Arrows
  • Knife and logs
  • Bowstring
  • Food

The Lost City quest is about the fairyland of Zanaris and completing it will grant you the ability to use dragon daggers and longswords as one of its quest rewards. You also gain access to Zanaris and the ability to make Cosmic runes using your RuneCrafting skill.

To start this quest, you have to go to Lumbridge Swamp and locate a Warrior, Archer, Wizard, and Monk standing around a campfire.

If you need more help figuring out how to quest in RuneScape, this OSRS Optimal Quest Guide should come in handy to better strategize on which quests to pursue first.

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