Top Notion Templates For Language-Learners

Learning a new language demands discipline and regularity, but it may be tough to keep on track if your notes and resources are spread over many sites. The Notion is great for collecting things together, and you can organize yourself more quickly if you use numerous templates. Notion offers free and premium templates, but we’ll concentrate on the free options today. Then, when you sit down to learn, you’ll realize that you can use it to remember words, keep track of your goals, and ensure that your resources are in the appropriate place.

Top Notion Templates For Language-Learners

The best Notion Templates for Language-Learners are listed here. So, let’s look at the list.

1. Language Learning

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One of the best places to start on this list is using Fronk’s Language Learning template. Whether for enjoyment or to pass a citizenship exam, you may explain why you wish to learn a new language. You may keep track of your current level in Notion by using this template, which is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). You may also create many pages for resources, words, phrases, and articles to assist you in increasing your cultural knowledge. Setting long-term language goals in smaller pieces is significantly more successful, and the template we’re now discussing allows you to accomplish just that. Using the Weekly Focus area, you may identify what you want to speak about each week. Aside from using Notion to keep things organized, try other amazing language-learning apps that work.

2. German Language-Learning Assistant

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Although this template was designed for learning German, you may use it to learn any other language. It has simple areas where you can track any tests you’ve taken, mark your daily study, and keep a portfolio of valuable sentences. When using the German Language-Learning Assistant template in Notion, there is also a place where you may make notes on various nouns, adjectives, and verbs. The template also includes a few great phrases to remind you why learning a new language can be so helpful. If you wish to use this template in a language other than German, modify the emoji, name, and cover picture after replicating it in your Notion workspace.

3. Productivity Dashboard

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So far, we’ve only discussed Notion templates designed particularly for language learning. These, however, are only some of your options. For example, the Productivity Dashboard in the Sweet Setup is a wonderful tool for managing the day-to-day elements of learning your next language, with areas like Tasks and My Schedule helping you to create a more cohesive strategy. Despite the advantages of using this template for day-to-day management, it is also excellent for long-term planning and goal-setting. For example, the Notes + Ideas area is an excellent place to jot down essential words and sentences that you learn. Furthermore, you may use it to identify what you want to accomplish—and by when. Finally, you may use artificial intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT to learn your new language’s most important words and phrases. It’s just one of the numerous ways ChatGPT is used in the wild.

4. 2023 Yearly Goal Tracker

Although some of the previously listed Notion templates allow you to create long-term goals, you may find it easier to maintain them on a different page. And if that’s the case, consider using this Notion goal-tracking template to track your progress. Although the title says “2023,” it may also be used for 2024 and beyond. The Notion Yearly Goal Tracker allows you to create a summary of your goals for 2023 in the Goals section. Next, create language learning targets such as understanding 30 to 40% of what others say in 12 months. After establishing your goals, you may monitor their progress using the Status tab. The Habit Tracker section is another great element of this template. You may split them into each day of the week, and there’s a box next to each that you can check off after you’ve finished.

5. NeuraCache Flashcards & Spaced Repetition System

Many novices need to reread their notes while learning their first foreign language. Consequently, individuals may struggle to recall the most crucial words and phrases, jeopardizing their ability to communicate successfully with others. This template by Marcin Czech is an excellent pick for anyone looking to up their revision game. You may keep track of what you’ve learned or are learning, and you can use categories and add links to offer additional context. You may use this tool with NeuraCache to create flashcards and learn words. NeuraCache is a mobile app that may be used independently.

6. Japanese Language Learning

The Japanese Language Learning template, designed by Niina Werronen, is the most gorgeous on our list. If you’re not learning Japanese, you may adapt this to another language, just as we did with the German one. The template includes several useful widgets and features, including a daily tracker showing progress in active and immersive learning strategies. Create goals for the year, write your ideas, and use sticky notes. In addition, the template has an integrated Spotify playlist if you wish to listen to ambient music while studying.


Learning a new language is often easier than people believe, but you must show up and put in the effort. Staying on track will be a lot easier if you keep everything organized, and Notion is a terrific place to save all of your notes and goals in one place. Pick any of these Notion templates if you need a quick starting point. Aside from the Notion templates we’ve listed, you may also choose from various free and paid options. Of course, you may always create your own if you’re feeling very inventive. Once you’ve mastered Notion, it’s a terrific tool to start using for all of your other productivity demands.

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