12+ Best OKR Software You Can Use In 2022

OKR Software

OKR software assists organizations and individuals in developing and understanding business goals, aligning with them, carrying out tasks, and measuring performance to improve and achieve the goals effectively. Measuring performance is essential for every company or team to examine how they function, their strengths and shortcomings, and how to improve. This is why approaches such as OKRs and KPIs are used. And thanks to software solutions like OKR software, assessing performance, aligning your team, and working toward success have become simple. This post will go through it in depth and identify the best OKR software on the market.

What Are OKRs?

The Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are ambitious and competitive goals that an organization wishes to achieve for development and success. They are a goal-setting framework that can be used for an organization and individuals and teams to describe long- and short-term objectives and measure results. It is divided into two halves, as the name suggests:

  • An objective, transparent goal with plans and tasks to inspire people to achieve it.
  • To track success, key results and measurable goals must be established.

For Example, An organization may target an objective of increasing its income by 10%. The key results, in this case, are gaining 20 new customers, creating 50 new prospective leads, and improving customer retention by 70%.

OKR software is a software solution that has OKR capabilities. It has several features to help you define your goals and achieve success. It includes the following:

  • Dashboards are used to manage and track goals.
  • Stay up to speed on improvements through alerts and notifications.
  • Pre-made templates.
  • Automation saves time and effort.
  • Tools for security.
  • Integrations with tools allow for seamless operation in a single piece of software.

And much more.

OKR Software Benefits

Goal Alignment

Using an OKR software solution lets your employees and leaders better understand and align with your goals.

Boosting Organizational Performance

Well, you can measure the performance of your team members using features like progress tracking, weekly check-ins, and performance evaluations. It enables you to reward high achievers while training low performers.

Better Outcomes

Improving each team member’s performance enables the broader organization to improve and progress toward achieving better outcomes.

Improved Organization Culture

OKR software enables people to interact efficiently and assist one another. It provides individuals with a single goal and transparency, allowing them to contribute more to the organization’s success. As a consequence, the culture of your organization improves.

What Is The Difference Between OKR And KPIs?

OKRs and KPIs vary in many ways:


OKRs have much more competitive and ambitious goals that teams may not achieve owing to high expectations. KPIs, on the other hand, have metrics that are both realistic and attainable.


In OKRs, you must identify the intended outcomes, while in KPIs, you are not required to do so.


OKRs are more visible and shared with all members to ensure alignment. On the other hand, KPIs are more limited and shared with certain departments.

Performance Reviews

Performance reviews do not involve OKRs, but KPIs do.


KPIs are less likely to fluctuate over time than OKRs.

Now, look at some of the best OKR software for your organization.

12+ Best OKR Software You Can Use

OKR Software you can use in 2022.

1. Profit.co

Profit.co is an effective OKR software that can execute you in executing your business strategy so that you may focus on your goals, track progress, and achieve better results. You may use this all-in-one OKR platform for performance management, task management, OKR management, and employee engagement. Profit.co’s OKR software is beneficial whether you are a startup, small business, or corporation. It offers an easy-to-use goal-setting framework with benefits such as Agile alignment, guided weekly check-ins, and speedier execution and adaption. Using one platform, you can manage everything from strategy and OKRs to processes, people, and performance. It helps you prioritize goals, engage employees, execute plans, and save time even with limited resources to foster a high-performing culture and successful leadership.

Using alignment dashboards, you can make teams understand and align with your goals and motivate them to contribute successfully. Use their measurable key results of various types for outcomes that you can truly measure. And use Profit.co trackable key results for outcomes that are difficult to measure. Profit.co offers 400+ built-in and custom KPIs to set you in setting key results. You may also develop OKRs in under 5 minutes by using their OKR templates and step-by-step guidance. In addition, it offers weekly reviews and check-ins to help you track progress and detect issues in real-time using dashboards and heatmaps. You will also get a Radar chart, weight key results, a KPI Library, API access, downloadable PowerPoint presentations, automatic reminders, and more features.

2. Peoplebox

Peoplebox, an OKR and performance management platform, can help you achieve your goals and establish high-performing teams quicker. Well, it helps you streamline team performance, engagement, and alignment to achieve superior business outcomes. Over 500 developing startups trust Peoplebox because it offers remarkable features and benefits to every team. With this tool, you can focus more effectively on the proper goals and strategic priorities, have productive review meetings with auto-populated dashboards, and easily track OKRs, thanks to native integrations. In addition, you may enable your managers to conduct periodic productivity and performance checks with minimal administrative labor. Finally, the tool helps you to close the employee engagement loop, make smart decisions, gather anonymous feedback, and provide a safer environment for them.

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Task management, smart alerts through email or Slack, recommended talking points, weekly check-ins, and more features will be available. By performing Pulse and engagement surveys, real-time insights, anonymous messaging, employee lifecycle surveys, and Coffee Connect, you can retail your top people and develop a better team. Peoplebox integrates over 50 databases, HRMS, communication platforms, and SaaS apps. Jira, Zoho People, Outlook, Slack, Teams, Google Analytics, Salesforce, Tableau, BambooHR, HubSpot, Notion, Asana, and more apps are included. This tool is completely free to use.

3. Weekdone

Weekdone’s OKR software is meticulously designed to foster a results-driven workplace culture. Well, it helps you set OKR goals, add plans, and track their progress, offering a clear path to success. Using the tool, your leaders can define objectives and key results to decide how to achieve them in a certain quarter. You may also set plans for a week to get results quickly. Make your teams and leaders work with Weekdone’s OKR coaches to learn and practice the best OKR practices. Set clear objectives to align all of your organization’s efforts.

You may also connect your OKR to track your progress. Create dashboards to track everyone’s progress toward the goal and make weekly plans with check-ins to drive OKRs ahead. Weekdone boosts coworker engagement through Newsfeed, boosting morale and praising them for achieving more success in reaching their goals. You will get automatic and configurable reports to manage improvements and easy navigation to swiftly access and alter things. It connects effortlessly with a wide range of valuable tools and software. Get the FREE version or a premium yearly subscription at $280/month.

4. Ally.io

Well, turn your organizational goals into results with Ally.io, which helps you prioritize your goals and place them at the heart of all processes. Instead of only managing the goals, it allows you to achieve them in less time. This OKR software gives your teams, leaders, and employees improved insight into the whole work process and help you to connect tasks to your most essential goals. When your team sees how each member can make a difference, they will focus more on contributing.

Ally.io can naturally integrate with many tools and systems for your regular usage. It allows you to accomplish everything from a single location and connect them to your processes without worrying about migration expenses. You may connect it to Slack, Jira, Teams, Tableau, Asana, and other tools to communicate efficiently. You may also use Ally’s coaching and consulting services from their strategy specialists to help you create, implement, and execute your processes quicker. To learn more, get started for free or schedule a trial.

5. Lattice

Accelerate growth using Lattice, which connects individual accomplishments to company success via OKRs and objectives. It integrates goals and OKRs into each employee’s daily routines, allowing them to direct their work and stay on top. Set clear goals to encourage cooperation and results by ensuring alignment and developing effective methods. For goal setting, tracing, and reviewing, Lattice offers a frictionless and quick surface. It offers 4,250+ tools, such as Asana, Monzo, Vention, Slack, Reddit, and others, to make goals actionable. Lattice enables managers and leaders to track the status of goals and progress to focus on areas for improvement and simplify every process. Its monthly fees begin at $8 per person.

6. WorkBoard

Using WorkBoard, create OKRs that inspire, encourage, and clarify your employees to perform to the best of their ability. It offers a strong foundation with practical examples and keeps your teams aligned, engaged, and on track to achieve results quickly. This tool assists you in making quarterly, half-yearly, and annual plans to describe goals, move your focus to measurable results, and learn interactively over time. Well, with quarterly results, you can understand areas where you are adding value and accelerating impact. In addition, Workboard makes OKRs, progress, and alignment visible to everyone, increasing their morale to participate and make excellent choices.

7. Gtmhub

Gtmhub may be used to bridge the gap between strategy and execution, predict disruption, foster a hybrid work culture, and embrace hypergrowth. It enables you to improve alignment, engagement, and agility while welcoming improved outcomes, trust, and empowerment. Gtmhub has over 1000 organizations and 500k users from 75 countries that rely on its amazing features and capabilities. Using OKRs, you can efficiently coordinate your plans and produce superior business results at scale with Gtmhub. Collaborate with professionals to adopt the appropriate approach and find the correct support to implement OKR effectively. You can choose from over 200 pre-built OKR templates with a single click. Begin your FREE trial or choose a subscription beginning at $7/month per user.

8. 15five

With 15five’s OKR software, you can transform performance and employee engagement. Its simple analytical tools and evidence-based evaluation enable you to transform employee engagement insights into practical outcomes. This tool lets you find what works and doesn’t in your company. As a result, you may take appropriate action by providing your employees and managers with tools to improve outcomes. In addition, with their innovative and diverse approach to periodic performance reviews, they can inspire development and measure performance.

This user-friendly solution helps your managers to track, measure, raise, and support the performance of their team members. 15five simplifies goal-setting and OKRs by allowing you to clarify and track objectives for each employee throughout your organization. In addition, it offers planning tools and practical insights to inspire people to achieve more. Celebrate successes, provide appropriate comments, do weekly check-ins, have one-on-one meetings, and ensure that processes operate smoothly. It includes engagement surveys, filterable heatmaps and analytics, topic-based evaluations, dashboards, historical benchmarks, insights briefing, employee coaching, enterprise-grade security, and various integrations. Its cost begins at $4/month per user, invoiced yearly.

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9. Huminos

Create OKRs and key results using Huminos to monitor growth, manage data, and track critical tasks and progress. OKRs may be created at several levels – individual, team, and company – and of various types – committed or aspirational. You may add multiple KPI types and then measure and track your OKRs. The tool will assist you in achieving transparency via visibility controls and aligning OKRs horizontally and vertically. It enables you to track progress, clarify objectives, give appropriate resources, and assign tasks via frequent check-ins. In addition, it helps you in removing roadblocks and contextualizing updates with blockages and initiatives.

Through OKRs, Huminos enables you to align your tasks across multiple tools like emails, papers, meetings, etc. This lets you have objective talks and make data-driven choices at end-of-cycle reviews and 1:1 encounters. In addition, it offers additional features such as pulse surveys, dashboards, ratings and calibration, performance management, feedback and coaching, and more. Try Huminos for 14 days for free, or pick a subscription beginning at $90/month for 20 users.

10. Mooncamp

Mooncamp is an all-in-one OKR platform designed for purpose-driven and agile teams. It enables you to precisely define your OKRs and objectives in a clean place and execute frequent check-ins to find who’s doing what. Everything you need to keep everyone on your team linked and focused on a similar goal is available under one roof. It helps productivity and transparency across your company, resulting in significant outcomes. Regular check-ins allow you to remind people to update their goals and discuss their progress and priorities.

Mooncamp offers security and compliance features such as data encryption at rest and transit, custom SAML-based SSO, audit logs, granular access management, custom SLAs, incident resolution time policies, and GDPR compliance since data is critical and may be sensitive. It can integrate with various tools, including G Suite, HubSpot, Asana, Teams, and Slack. In addition, it offers world-class support by email, phone, and live chat. Mooncamp is free, or you may pick a subscription beginning at $35/month for up to ten members.

11. Mirro

Mirro may help you improve goal alignment by providing transparent key results and objectives. It assists you in understanding how work links to everything in your company, seeing the future, focusing on employees, and driving success. Mirro makes it easy to set objectives at various levels and target the whole company, including all individuals and teams. To encourage people, define goals and tasks, and assign deadlines. This tool is incredibly valuable for everyone, regardless of technical ability.

To reduce friction, combine tasks into a single area and add completed tasks to the progress section to emphasize your accomplishments. Every time someone progresses, Mirro immediately updates the changes on your organization’s Activity stream. It will also track and arrange all of your tasks and projects for you, removing the guesswork. In addition, you may quickly conduct performance reviews using the tool’s insights. Finally, Mirro offers downloadable templates for creating OKRs and a slew of handy features to make your life easier. Its cost begins at $7 per month per user, invoiced yearly.

12. Perdoo

Using OKRs and KPIs, you may execute successful plans and generate growth up to tenfold. With rich reporting that gives deeper insights on everything and motivates you to enhance your game, it helps you predict difficulties early on. Perdoo is used by over 2000 companies in over 70 countries. Using the tool’s insights, you may understand how your sales funnel looks, the performance of each team member, and how to close the gaps.

Perdoo provides industry-leading resources and skilled coaching to help you make a successful strategy. It is well-known for providing high-quality support, resources, simple-to-use software, and fantastic goal-management skills. Use it for free to get started with OKRs. This subscription is free for life and includes features such as a roadmap, weekly reports, unlimited nested groups, Google SSO, custom report lists and check-ins, MS-Teams and Slack integrations, and more. Its premium subscription begins at $5.68 per month for up to ten users, invoiced yearly.

13. Fitbots

Fitbots is a one-stop shop for an organization’s OKR requirements. It is trusted by over 2500 teams worldwide and helps you expand quicker with practical and intuitive OKR software and support and training to achieve greater success. Using the tool, you may choose the appropriate business outcomes, organize your data in a single location, and align your teams to the strategic outcomes. In addition, it helps you to conduct effective performance reviews and visualize everything using OKRs. Fitbots’ OKR software includes a team-board, templates, dashboards, milestones, an OKR builder, alerts and notifications, badges, heatmaps, and integrations with SSO, Slack, Jira Cloud, and corporate APIs.

The Bottom Line:

OKR software allows you to define your goals and priorities and connect them to your organizational activity. This will improve you in identifying gaps and how to find them to achieve better outcomes. The OKR software solutions I’ve described above are outstanding, with various features and pricing ranges. As a result, choose the one that best meets your needs and budget.

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